Dead or Alive - The Rise of Jiggle Physics ! - DOA Fighting Game History -

Dead or Alive – The Rise of Jiggle Physics ! – DOA Fighting Game History

Top Hat Gaming Man
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In today’s video we look at the Rise of Dead or alive and what this game did in a saturated market to stand out from the pack. Let’s look back at this innovative game!

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Additional Gamplay & Footage Sources

PS1 – Dead or Alive – Kasumi Playthrough + Costumes [4K:50FPS]

Dead or Alive ps1 gameplay

PSX Dead or Alive – Lei Fang

Dead or Alive (Arcade/M2) Playthrough as Kasumi

Dead or Alive 1 – Arcade: Kasumi | World of Retro Games YT
World of Retro Games YT

Saturn Longplay [043] Dead or Alive
World of Longplays

Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore (PlayStation 2) Story as Kasumi

Dead or Alive 3 (Xbox longplay)

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round – PC Gameplay – 60FPS

Dead or Alive 6 – Kula (4K) Gameplay
VideoGames Replay

Dead Or Alive Dimensions Gameplay {Nintendo 3DS} {60 FPS} {1080p}

Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 – Tecmo 2006 – Leifang デッドオアアライブエクストリーム2 DOAX2 (Xbox 360)

Stuntman fights himself using Motion Capture [Eric Jacobus]
Eric Jacobu

Fatal Fury 2 (Xbox One) Arcade as Mai Shiranui

Dead Or Alive – Ringouts


  1. I’m so good at this game I play it one-handed

  2. I want the history for dead or alive extreme volleyball!

  3. New idea to counter-balance to gender issues some seem to be stuck upon – beer-gut jiggle physics, there's way too many round belly fighters not to capitalize on this 😉

  4. Definitely make a DOA2 video! That game in my opinion is one of the most revolutionary sequels in fighting game history! Completely different from the first game!

  5. Hmm, last time I heard "power to the people" was in the movie, Ice Pirates. Didn't work out well for the guy…….

  6. My wife was just complaining about the jiggle on felicia in UMVC3 😂😂😂

  7. DOA is known only for Sexy girls.. Tekken is still the best 3d game..

    My 1st play DOA was In PSP DOA paradise, just for time kill…

  8. Please do videos on mortal kombat 3 (& UMK3),soul calibur 2,& DOA2. As well as videos on tekken,blazblue,snk's world heroes,primal rage,sonic the fighters,& pokken tournament

  9. The first DOA was, honestly, pretty average.
    But, for the fighting game environment at the time, it still stood out pretty well.
    What came after it, however, was just amazing.
    From DOA2 to DOA5, this series spawned some of the best fighting games ever made, in both gameplay, graphics, music and content.
    This series deserves more recognition.
    Not saying "this is the best fighting game ever made, and whoever says the opposite is an ignorant". Just, sometimes I wish people would recognize all the accomplishments DOA brought to the 3D genre, like environment interactions and fast-paced technical combat.
    Fanservice is just a much appreciated bonus, imo

  10. Hey, Top Hat Gaming Man. Can you please do a review video on Dead or Alive 2?

  11. Top Hat Gaming Man, in honor of Sonic the Hedgehog's birthday on June 23rd, can you please do a review of Sonic the Fighters (Sonic Championship in North America)?

  12. My favorite fighter even though everything went down hill

  13. the DOA series for me was th easiest to get into for the 3D fighters. Other than Sou Calbur on the Dreamcast. I have DOA1 on Saturn, Playstation1 and from DOA Ultimate on the Xbox. Seeing coverage on Dead or Alive 2 and 3 would be nice. I don't own the consoles where the 4, 5 & 6 were released on tho. couldn't justify being a console for just 1 game. I also love the reversal counter system which DOA pioneered in the 3D figher space. Rather than just blocking or guarding.

  14. First time I played Dead or Alive 1 2 was on original Xbox

  15. I grew up on Virtua Fighter and Soul Calibur in the arcades, following off Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat, and Dead of Alive grabbed me around number 4 for one simple reason, and it actually had nothing to do with the girls. It was the universal counter system, a series of counters that controlled the same for almost every character. I liked the idea of counters but they were rare and complex in other game series, only a few characters had them and they were hard to implement. But having ready counters for high, mid, mid kick, and low attacks for everyone that only relied on timing and area guessing made the flow of combat much different and unique, and more of a mental game than the usual rhythm of blocking and dodging between attacks.

  16. I knew it sold well, but I didn't know it saved Tecmo. That makes it even more annoying seeing how the series is treated now.

    The disrespect from Temco now is akin to Nintendo telling Donkey Kong he's a sexist bigot that isn't needed nor wanted by their "new" audience.

