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DBFZ – The Greatest Fighting Game EVER MADE?

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  1. No the story is bad but the online is great its not perfect its good ultimate storm 4 is definitely better

  2. 2d fighters are definetly mor limited than 3d ones lmao it's literally missing a whole spatial dimension. that's really the only reason i don't care for this game, like it's dope but i never got why you would intentionally limit movement in a fighting game, specifically a DBZ game where most if not all of the characters FLY. idk i jt cn't get past it 3 years later lmao. same reason the only MK game i like is Annihilation and i love soul caliber 6 more than any other fighting game beside DBZBT3

  3. This video convinced me to buy the game and i cant stop playing it

  4. Smash is the best fighting game of all time particularly Melee. But Fighterz is great.

  5. FighterZ is literally the only fighting game i like so if you don't like the genre i would still recommend DBFZ

  6. I hadn’t played a real fighting game since like….tekken 2. I just couldn’t get into them but I picked up DBFZ in February of this year (2021) and now it’s all I play. I’m obsessed.

  7. I know I'm really late for this but now that fighterz is complete, I still don't really like fighterz. I like the visuals, don't get me wrong, but it's mainly that the gameplay isn't really my thing

  8. this game got me into dragon ball lol crazy how things work out huh

  9. Yeah the game looks very fuckin good. But man do I wish it was 3d

  10. Everyone’s criteria for the best fighting will vary, but I feel like this game’s skill gap isn’t big enough. You can mash a lot, and your combo timing can be off with little repercussions. Also the game has a lot of gimmicks like super dash and the cast is too homogenized imo. All that being said this game is fucking amazing lol.

  11. Personally I prefer smash cause its easier, and I can never be bothered to learn combos whether on dbfz or street fighter

  12. Unpopular opinion : Worst high profile combat game out there, no doubt worst Arc System. The game is literally entirely played neutral. Matchmaking is broken as all hell. I really wanted to like it, but I can't. Never a game has made me go "welp apparently that's not my turn to have fun" that much ever. Defense is not fun in this game and offense is unstoppable when started. That's without a doubt the most unfun fighting game I've ever played and I played a lot.

  13. I suck at fighting games I can’t even beat the computer in sf4

  14. Xenoverse 2 was a good concept, fighterz is a WAY better game.

  15. Can we get an update video now that the game is essentially in it's "final form"?

  16. I never watched Dragon Ball a day in my life but then after playing this game and wanting to know the characters and watching Dragon Ball Z has been on my watchlist so now I watched the whole entire thing of Dragon Ball Z and I have to say I love it I'm now a Dragon Ball Z fan and I watched a little bit of super I need to finish it I give this Dragon Ball Z game a 9 out of 10 because I wasn't a Dragon Ball fan until I played this game and watch the show after this game thank you Dragon Ball fighterz

  17. Thank you Marcus, I come back to this video every once in a while, 4 years ago it made me want to go buy the game for myself, then I got into the anime, and anime in general, then saw shows that changed my life, TLDR this video unironically changed my life

  18. 0:521:00 Hold up. Someone dissing my 2D fighters? We need to have to have a talk.
    8:03 My reaction exactly.

  19. Damn dude this game reminds me of the pain of how wasted gohan was in dragon ball. 😔

  20. Yeah I think I can savely say that Dragon ball fighter z is the best fighting Game I have ever played.Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh 10/10

  21. Your follow up of Frieza complimenting Yamcha had me cackling

  22. You shouldn't be surprised that the music is so good, even the bad DBZ games have great music. The Ultimate Tenkaichi OST is straight fire, and that game's garbage

  23. I don't even like Fighting games. I suck at them. But I love this game.

  24. Sounds like he found his fighting game. Glad he likes it.

    Aycsys games are good af.

  25. He actually put Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas's(Japanese band) music video there while explaining the music lol.

    Nice touch. Good song from the music video you showed.

  26. "Small and well balanced cast." God that didn't age well.

  27. This is cap the shriek fighting game is the goat

  28. This video revitalized my love of fighting games, DBZ fighting games more specifically. Thank you Marcus!

  29. I usually don't like 2d fighting games very much, but this game is THE SHIT

  30. Coming back video is an understatement compared to 2023 with mk12 street fighter and budokai 4

  31. This game was popular for like 3 months, and that was because of go1 and sonicfox rivalry, after that the entrants and viewers was reduced to like 30% for the rest of its life, in its first year at Evo it BARELY had more entrants than games like Tekken and SFV who were much older, after its first Evo it fell off pretty hard, the viewers and entrants for all of fgc events were much lower than older games, I remember the devs pulled it out of dreamhack Atlanta because they were embarrassed of its entrant numbers.

  32. Everything he mentioned is available in Tekken except bizzare storyline , I guess its just his bias towards his fav show ….there are fighting games which have the same technicality ….take Tekken Tag 2 for eg………..in the end I guess Its just his bias towards DB franchise.

  33. After the teaser of Tenkaichi 4, no one remembers DB Fighterz exists.

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