Do U Have To Do Drills In Fighting Games To Improve!? -

Do U Have To Do Drills In Fighting Games To Improve!?

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  1. i mean is kbding while waiting for a match not a casual drill?gm just thinks the word is weird we all be drillin

  2. I practice new combos or go over something I learned the previous day for a MAXIMUM of 20-30 minutes. I was gonna do throw break drills but I noticed I'm just breaking throws more over time from just playing the game. It's more worth my time to use practice to run scenarios. If I hit this, they can counter with that so I can do this to counter their counter. Or maybe I can't counter it and I just have to give up my turn and block or just scrap the concept altogether.At the end of the day you have to get in your opponents mindset and blow them away. If they are making reads on you, you're getting hit regardless of what you trained. I don't think you can train enough to react to moves that aren't at least 17 frames anyway.

  3. Big lee G with a new video ! time to watch wasup gm

  4. Did you ever practuce reacting to snake edges or heihachis hellsweep tsunami mixups though ? never drilled reactions ?

  5. 5:30… True. as someone who drilled before this was the reality that hit me. You need general knowledge of the entire character kit not just a few moves that they spam

  6. To be honest I look at drills as a way to just clean up my inputs. I find it useful as a noob cause my inputs aren’t clean and it’s much tougher for me to clean them up compared to more advanced players.

  7. I miss deathmatches that's how I learned in t7 I don't care about rank I mainly care about character knowledge

  8. Mans flammed me for asking this question when I went to his chat.

    Also you said it’s not the drills that allows him to block lows you’re just more comfortable ducking but ain’t that the whole point of the drill. To give you more contact time with a move so that you’re more comfortable reacting to it? I don’t see how seeing the move more often in practice mode wouldn’t make you more comfortable ducking.

    It’s like you can wait every 15 matches to fight a Bryan and hope he uses snake edge so you can learn to react to it OR you can hit practice for 10-15 mins and focus on just that so when it see it and other lows like it you’re more prepared.

  9. I believe GM when he says he doesn't do drills. I was watching a stream the other day and a Jin player kept spamming that launcher where he flys in the air and does a flip. GM asked the chat what the frames are on that move and chat told him it's launch punishable. The Jin didn't do that move for a round or 2 but the very next time he did it GM instantly hop kneed it and launch punished him for it. I've known that move is launch punishable for ages but I still freeze when I block it and forget to launch it.

    I think drills are really only for people who are new to tekken or never took it seriously before to help them improve quickly. But anyone who plays long enough whilst actively learning about properties of moves can eventually wire their brain to quickly start countering moves as soon as they learn the counter without having to drill it. plus you end up drilling in a way by just playing matches because you'll keep seeing the moves again and again but it's even better if you manage to counter a move in the heat of the moement. You might drill a move 1000 times in practice mode but then someone does it mid match after a string or something and you completely fail to counter it because of the pressure.

  10. You gave that answer at the end. I ve noticed there is a huge communication gap. They are using drill instead of practice. I know you know that cus you adapt to the communication and i love the humor you slid in there

  11. Whatever works for the player. Some don't need drills because they are talented or just figure it out on the fly whilst, some people do drills to get strong too. It's like Kakashi and Might Guy.

  12. Also my comment wasn’t me being salty it was a genuine question**

  13. That stuff can be helpful but im not doing nothing that makes my game feel like a job.

  14. these guys just gonna get rigid, that's what GM is talking about, you shouldn't be drilling tekken, do what you usually do and drill your meat in the wall

  15. Unless youre trying to clean up inputs or get your movement more smooth, there is no need for repetition against moves. Just having the knowledge of moves on hit and on block is be more rewarding. Also, if you start to see common moves or sequences from players you can recreate it in training mode and see what your options are. But, no need to treat it like a workout and do 4 sets of 15 lol. Just get the knowledge and then drive back into matches.

  16. I think this only applies when you past the intermediate level or you don't have major flaws in your game. Drills should not be used to acquire knowledge in this context. People use them for the wrong reasons. They should be used develop motor skills, perception, and muscle memory in areas you are lacking. I do think many people spend too much time in the lab instead of playing matches and watching replays, but getting a lot of reps in for common situations or just frames when you're new to the game is extremely valuable. Drills can also be extremely useful if you want to adapt faster to a different style of controller.

  17. Practicing is going into practice mode, learning the throw that was bodying you was a 2 break then leaving practice mode. A drill is not breaking that same throw 100 time. You'd go back to playing the game and you'll get messed up by a different throw. So the throw break drill is designed to help with that. If you aren't breaking throws then its probably because you don't recognize the hand animations fast enough. The drill mixes in all three throw breaks and you have to react to them on the fly which break to do. When you go back to playing the game if someone tries to throw you that muscle memory comes flashing back and you'll break any random throw. Thus you've improved.

  18. YES, Playing a fighting game is like learning an instrument

  19. The only thing I drill is my shawty😂😂😂😂😂

  20. "Drill" not necessary i was playing ranked and lost to ine too many reina so i went to the lab while waiting for matches learned how to punish the moves and watched the animations now im giving reina hell

  21. We never did drills at CTF my guy!! I can vouch for his perspective

  22. Besides going in to practice for a bit to learn how to beat a move/string, i pretty much just play. Being newer i’ve learned way more just by playing matches or run sets. Getting real experience imo trumps doing any drills.

  23. yoooo that first joke was too funny. am done 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  24. the only drill i know is the one from UK

  25. Deathmatches were my drills. I didnt leave until promotion or demotion. I want to see your play style fight it defend against it and adapt. Idc what the score is. I want to have learned something by the end of it.

  26. I think that this whole "drill" concept was not presented to GM properly. It's not about doing the same things over an over again, drills meant to be a routine used to get you familiar with something new or to work at something you are really bad at. They are the base for developing muscle memory and they are temporary. The idea is to use them to get you familiar with something new to you or something you suck at, then you should hop into ranked and actually play the game.

  27. Drilling just built your reactions . For example I couldn't brake throws. I drilled braking throws and now I can brake them in a real match. It builds your reaction speeds if you don't naturally have them.😅

  28. I don't really drill alot but I'll try to explain I think you miss interpreted it. For example the slide in T7 had a specific way to deal with it you had to float and do a mini combo. If you was not prepared or know most people would just ws4. Another example is breaking grabs how you going to learn how to break grabs without even trying to lab.

  29. People get mad confused on how to improve. Its really not complicated.

    Step1: play the game a lot and find problems.

    Step2: find out the solutions to the problems in practice

    Step3:implement those solutions in real matches.

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