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Did Ed Boon Just Tease The NEW Fighting Game…

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Did Ed Boon Just Tease The NEW Fighting Game… | unCAGEDgamez
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So I was watching Max’s MKX event when this interview happened with Ed Boon showed up! During the interview Ed talks about Guest Characters but he also might have teased the NEW fighting game NRS is working on! Anyways I hope you guys enjoy the video 🙂

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  1. Who would win, Batman vs Spiderman? Answer:Spiderman

  2. are you serius he just metion who would win in a fight batman or spiderman theese leaks r geeting less and less confirm like

  3. He reacted like a comment on twitter 😂 spider man MARVEL VS DC CONFIRMED XLHZKXJDKZJXKZKX

  4. Or he was just talking and ur taking "rumor" to a whole new level. That's not even a rumor… clicks are just outta control. The internet has become a cess pool for cowards and people adding more n more garbage to the internet

  5. If he is saying that there's gonna be a marvel vs dc game it's gonna be awesome.

  6. Love to see Faith from BTVS be a playable character to fight. Or maybe NetherRealm do a full Buffy universe game and even a full X-Men game.

  7. Why is no one talking about when Ed Boon said, Godzilla vs King Kong, maybe a Godzilla netherealm game?

  8. There’s stretching… and then there’s this

  9. Yeah, so we're getting a Godzilla fighting game too?

  10. A marvel vs dc game might not ever happen due to rights of these two. Sony owns the rights to Spider-Man so he is exclusively for the PlayStation it would be cool but might not ever happen.

  11. Disney is to greedy they won’t do it

  12. I want Ed Boon to make a Horror Movie Fighting game

  13. I hope not I prefer a marvel only fighting game, y’all already got two injustice games

  14. Marvel should atleast allow.. punisher or deadpool /ghost rider

  15. Marvel Vs DC would be the best fighting game ever made!

  16. That's not even close to a tease or confirmation. He was clearly just listing random names. What next king kong vs mortal kombat NO!

  17. So again these rich assholes take ideas and games that already have been created, then act as if they don’t exist.

  18. I'd like to see David out of Lost Boys as a guest character.

  19. Just do a straight Marvel fighting game and then build up to a Marvel v DC v Mortal Kombat Battle Royale!!!

  20. He gets our hopes up then just grabs a hammer and smash’s it

  21. I'm I the only one that felt mkX had more content or at the least more hyped than mk11

  22. Are you going to come out as a transgender too. That thumbnail looking little fruity

  23. Imagine a DC vs Marvel game with power Rangers and He-man as Guest characters 🤔🤔

  24. Dante vs blade
    Ultraman vs Ant-Man
    What game are these. Il wait

  25. Wow… you guys are just getting beyond desperate at this point…

  26. i love caged being optimistic in everything

  27. Spider-Man doing bloody and gory moves with amazing suits, will make people
    including me losing our minds!

  28. 1 – MK11 is done. The "Ultimate Edition" that says it all. No more Kombat Packs people, stop asking, hoping, and wishing.

    2 – a Marvel vs DC game is what we need, damn a "calm down" or "chill out". Life's too short as is. We're here for a good time, not a long time.

    3 – if the game ever becomes a real thing, I hope Netherrealm Studios customization mode is exactly how it is in Injustice 2 and not like MK11.


  30. Been waiting for this to happen for 20yrs now!

  31. I have a idea for the best fighting game. Combine Marvel, Capcom, Dc, Dragon ball z, Guilty gear,World of heroes,King of Fighters,Power instinct, samurai showdown, Ninja turtles,Double Dragon and Blaze blue. The title of this game would be Universe fighters!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 This would be the best fighting game ever to exist.

  32. I could see them adding Optimus prime as a guest character in the future.

  33. Dc v Marvel really cool but God v Kong, working on the Warner's bros game I see

  34. I know this character probably isnt well know but i think GUYVER dark hero would be a great playable character.

  35. cage doesn't mean nothing bro he is just saying what we used to say back in the day

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