Don't Give Up On Fighting Games. -

Don’t Give Up On Fighting Games.

Alex Nostalgix
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Some long AF video about fighting games. Enjoy 🙂

00:00-05:14 INTRO
05:14-13:21 Chapter 1: Getting Started
13:21-21:24 Chapter 2: Moving with purpose
21:24 – 24:37 Chapter 2.5: Difficulty Curve
24:37 -35:27 Chapter 3: Learn from others
35:27 – 44:02 Chapter 4:Improvement
44:02 – 47:13 Special Guest: PHIDX
47:13 -54:39 Last Chapter: One last thing
54:39 – 55:22 Thank you for watching!


Music Used in order:
Alex Nostalgix – Don’t Lie

Bill Kiley- Sneaky Driver

DE-SIRE- Healing Vision mix

Henry Macinni- Police Woman

Vantage – Skip Swing

Otoboke Beaver-
Introduce me to your family

DJ Electrohead – Hit the Floor

Tekken Tag 2 Main theme –

Jeremy Blake (Red Means Recording YT)- Emperors Army

Halo Theme-

Carl Orff – O Fortuna ~ Carmina Burana

Alex Nostalgix- You May Die

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  1. This vid is the bees knees right here. Good steak.

  2. Beautiful video and i can my homie BidDaddyWhiteGuy is a fan. Actually inspiring to say fuck it and start making content. First video won't be about fighting games but you bet your ass a lot of them will be about them. Love this genre and community so much

  3. I want to nominate this masterpiece of a video for video of the year, thanks for reminding me how much I love the glory of fighting games.

  4. Too late. Games have changed radically since I started playing FG's and they're just not made for anyone above 30 at this point. The moment people just accepted unfinished games with dlcs out the ass on week 1 I dropped them all.

    I'll couch play fg's but I'll never touch them online which is a bit sad because years ago when online FG's didn't exist everyone in the FGC was praying for online gameplay.

  5. AH i got you, Give Up On Fighting Games is the message right.

  6. Was really depressed cause im suck at playing chipp in strive, now i'm going to go back in

  7. So happy you're back making videos it's been too long

  8. alex please teach me how to edit your vids are so clean

  9. How does this guy only have 7K subs this is a really professional edit job

  10. i teared up a little bit….but just a little i swear

  11. YouTube algorithm worked on me, incredibly glad I found it! New subscriber 🙂

  12. Subbed for Asobi Asobase and helping me understand frame data. Clearly underrated content creator right here.

  13. Fighting communities are shit that don't want newbies not now not ever just look at shit like LTG and tell me you want to support this degeneracy

  14. This is so cool and inspiring, wow. Genuinely, one of my favourite videos on the platform!

  15. I won't give up. I re-started playing them and i wasn't even aware of the FGC until recently.

  16. There is a thing I have to be thankful to fighting games: My closest friends were made with them

  17. We need to nake neutral more than 2 people poking each other with sticks then landing 1 hit and inputting a Z motion in 0.02 seconds.

  18. This video was awesome, good job! I've recently gotten into GG Strive, and I'm loving figuring out all kinds of new things for the first time.

  19. I hope this video grows beautifully strong. I love to see other gamers that play other genre look at this video and try experience fighting games. Love to see more let’s player experience fighting game’s mechanics and the story as well as the art.

  20. The moment one of my friends said they could stomp me, that was the moment I decided to get good. No playing against them to even see how good they were, nope, not taking the chance, have to be very confident I could do the stomping instead. Turns out he played with the easy combos on for Guilty Gear Rev 2, like bruh…

  21. Me at 2:42 "Hell yea!" Love the way you led into this video. Definitely motivation to trash bags like me lol. Good shit #instasub

  22. OH MY GOD! Finally someone who explains frame data for a simpleton like me!

  23. Very great video for fighting games newbie, need to share this to my community

  24. I saw this in my recommendations when I was close to quitting SF, so… thank you! 😌

  25. Tbh I needed this video I’ve been grinding for that last year now
    I’ve clocked in over 180 hours on steam alone (I know that’s nothing crazy) but I feel like hit a plateau and of course because of this I’ve been a little discouraged I think you made a lot of valid points here a lot of which I haven’t even thought of. I’m definitely gonna take all this moving forward in tekken

  26. I'm learning figting games, i really struggle at it, tbf i can't bring myself to find motivation to practice very often, and this kind of video really helps, very instructive and very helpful.

  27. This video was so educational and lit at the same time 🔥🔥🔥😭

  28. This video found me at the perfect time. I'm so thankful.
    I uninstalled SFV last week because I couldn't handle my rage. I'm a lone wolf in fighting games. None of my friends play them and there's no arcade or club in my area, so it's difficult for me to keep a good mindset all the time. I'll try to go back playing but with a good attitude and being patience.

  29. Are you using AI to raise the frame rate for slow mo portions? Because it looks awful and smeared, please dont use those for anything other than IRL footage it always looks bad for anything otherwise

  30. I started playing tekken a month ago as my first fighting game and had a really rough start but I found a character and eventually learned his key moves and staple combos which helped me a bit

  31. I love martial Art's so in essence I will never give up on fighting games

  32. Saw the title and related to me on DBZ shin budokai rn. I can still only play one character but ima learn others when I get better at the main game mechanic (canceling) since the faster you do it, the more combos you can do and the reverse is the same.

  33. I mean I didn't give up on fighting games, I gave up on the fgc. And the soulless corporate marketing shills that decide what gets played.

  34. It’s a shame that theirs so many of these video’s because people are such bitches that they don’t even try these games. They act like the games play take more skill without even trying a fighting game. They just assume…

  35. Way to avoid talking about all the toxic players.

  36. you said i'm giving up? get that ass banned

  37. Time, Finger, Adapt and Learn. Be Passion my Friend….

  38. I play fighting games because its the ultimate game as self improvement

  39. Epic video!

    I treat my approach to learning and teaching mathematics similar to how I learned fighting games.
    What are the basics and how do they work?
    What are the rules and when should they be applied?
    What mistakes am I making and why?

    Do this for long enough and you begin shaping how you perceive yourself and your approach to solving problems.

  40. Why am I just only seeing this? OMG I'm literally crying.

    As a low rank/bad player of Tekken 7, 99.9% of what you said hit me hard. From just practicing KBDs and doing some shit stuffs on training mode, then trying to apply them online. And if sometimes my practices don't work and lose, blaming the game for giving button mashers and smurfs on my rank, I just give up, rethinking if my time at Tekken is worth or not.

    Watching this makes me rethink all of my decisions, and just want me to try harder even if I suck. Thank you dear sir for uploading this.

    PS: I'm just waiting for my first arcade stick, and I promise to myself to try and get better no matter how long it takes.

  41. Most underrated content creator in the FGC. Proud to be an OG Alex Nostalgix viewer.

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