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Did Ed Boon Just Tease The NEW Fighting Game…

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Did Ed Boon Just Tease The NEW Fighting Game… | unCAGEDgamez
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So I was watching Max’s MKX event when this interview happened with Ed Boon showed up! During the interview Ed talks about Guest Characters but he also might have teased the NEW fighting game NRS is working on! Anyways I hope you guys enjoy the video 🙂

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  1. I love Ed's work. If we get a DC vs Marvel cool. MK vs Marvel ok. But a new MK vs DC FUCK YES

    Please no full Marvel game. I'm not feeling that…100% anyway.

  2. I wish they never added hollywood 80s movie characters into the MK franchise, ruined it for me.

  3. pinhead from hellraiser or jeepercreeper would be awesome dlc mk characters

  4. Cage what have you been doing there’s different characters does white reading in this hot cherry costume baraka spawn and subzero with all the other variance but bloody so to buy everything mortal kombat

  5. Czekam na Mortal Kombat w którym będą tylko postacie z uniwersum sagi a nie postacie typu : Freddy, Rambo a już nie mówię o Jokerze. Porażka. Można było grę uzupełnić o postacie typu : Reptile, Smoke, Ermac, Hanzo, Cyrax, Sektor, Tanya, Reiko….

  6. Injustice 2 and MK 11 are still flawed games and fans want them to do a huge licensed game like DC vs Marvel??? NRS still has a long way to go to prove they can really make this happen. We all see when DC Characters lose they still somehow bounce up to show they weren't killed??? Look at the animation flaws with sloppy punches and kicks! 20 years ago bad animation in MK was fine because the first games were made with digitized actors and a low budget.

  7. I have no interest whatsoever in a Marvel vs DC game. The properties are way too different between each publication. The Netherrealm games are touted for their more realistic take on a fighting game where they actually have scanned stand in characters. Marvel and Capcom games are more over the top digital figure characters. If they were to even attempt it I would want a Marvel game that was developed the same way as Mortal Kombat and Injustice. I think the next game undoubtedly is Injustice 3 that will either focus on Dark Knights Metal, Blackest Night or Doomsday Clock. I would rather have NetherRealm redeem themselves with a reimagined Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe game than Marvel vs DC

  8. Tbh I really dont want marvel vs dc, dc got there part, now give marvel the spotlight but either way still sick! Praying for black panther to be in it

  9. guest characters or the new marvel vs dc game

    tarry meginnes from batman beyond I mean come on we haven't seen him in many video games of dc like a DLC or something like that only as gear pieces

  10. Bro he just mentioned Batman vs Spiderman, doesn't mean it's going to be a game😂
    It's not confirmed

  11. I think first there should be a solo Marvel fighting game by Neth. and then DV vs Marvel game

  12. I hope this is true, and if it is I am looking forward to it.

  13. Ok your reaching on this one. Just cuz he said that doesn’t mean were getting a game out of this. He just put it out as an example

  14. i’ll be so mad is it’s marvel vs dc i want injustice 3

  15. || Mortal Kombat 11 Ultra ||

    Kombat Pack 3: Ghostface, Takeda, Reptile and Rick Grimes

  16. Let's be real, a DC vs Marvel game will never happen. At least not in the next 75 years.

  17. How about a deal with Disney and Marvel!? The Mandalorian, Luke Sky Walker, Vader….Magneto, Wolverine, Storm!? It'll never happen, but it would be amazing

  18. That might have been just the first example that came to his head when thinking about characters against each other

  19. I want NRS to make an image comics fighting game with invincible, bloodspot, spawn (again), guardians of the globe, Omni-Man, and so much more.

  20. Alright here’s my roster for guest fighters
    • Jackie Chan
    • Green Ranger( Mighty Morphan) to be exact
    • Altair (Assassins Creed OG)
    •John Effing Wick!!

  21. Please I want this so bad but this is not a tease.

  22. What if it was a game full of all kind of characters 😍 Like Marvel Vs Dc Vs Mortal Kombat where all the 3 different universes clashes tegother like what they did to Mortal Kombat vs Dc Universe. But since he kept saying stuff about the serial killers and such maybe it's just different universes clashing tegother?

  23. I’d love to see Masters of the universe versus ThunderCats I think nether realm Would kill it… 80s Babies unite drop like if you agree

  24. Batman 🦇vs 🕷Spiderman Ed Boon just confirmed it

  25. Ed boon: says anything
    Every mk youtuber: CONFIRMED

  26. If this does go down…. they got a cash cow on there hands

  27. Got my hopes up he didn't say nothing.

  28. Dude are you serious? You gonna go off of that? His just making examples my guy

  29. I couldn’t careless about a Marvel game (coming from MCU guy myself) but NRS would do it better than SE and Disney

  30. Godzilla would work as a netherrealm fighter, if he was literally a dude in a kaiju suit hoisted by lines, spraying gas breath, and doing all of his goofy moves from the classic era. The other more serious designs could be gear sets

  31. Didn't Ed mention the next mk and injustice wouldn't b nrs next game

  32. I've bought both Injustice games and close to picking up MK11, but if it does turn out to be DC vs Marvel, that would be the first Netherrealm game I preorder day 1.

  33. You are reaching bro, you are seeing what you want to see lol 😂

  34. it`s cool to see marvel vs dc game but i want to see standalone marvel game made by WB first

  35. Is it just me or shoud mkx injustice and injustice 2 shoud come to switch

  36. I see it as a tease because he mentions 80s and 90s horror films and the interview is about mkx. Neither of those topics have anything to do with Marvel or DC so for him to say it in a interview like that with slight hesitation tells me he knows a lot more than we do

  37. Yes a new game i hope it gets a mobile version in some way

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