Ea Sports UFC 3: Bruce Lee vs. CM Punk (Epic Fight!) - lightslingergame.com

Ea Sports UFC 3: Bruce Lee vs. CM Punk (Epic Fight!)

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The Best In the World, CM Punk takes on The Legendary Bruce Lee on an Epic EA Sports UFC 3 Fight!

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  1. Incorrect cm is much heavier that like maybe 223 lbs converted to kg 87

  2. Bruce lee, cm punk , “and epic fights” do not go in a sentence together lol

  3. Que Basura tremenda mentira si fuera el Bruce lee real Punk no hubiera Durado mas De 5 segundos

  4. Bruce lee is the best fighter ever this video games didn't say who is bruce lee

  5. lol man pensei a era luta de verdade nao de jogo kkk

  6. In real life Bruce Lee would destroy cm punk

  7. Ok let’s not Disrespect the Legendary Bruce Lee like this😂😂

  8. Bruce lee wouldnt stand the slightest chance against the g.o.a.t Punk

  9. Si Empang..? sering main di empang lu ya…

  10. Bruce Lee is alive??!!?!?!?! I thought he dieed

  11. Lee always respects his opponents, dude…

  12. Só em jogo mesmo pro bruce Lee perder kk

  13. ese cm punk pelea más que el verdadero 😒😒😒😒😒

  14. А почему брюс ли из амереки?

  15. Cm punk would never be able to throw a punch like that, he needs a personal stun

  16. Who ever made Bruce Lee in the game don't know Bruce Lee's moves he is wack

  17. If this was teal, cm punk will win cause bruce lee is dead…

  18. Аахах в настоящем поединке брюс ли его за 5 сек вырубил бы

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