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Ea Sports UFC 3: Bruce Lee vs. CM Punk (Epic Fight!)

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The Best In the World, CM Punk takes on The Legendary Bruce Lee on an Epic EA Sports UFC 3 Fight!

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  1. что за бред! Брюс Ли никогда так не дрался!

  2. PLS come to PC :(( Im tired to watch this on youtube all the time

  3. No one can touch Bruce Lee…with in a seconds to finish the match…

  4. pon a pelear a Caín Velasques vs dimitrious jhonson

  5. Bruce Lee is the most overrated over hyped person of all time…… He was just a hollywood actor who was greatly influnced by the Martial Arts…….. Nothing more, nothing less

  6. King of speed who can match his speed bruce lee

  7. CM punk would fall in a few seconds if it were real.

  8. Now I'm just pissed tho, Lee is the GOAT in real life and fiction he hasnt lost to basically anyone, But CM Punk I feel like we just got trolled!! WTF

  9. This is wrost Bruce Lee is god of mma and cm punk is not win in ufc any fight 0-2

  10. Finally a Video wheres Bruce got knocked out but Cmon guys by whom is the main Thing!!?
    Atleast Mike tyson is acceptable… but this punk would be knocked out by lee in seconds…. wtf??

  11. Bruce lee and hulk was a pretty intense fight

  12. WTF!? For starters this is just a game and isn't a real fight. Lastly Bruce Lee would have beat the s*** out of him. Somebody get CM Punk a tombstone for real. What a bunch of BS.

  13. Bruce Lee would've bodied him in 5 seconds

  14. Alright, we all know that realistically, Lee would win, hands down, every time.

    But let's just pretend it's exactly for that reason that they had to nerf him in-game to make him fair. It wouldn't be very fun to have to fight against god and get one-two ko'd everytime you go to play online, would it?

  15. If you don’t want to watch real ufc who picks characters and doesn’t play as them and lets the guys just fight

  16. EA had to make there own scene of Punk winning cause I don’t think Punk has ever won 😂

  17. You all say that in real life Bruce Lee wins but in real Bruce World habe lost eben worse

  18. Anybody who is introduced as THE DRAGON just… leave

  19. Does anybody think Michael Buffer gets paid every time he says "IIIIIIIIIITS TIIIIIIIIIME" in every YouTube video.

  20. Bruce didn't lose, it was the guy behind the screen with the controller did

  21. Is this a joke 😆
    If it was real fight Bruce entered the ring and Punk breathe his last and game over.
    But this video is so disrespectful for All time legend Bruce Lee, I'm not happy 😞😭

  22. Real weight on Bruce 140 lbs, never 185

  23. Hermaeus Mora, your favourite Daedric Prince says:

    of course he won. cm punk is the most dangerous fighter of our generation

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