Deadly Arts - The Worst Fighting Game -

Deadly Arts – The Worst Fighting Game

Matt McMuscles
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Music List:

Street Fighter EX3 – Spinning Bird (Chun-Li’s Theme)
Street Fighter EX3 – Sakura Mankai (Hokuto’s Theme)
Street Fighter EX3 – Amusementive Crime (Skullomania’s Theme)
Street Fighter EX 3 – Iron Eyes (Theme of Area)
Street Fighter EX 3 – Cute Mafia (Theme of Nanase)
Street Fighter EX 3 – Temptation Gun (Theme of Sharon)
Street Fighter EX 3 – Harem Beat (Theme of Ace)
Street Fighter EX3 – Rising Dragon (Ryu’s Theme)
Street Fighter EX 3 – Coldman Rosso (Theme of V.Rosso)
Flying Dragon – Ryuhi Theme


  1. OMG that song about the bees is breaking my head!!!! I need it like zombie needs flesh!!

  2. Actually just had a match where I was ahead and lost by a massive amount. Somehow I had a 2700 point penalty. No idea what I did wrong.

  3. なんかここでも「KONAMIの格闘ゲームはヒットしない」といじられてるw

  4. I can't believe this game was created by the same team who made Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon, which was amazing. Goes to show that practice makes perfect.

  5. Hey McMuscles! What are your thoughts on Dragonball GT Final Bout? That game lined my childhood with gold and dreams….

  6. I love that it specifies that Kyoya enjoys pursuing crime for his own purpose. Just making sure you know there isn't actually any heart-of-gold in there fighting to raise money to save an orphanage from greedy real estate developers or anything like that.

  7. The N64 had a bad reputation with the fighting game genre, which is the main reason why MK Trilogy, Super Smash Bros, MK4, and KI Gold were the only standouts. Emphasis on KI Gold, since it paled in comparison to the arcade version of KI2. Honorable mention goes to Clay Fighter 63 1/3 due to fun factor lol

  8. you know, emulated netplay on N64 emulators is a thing. You could play with a friend far away on dolphin as if you were doing couch co-op

  9. I forgot about this game and mentally blocked it out until now

  10. Honestly I had a good amount of fun with this game. It was one of the firsd 3D fighters I ever played, and while I realized the game feel wasn't great, I mostly attributed it to me being new to the genre (incorrectly of course, I later realized as I got better that the game just really didn't feel great to play) but regardless I had fun. I didn't realize this game had potential to be on this list but I honestly can't say I'm surprised. It's so unfortunate whem fighting games have good presentation and unique and diverse features but lack good gameplay. Really wish it were more common for people to make rom hacks of these particular games to make them feel good to play.

  11. It’s a real shame; it seems like this game could have been great if only a few factors were different.

  12. …okay so I'll agree that Castlevania Judgment – or, IIRC, I think the box art I had said "Judgement" and was misspelled – wasn't GREAT, but for some reason, I still had a blast.
    Granted, I might just be looking through rose-colored glasses of a different sort than nostalgia, though, as I was a severe Castlevania late-bloomer, I think my first REAL foray was with Harmony of Dissonance on the GBA, and Judgment had bits and pieces for me to learn about from all over the timeline, cuz like…
    Yeah, I knew of Simon, of Dracula, of Alucard.
    But 90% of Judgment's roster sent me on a wiki hunt for information, which I am a nerd and adore doing – I'm that weirdo picking up and actually reading a lot of the books in Skyrim.
    And again while not great, I had fun enough with Judgment that I certainly wouldn't call it a bad investment on my end. Though I will admit that that true final boss can kiss my @$$.

  13. They should make a romhack to make the game more fast-paced as Smash 64

  14. Despite being a crappy game, my favourite character is Serina Hiyu, my bustiest waifu.

  15. I was just here cause of sakai's theme, im so glad you pointed it out

  16. Preludes Street Fighter VI!

  17. You should totally make one of these for Castlevania Judgement, yeah the game was a bust but I still enjoyed it lol.

  18. Funny enough on the racing game side, Konami made a solid Gran Turismo clone that in some areas is better than GT4, it’s called Enthusia.

  19. I didn't play a lot of fighting games aside deadly arts and it was my first one too.

    I still played it occasionally with my brother when he visited until a few years ago. I have a feeling for how the hit boxes work and I would say it's consistent, it just doesn't seem very intuitive when it comes to throws. The game is definitely not dynamic. It has a decent amount of cool special moves. If you expect it to feel like Tekken or something it will not compare. If you take it as it is, I think it's fun. To me it feels more like a tactical fighting game with a lot of reading of your enemy.

  20. holy shit ive been trying to find this game for decades. i culdnt remember the name but when I was a litle girl i LOVED customizing my character and that the hair style with the balls in the pigtails stuck in my head

  21. its bad, but it had potential sadly
    Fairly stinky sounds bout right.

  22. I wonder why someone would like to play this chicken shit over a real fighting game…

  23. "…well fuck off with that." Thank you Matt

  24. Can you review Rakugakids next? It's not bad, just interesting.

  25. Oh man someone mentioned Flying Dragon. I loved that game so much as a kid

  26. Would been better if this game were launched for PS1.

  27. I played the shit outta this shit with my cousins. Awful game, but fun times lol

  28. I didn’t think the game was THAT bad. I spent a lot of time playing this game as a kid and have some good memories playing with my cousins and sisters back in the day. Then again, the last time I played was probably when I was 10yo, so compared to now, I’d probably have a few complaints. 😅

  29. 6:22 Exactly. I'm here to play some video games, not doing homework.

  30. One thing this game had going for it is that it had a awesome soundtrack. Yes that game itself was 🤮👎💩🗑🗑 but the soundtrack was 🔥💯🔥♥️💯👍👍🔥💯.

  31. I hate to admit this but ….this is my guiity pleasure game

  32. I loved this game as a kid. N64 didn't have many fighting games but this game was awesome for me. The OST was awesome. Lots of great memories 😊

  33. I'm looking forward to when you get to Flying Dragon on N64 that game rules

  34. you listed all the 3d fighters on the n64, isn't smash bros a 3d fighter

    or does a 3d fighter require sidestepping or whatever to make go under the genre

    all the models are 3d

  35. ty for introducing me to Buck Bumble theme

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