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EA made a Fighting Game, and it’s actually AMAZING!?

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The game is called Rabbit, developed by Aorn and published by Electronic Arts, this classic arcade game never made its way out of Japan, but it’s a ton of fun to play!

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  1. I LOVE the character design for this game

  2. Block:
    The Block package allows you to block your enemy's attacks.
    Purchase 5-day Block pass for 2000 EA Coins?

  3. The fact that you reference Loony Toons more than once, makes you my favorite fighting game streamer. 😆 The game does look good. I love fighting games, but I am way below average skill wise, but I love watching good players play. One of the few genres I enjoy watching others play.

  4. Maybe Hamster Co. can get the license and release and an Arcade Archives version of this game.

  5. This is not "EA"… It's Electronic Arts…. Two completely different things, from two different worlds, in two different Universes.

  6. TSNMLito22885 Fighting Games Passion says:

    This game looks amazing!

  7. Never heard of this "Dark Stalkers + JoJo" = "Rabbit"

  8. This game looks great…. egith's borat banana hammock is hilarious.

  9. im glad that more and more people are learning about rabbit. it's a pretty rockin' game.

  10. That timer is broken, 10 seconds of game timer for every 6 seconds of real time.

  11. I had this for the Saturn. 97 was a great year for import fighting games on the Saturn

  12. Stupid ass game corny 90s game dark ages game yall forget and the ones that r too young I don’t care but ppl who claim to be fgc members in the 90s then you know the dark ages threw out the weirdest stuff .

  13. AFTER playing the 1st Soul Blade no fighting game b4 that was fun anymore. But you seem overly excited about the 4 moves these characters can do over and over. lmao

  14. Man I forgot all about this game! I used to have the overseas copy on sega saturn!!!

  15. Jojo Stands that look like the Spirits from Beyond Oasis (Sega Genesis). This game is sick, and very fun.

  16. I thought it looked like Jojo, then I see the Stands…

  17. I have done a video about this game on the Saturn. A great game for sure. Too weird that the boss isn’t playable in the Saturn version ( at least I didn’t find how to unlock him)

  18. This one got a Sega Saturn port that is currently on my wish list…check it out 😉

  19. This game does actually look pretty good and very reminiscent of darkstalkers. Donovan was probably inspired from this game…

    Maybe not a top tier fighting game but I would put this on the level with world heroes or the art of fighting so a good but forgettable fighting game…

  20. Jojo manga released at 1989 so this game is inspired by jojo maybe hahahaha

  21. The graphics/sprite work, and animation in Shaq Fu was pretty good. Shame the rest of the game was utter trash.

  22. The title is pure clickbait! Why do you lie?
    This game was developed by the Japanese company "Aorn". "Electronic Arts" was simply the publisher. xDD
    The game was released first on arcade and then ported to the Saturn.

  23. Jojo predates this game by at least a decade lol

  24. Love how there's not enough memory for both characters to have a shadow at the same time. LOL

  25. EA used to publish really interesting stuff back in the day they were kind of more indie for a bit

  26. So you’re saying ea made a fighting game where you have a fursona?

  27. jojos bizarre adventure came out 10 years before this game 🙂 and stardust crusaders came out 8 years before this game which was when stands first appeared. so hey, it is possible they were influenced

  28. Does anyone know the name of the female cyborg anime style fighting game? You had to buy mods to upgrade them for combat and when they got hurt you had to buy them body parts from a point and click hub world.

  29. This was definitely a darkstalkers ripoff🤷🏾‍♂️

  30. This just might be the most un-EA EA game I've ever seen. Wonder what caused them to publish and copyright this game.

  31. Lol i have been playing that game for years. That shit is fun to play, but also mad broken lol.

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