Competing in America's Biggest Fighting Game Tournament: Evo 2017 -

Competing in America’s Biggest Fighting Game Tournament: Evo 2017

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Waypoint Presents: Evolution profiles the Evolution Championship Series (Evo) through the eyes of two of the best in fighting games – SonicFox of Echo Fox and Punk of Panda Global.

Our focus on SonicFox, the world’s #1 Injustice and NRS Fighting Game player, brings us to the top 8 finals as he competes in Injustice 2, documenting his rise through the rankings to a close final, where he competes to defend his title as a 4-time Evo champion. Punk takes us through the Street Fighter V brackets as we document his rise to the Grand Finals of Evo.

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  1. This looks soo funnnnn… i wish I kept playing fighting games. I’m still nice though.. who wants to play!!!!?!?!?!? Lol

  2. 5:32 Reaction to a KOF match, but KOF didn't get any screen love. It's quite a shame.

  3. Punk is awesome. Also Rick Fox owns echo Fox? That's wild lol

  4. Thank you for this documentary. It was ablr to show to people that esports are a legimate sport and the community is made up of ver skilled athletes

  5. Nearly a year later SonicFox would further divide the gaming and lgbt community and shove his sexuality down everyone's throat

  6. "you lost the big competition? Who too!"

    "a furry"

    walks away in sad

  7. £1000 headphones…

    wears them over his hat….

  8. 😂😂 that room would stink like anxiety, b.o and virginity

  9. I really love the gaming pieces that you guys do because I get to watch what I seen before in a whole different perspective

  10. Crazy. I just watched Tokido’s run during this tourney and was rooting for him. Now seeing Punks side of the story and your kinda torn between the 2. Great vid none the less

  11. I think he's wrong about people in their mid 20s and after having finger tendon problems. The problem that might happen is because people don't stretch and exercise their hands and just stay healthy in general.

  12. "We are completely Grassroots." As he has Geico stamped on his shirt.

  13. What the fuck do u mean he will be the first American , sonic fox is an american

  14. Maybe I’m tweaking but they showcased punk w an arcade joystick a lot during the beginning, why was he using a controller for finals?

  15. Oh fuck Punk still uses the excellent adventures stick he got From Ross and gootecks??? No wonder he cried when he got it, shit means a lot

  16. I know a lot of people that have won every evo they have entered me for example every single evo I entered i didnt wake away with a loss so….

  17. i loved this doc so inspiring makes me wanna compete at a high level

  18. does the owner of echo fox play fighting games 😳

  19. If I ever see a fuckikg furry in public I'll beat there ass senseless bite the curb type shit ya feel me weirdos

  20. Watching a person that’s 10,000x better than me cry is making me question my skill

  21. Lol, punk makes the match look easy, Itabashi making it look like a life or death struggle. Atleast it is better than the shocked look Void gave in a recent smash bros ultimate tourny

  22. It probably took the venue a few months to get rid of the body odor from all those gamers.

  23. "If you're in your mid 20s, you can't keep up with the young guys."

    C'mon, now…

  24. whaaaaat SonicFox and Scar are just chillin together

  25. And then Punk would leave Panda Global for Echo Fox the following year.

  26. Punk is Danny browns EVO equivalent 😂 Respect.

  27. Why am i here i feel like a virgin again😩😧oh recommendation

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