  17. I remember playing the original Dead Or Alive from the Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine demo disc and I definitely needed tissues seeing the bouncing boobs. I knew Tecmo from Ninja Gaiden first. Not Tecmo Bowl. NG was hard.

  18. This game was the breast-BEST!! If you had the skills it would reward you for your abilitittys ABILITIES!!! Brilliant for its boobset MOVESET!!!

  19. Breast physics very interesting LoL 😆 I love Dead or alive the Breast Physics created more controversy than Mortal Kombat LoL 😆 😆🤣

  20. Come on top hat you know we want more of this been watching you for years keep them coming man and we will all keep watching

  21. Thank god DOA is made in Japan, not in USA. Japanese entertainment awares that fans want to be entertained not Educated, so this game is free from Stupid Agenda like Gay, lesbian, feminazi

  22. Cool video as always. But why do you stretch the still images so extremely? That doesn't look good. You don't do that with the gameplay which is proper 4:3, thank god, but why with the images? 😀

  23. I don't know why DoA series got so little respect these days, I mean this series was one of most important pillars in fighting game history back in the 90's along with the big boys Street Fighter and Tekken series, and yet DoA hardly receive nowhere close amount of respect it deserves.

    Never been DoA fan before, but one time I've tried DoA 5 on PS3 I was blown away. That game was the real deal, not just jiggles and bikinis, that was a real fighting game alright. Tempered in quality and forge with attention to details. I never had that much fun with new IP I just found so quickly before.

    And I remember about one incident at Evo about "Core Value", and I found it incredibly insulting. Even as Tekken fanboy, I know that the series did not deserve such disdain and looks how it goes in the ends. Hypocrisy much eh? Ex President of Evo?

  24. Finally a topic the discerning gentleman can enjoy!

  25. DoA is very misunderstood especially in the land of the prudes America. Its an accomplished 3D fighter with the most beautiful 3D graphics in the genre in every generation, a great cast of interesting and beautiful male and female characters and many links to other beloved KT franchise – especially Ninja Gaiden.
    The problem is the cultural gap between Japan and parts of Europe on one side and the US on the other side.
    Where we see a little bit of cute sexiness on the side they see outright pornography.

  26. I would love for you to cover all the dead or alive games and dead or alive Xtreme gamed I am hungry for more bouncy breast

  27. I want to say thanx for Itagaki mother. She gave birth a true gigachad.

  28. I play in DoA on arcade (i mean on a street), and when i was young, like 10yo, i'm not even think about breast physics, all what i see is a great game with cool ninjas. My fav was hayabusa, kasumi, and jan lee. And very rare i play on zak, because he has funny white costume)

  29. Awesome stuff. Would love to see more on this series.

  30. Ehh everyone doesnt think like that. Some people just find women just as cool or cooler than their male counterparts lol. As a kid it wasnt jiggle physics more so ninjas and other martial artists.

  31. Super GT25H – pretty sure I played a Sega Saturn import version of that game. Pretty neat but the 24hrs mode is brutal.
    Also I remember playing the original DoA game in an arcade in a mall; when I won and say the characters win pose I was like …wtf lol my friends were like cmon lets go what are you gawking at then they saw the screen and were like holy shit lol

  32. More DOA videos, yes please! Especially because the series really took off with DOA2. Since then DOA always had the best stages with all of its multi-tiered, explosive danger-zones, free roaming dinosaur shenanigans.

  33. Doa is my favorite fighting game skill wise. I kick ass in this game

  34. I’ve only recently gotten into the DoA series and hope to get to know it well. It would be great to see more videos on this series after this great and ‘scientific’ video!

  35. Please, keep making videos about DOA, this franchise needs to be remembered more!

  36. The way you can't even pronounce the English-speaking character's names correctly.

  37. Still haven't got a version with package physics to match. 😐

  38. Of course, my second favorite fighting game series behind Street Fighter. DOA2 on Dreamcast was a staple in my circle for years on end. The counter system was sublime.

  39. Is there a nude code?
    Do a video on DOA Extreme Beach Volleyball?
    Has Anita Sarkeesian reported on this game?

  40. My favorite fighting game series, at least until 5 Last Round. I kinda lost favor after DOA 6.
    Keep making DOA vids yeaaaah!!!

  41. Fanservice and solid/fun fighting game mechanics. I love the DOA series❤

  42. I recommend May Tree's Acapella version of Street Fighter 2.

  43. I remember thinking DoA was a bit goofy specifically because of the wobble. That was a genuine mistake but the franchise does have its sillier moments here and there. Still very fun.

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