Competing in America's Biggest Fighting Game Tournament: Evo 2017 -

Competing in America’s Biggest Fighting Game Tournament: Evo 2017

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Waypoint Presents: Evolution profiles the Evolution Championship Series (Evo) through the eyes of two of the best in fighting games – SonicFox of Echo Fox and Punk of Panda Global.

Our focus on SonicFox, the world’s #1 Injustice and NRS Fighting Game player, brings us to the top 8 finals as he competes in Injustice 2, documenting his rise through the rankings to a close final, where he competes to defend his title as a 4-time Evo champion. Punk takes us through the Street Fighter V brackets as we document his rise to the Grand Finals of Evo.

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  1. hey the guy with the fox ears and a tail hey man you great so far keep it up

  2. I’ve been trying get into fighting games but I’m the only one out all my friends who like it and it’s hard get that motivation to keep playing by yourself lol but even tho I’m not good I enjoy fighting games so much 🙌and the community 🙌

  3. Looking at this now it is truly sad what happened to Echofox behind the scenes. They used to be stacked.

  4. Annnd at 3 a.m. here I go down the VICE rabbit hole 🙃


  6. Everyone has their thing, and it’s awesome. There’s so many sub cultures to explore.

  7. Sonicfox is so casually intelligent it's crazy. Like everything seems to come naturally….I think this kid would have been a prodigy in any area he focused on.
    Plus he's a good winner, like he has one second of celebration and the calms down to be a good sportsman and talk to the loser of the round….so it was kind of annoying to see honeybee win that match and act like a douche about it.

  8. I wanted to see more of Punk's mom!
    She must have been freaking out seeing how huge of a thing this tournament is. Plus as his mother, she must have spent a long time worrying like "so my kid is great at video games, cool, but how does that pay bills when I'm gone?"

    As a parent it must have been a combination of pride and just a massive relief that he will be alright in life, and most likely better than alright.

    I'm happy for him, and for her.

  9. I'm a bit let down that Tokido is handled like some faceless villain in this. It's true that he denied Punk from becoming the first American to win Street Fighter at EVO, but this was a really important year for Tokido too as this was the first time he won first place despite having competed for so many years.
    And any fighting game fan should remember Tokido's short victory speech: "Fighting games is something really great" (said in English despite his native language is Japanese).

  10. LaQuinn the rapper- Subscribe 4 more content says:

    Was that Fox 🦊

  11. Why'd it take me the WHOLE video to realize that's Rick Fox??

  12. The smell of estrogen must be overwhelming in there

  13. I like that they are covering this stuff but I wish they would get into a tiny bit more detail about the matches and stuff, the techniques and strategies they use

  14. I did not expect to see Rick Fox as an e-sports team owner… woah


  16. We ain't gonna talk about dudes shoes..?

  17. so were just not going to talk about his outfit…okay???
    Hes a Furry WTF!?!?! Yall Mainstream??? …..NOPE…lol…smh

  18. Love that Injustice 2 footage missing, probably Warner Bros wanted a ridiculous amount of money just because the game was new.

  19. I get fkn nervous and anxious when I play with someone better just in my room, imagine having thousands of fans watching you play for the tournament…. congrats Punk, you didn't win, but fkn 2nd place is such a huge accomplishment….

  20. never have i ever wanted to be a nerd this much!!

  21. The groovy booklet generally camp because frog sequently wobble lest a wary english. able, petite venezuela

  22. Didn’t know Rick Fox was owner of a gamer team

  23. Peanut Man’s Emporium Of Random Crap says:

    07:03 I wonder how long that clown waited to say that?

  24. Small time grass roots, says GEICO huge on his shoulder. I'd like to know how many of these kids are on Adderrall?

  25. Humanism: the perfection of cultural integration; no racism, no class, no religion, only joy

  26. E-Sports are amazing! It's where everyone starts off the same, so even playing field.

  27. Although this isn't my cup of tea exactly, I completely understand why this has become a spectator sport. People love seeing people who have mastered something proving themselves at the sort of high level must of us can only imagine. Its thrilling. Best of luck to everyone

  28. Can you just imagine the amount of sweat dandruff bo V cards you can cumulate in all those events.

  29. 𝕱𝖑𝖚𝖋𝖋𝖆𝖑𝖔 1҉7҉ 🪓🐇ᵂᴴᴼᴼᴾˣ² says:

    Gross, I can smell it from here. x3

    Anyone who has ever been to a convention knows what I'm talking about…

  30. Shootouts to everyone who seemed cordial and both won and lost with dignity. Really impressed.

  31. I have no idea what I just attempted to watch.

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