Does IGN know ANYTHING about Fighting Games??? -

Does IGN know ANYTHING about Fighting Games???

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Today we’re going to be reviewing the video that was just uploaded to IGN’s main YouTube channel – their list of the top 10 Fighting Games of all time! Let’s have a look and see if we agree with the choices, or if these game reviewers are totally off-base. THIS IS JUST MY OPINION as someone in the competitive FGC, do not take my word as gospel, this is just for fun!

Full IGN video here:

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0:00 intro
1:00 Mortal Kombat
3:57 Skullgirls
6:57 Virtua Fighter 5
9:14 Killer Instinct
11:31 Marvel vs Capcom 3
13:51 King of Fighters 13
16:04 Dragon Ball FighterZ
17:52 Tekken 7
21:45 Guilty Gear Strive
28:59 Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike


  1. Pro's in a genre who play the fuck out of that genre have the opposite of the The Dunning-Kruger effect, they're so deep in they can't relate to the other 99% of the playerbase, 80% if generous.

    Single player and tutorials are huge

  2. how is it possible to call vf a tekken clone? disrespect takes 3 seconds to google

  3. I think your first mistake was entertaining the fact the gaming journalists would even know how to play a game let alone review one

  4. MK1 and SFII should be on the list, period. And I'm not even a huge fan of those series. If we are talking about importance, those two alone paved way for the FGs now. Most of these lists aren't even the best or even the most impactful from their respective franchise.

    If we go about how they impact the genre here is my top 10 list:

    1) Street Fighter II – Literally put the fighting game genre into the mainstream map.
    2) Mortal Kombat – the very first controversial mainstream video game. Its thanks to them that regulation boards exists.
    3) Tekken 3 – The most successful Tekken game and was PS1's best seller. Both casuals and pros like this game, regardless. Revolutionized 3D fighting games.
    4) Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 – The most popular cross-over fighting game.
    5) Soul Calibur II – Extensive single player modes with very fun gameplay. Proved that you can enjoy a fighting game alone.
    6) Super Smash Bro. Melee – Longest active game on EVO
    7) King of Fighters '98 – Dominated South American regions
    8) Virtua Fighter 2 – The first commercially successful 3D figthter.
    9) Street Fighter IV – revived an otherwise dying genre back into the mainstream.
    10) Guilty Gear X – probably the one that put the series into the FG map.

    Notable mentions:
    – Tekken 2
    – Soul Edge/Blade
    – Virtua Fighter 4
    – Tekken 5
    – Mortal Kombat IX
    – Soul Calibur
    – Xmen Vs Street Fighter
    – King of Fighters '94

  5. I really miss Capcom vs SNK 2 here, it has the best feeling of any fighting game to me and the multitude of choices you can make are amazing. But I am more surprised that they didn't even bother to mention Smash, which spawned a sub-genre on its own.

  6. Tekken 7 is kaka baba tag 2 is a 1000 times better

  7. Honestly this list made me respect IGN a lot. They actually found someone who loves fighting games to do that list

    On your question what my personal list is and considering only 1 game per franchise:

    1 Third Strike
    2 Killer Instinct 2013
    3 KOF 15
    4 Bloody Roar
    5 GG Strive
    6 T7
    7 CvS2
    8 Skullgirls
    9 MK9
    10 TxSF

  8. every1 knows tekken 3 is the ultimate fighting game. noobs

  9. Any topic thats "top 10 x" is bound to drum up controversy. But the fact it was about Fighting games,from IGN, and still mamaged to NOT piss me off now thats an achievement

  10. remember everyone jmcroft will accept you even if your favorite game is SF5

  11. I LOVE Strive. Absolutely love it. But +R and Xrd REV2 are just better… But yes, if relevance is weighted, it's really high.

  12. samurai showdown series are not picked, sad :<

  13. Virtua Fighter shoulda have become SEGA's "Street Fighter". What do I mean?

    I mean have canonical crossovers that make sense.

    Add characters from Yakuza, Crazy Taxi, Shenmue and whatever fits and make them all set in the same universe.

  14. No samurai showdown? Soul Caliber? I'd put MK2 as the best MK game or at least the most important. MK9 may have made it relevant again, MK2 made it a legit fighting game from the gimmick of the first. And yes absolutely WW, Turbo or Alpha 4 for top SF for me.

  15. What bothers me about Marvel 3 is that it's just an ugly game. MvC2 was beautiful. Someone decided to get a little happy with the shading in Marvel 3..

