Criticom - The Worst Fighting Game -

Criticom – The Worst Fighting Game

Matt McMuscles
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  1. There was some shitty N64 almost unplayable thing called Battle of the Gods or something. I remember it vividly as at that time I was impressed by Soul Edge . Play that thing, Matt, my man.

  2. looks better than Rise of the Robots/Rise 2

  3. Thank you for shouting out Cardinal Syn. That game was dope.

  4. Demonica looks like an Elder Scrolls: Oblivion character

  5. I was unfortunate enough to have purchased this back in the day (I was in my 20s). The only character I remember being able to play somewhat successfully was Demonica. She had this threefold attack (like giant fireballs) and that's how I beat the game, by spamming the move over and over.

    It was terrible. Ironically, I loved the soundtrack lol

  6. 2 Lifebars before injustice made it but injustice is much better.

  7. fighting games should not pull the "unknown backstory" bit on selectable characters, it should be reserved for the hidden/ boss characters

  8. The artifact was a golden diaper for holding all this game shit

  9. I stand by my earlier opinion when I saw a clip of this game in another of your videos but had no idea what the game was. The game itself looks terrible, but that S.I.D. character is one of the coolest things I've ever seen in an early PS1 game. Of course I'll admit my bias in that I absolutely love robots that look more like robots than people and the blocky graphics kind of work for a machine character.

  10. Looking at some of the way the special moves work, does anyone else think that some moves from Battle Arena Toshinden 1 were copied? 'Cuz Demonica's twirl looks an awful lot like Sofia's. 🤔

  11. When you gonna put up a video playing Jersey Devil or Slamscape?

  12. SID, an organism killing machine, kills his victims by slowly chipping their health while they protect themselves helplessly. 0/10 would go on a killing spree again.

  13. Dayton looks like a less buff Duke Nuke'Em

  14. …..I mean the sound design is good, that or I'm just a sucker for echo-y voices.

  15. So I looked into the game and saw some videos. There are actually "wonderful" CG endings.

  16. 2:15 – nope, the worst of fighting games ever is: Amiga – Dino Wars – you welcome

  17. Fun fact about this game, if one player loses due to time out and another loses to ring out at the same time, the game just soft locks. I don't know if this game has draws in it or not

  18. Don't think I didn't hear that Cromartie High reference Matt.

  19. The best fights are played like tag where the person who is it must try to tag the other fighter who is pirouetting around them.

  20. Everyone keeps saying Playstation. Which absolute fools played this on the Saturn like I did?

  21. Delara lost so hard in her cutscene that she woke up ass backwards.

  22. I love this game!!!! I played it on sega saturn though

  23. Are you by any chance related to Skeletor?

  24. That opening cutscene gave me nostalgia.

    And that was the one good part.

  25. Yeah! At least Toshinden (which I don’t think will appear on the worst fighting game [if it was it would appear on that’ll be fine on the tier list] and a vast majority of the modern age fighters have a less chance of appearing outside of that Steam trash because at least they are playable!) was functional! It certainly did have superior controls to that game you covered here. It had mechanics! Sadly Battle Arena Toshinden doesn’t get that much love these days outside of its fans that are still out there. I’m not harsh on it at all because I treat it as a product of its day. As for Shiticom, sorry I mean Criticom (the name sounds like a sci-fi movie or a first person shooter), I never even heard of this game upon stumbling onto this video. Heh. No wonder and no surprise it sucked. It’s what I came to expect from western made fighters back in the day. To me, the Japanese fighting games even today (or J-fighters as I like to call them) have the same calibur that Japanese shmups have. If it’s anime-style and was made in Japan, I’ll so buy it! Granted not all J-fighters or shmups are awesome (that can definitely be applied to back in the day) but you get my point.

  26. The graphics aren't terrible, especially given an early PS1 game. But looks like that that's as far as the quality goes.

  27. Why does Dayton have a plastic bottle stuck to his hand? I must know why.

  28. GOD, that '90s titty spacesuit. Yep, this was originally a comic book game, alright. What a dull time for mainstream comic art.

  29. This is the FUNNIEST game i have ever seen 😂

  30. Ok here's a contender for you: Rise of The Robots

    Oh yeah, I think Rise of the Robots is definitely worse than Kasumi Ninja, and I actually owned that game and played it enough to see the good ending lol, is it worse than Criticom? I think it may well be. It's really bad.

  31. I own this game and it's collecting dust somewhere in my house.

  32. I wonder if Dark Rift or Rise of the Robots will appear in this series.

  33. Try "Expect No Mercy". It traumatized me as a kid.

  34. You're right, the whole budget went into the cut scenes.

  35. Dark Rift is the sequel to this!? Oh god, I did not know that. I like that game. Okay, you liked it as well. Now I don't feel as bad. Haha

  36. Imagine finally trading your Atari 7800 to get a PS and this was the only game you could get

  37. Why not try to reach out to Todd McFarlane. He was involved in Spawn the Eternal.

  38. This this starts off the playlist for the worst game, I'd already seen another video of the series where you said this was the worst. So, as of the videos uploaded at the moment, I decided ro save the pinnacle of trash for the last 🙂 Let's go!

  39. Gorm is literally a copy of the Gorm creatures that fought Kirk in the star trek series.

  40. Princess Irulan from Dune did the intro to this one too?

  41. Sonork looks like he's from Butt Ugly Martians. 😑

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