  16. I really hope they make a Virtua Fighter 6 someday

  17. Yeah IGN went crazy with this one 💪🏼 I disagree with the order on some of these but I’m not kicking any of them off, I’ll let bro cook 👀

  18. I’m going to let you finish, but guilty gear, strive is the worst fighting game i ever played in my life. im starting from the street fighter two/tekken3 days

  19. For me, the ideal SF6 should be SF 3rd strike remastered, rebalanced and bring back Fei Long.

  20. Virtua fighter and Tekken are straight TRASH! Worst looking graphics and mechanics and just pure vomit inducing!

  21. 💥💥I personally don't think that Street fighter third strike is the greatest fighting game ever made. It's probably the best street fighter ever made but I don't think it's the best fighting game ever made.

    Also King of fighters 13 was a great game so I can't be too mad that it's on this list even though my favorite King of fighters is 98.

    And how the heck is Capcom vs SNK or marvel versus Capcom 2 not on this list.

  22. MKX was the best MK. (I've played every Mortsl Kombat since day 1. But I love how fast MKX is! Alien broke the game though. Ppl spamming acid!) MKX>MK11

  23. Dragon Ball Fighterz > MVC
    (Fact:Just like at EVO )

  24. It is tough to put yourself out there like this author – I think this was worthwhile. and MvC3 got the shout-out

  25. I have more problem with hwoarang than the dlcs in tekken 7 that dumbass kick nerd has ridiculous startup frames

  26. If it hasn't happened already… can we get jmcrofts on the TKO podcast!?

  27. Man I have to say just how much I appreciate your great attitude! You acknowledgement of great points and kinder rebuttals of choices you don’t agree with is so refreshing. I’m more a filthy casual than anything else, though I’ve been loving fighting games since popping quarters in the original Word Warrior as a kid when it came out. Always enjoy your breakdowns and perspective on things. Great work!

  28. Totally agree about Strive and lack of expression. It's why i dropped off the game. My boomer ass just wants to play +R or Rev2 again where I've got the freedom to confirm a decent combo outta any normal.

  29. Tekken is younger than Virtua Fighter, yeah VF paved the way for 3D fighters.
    Ultimate Showdown is far better than Killer Instinct.

  30. +R should have the spot that strive has. Easy number one with 3rd strike.

  31. the graphics + physics of tekken games are just so uncanny valley to me that i never could find the motivation to try the franchise.

  32. Wow, wow, wow, DEADLY ALLIANCE is just as important.

  33. Even today 25 years later they haven't made Ryus donkey kick look as heavy and as good as it was in Street fighter 3. The animation for it is so much better. He actually steps into it rather than sliding along the ground.

  34. I am or WAS a big vf5 guy. I was used to the old street fighter games so it took me time to pick up the vf5 fighting style, there's no specials or supers, there's just tons of variable combo routes and stance dependent moves. it feels amazing when you get good at it and when you're getting your ass kicked by someone else you're still hype because your opponent is probably doing some difficult shit you can appreciate. too bad vf5 is stuck in the online stone age or id still play it.

    the thing that separates vf5 from all other Fighting games I know is each character has such a vast pool of combos you can watch 2 people play the same character and they don't have to use any of the same combos. i get especially hype when people bust out the rare combos you usually don't see. the first time I watched competition level vf5 of my 1st main character (kage) I kept expecting them to pull out the stuff id been using to kill online and they actually used almost none of it which blew my mind. there is shit in vf5 youve never even thought of, some characters only have combos that work if you block them. if it hits it will do 2 hits but if you block it's a 10 string.

    the bummer about vf5 besides the netcode is that, while you can just mash and do cool stuff with everybody, some of the coolest characters like lei fei or kage require you to go a bit in depth to unlock the sickest combos. like, kage has very few combos that don't use combo buttons. you have punch kick and guard but then you have like 4 other buttons that are combos of the first 3. 1 of which is just grabs 1 is mostly stance shit and the other 2 are special strikes and kage's good shit is only on those last 2 and barely uses the regular buttons.

  35. If you tell me to choose between mvc2 and umvc3, I'll just explode

  36. I think Strive is amazing idk if it’s the best but it’s def amazing

  37. a lot of people prefer MK9 to 10, but either one of them is good. don't think too many people prefer 11

  38. i dissagree with you imo

    mk9 is deffo by far the best mk and i feel most of the mk community share that opinion

    i also havent seen much mk content here so i feel like you are kind of in the wrong perspective to critique mortal kombat but im not gonna assume and you could be more knowledgable than i think

    regardless i think its fair to say mk9 is the best mk of all time and its not because of the naughty outfits though i know that is why some people like the game

    i also hate 10 and think its the most overrated mk of all time

    had more fun in mk vs dc ngl

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