Competing at 10 YEARS OLD!? The Fighting Games that MADE ME - KILLER INSTINCT -

Competing at 10 YEARS OLD!? The Fighting Games that MADE ME – KILLER INSTINCT

Maximilian Dood
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  1. Shit man, at that age my friends and I were just trying to beat fucking Eyedol. Can't imagine competing in this.

  2. My first tournament was at Last years EVO Tournament and I practiced seriously for it across all of my fighting games.

  3. The game that made Max how he is today. Oh yeah who doesn't remember their first game that made anyone the gamers that they are today. Let's go max shine on dood.

  4. Kid Max: Who's ready to play Killer Instinct
    One person: Y'all ready to take on the boss

  5. Isn't Eyedol supposed to regain his health when he stomps his foot?

  6. This is the KI IT WILL NEVER DIE! LIKE EVER best Snes fighting game with Donkey Kong! country1 and 2!!! An mAx needs a guide boys!!!!!!

  7. To this day I think this game contains one of the best and funniest ending ever. You know what it is…

  8. Not gonna lie, I got slapped with huge wave of nostalgia. I remember my older sister owning this when I was 5 years old.

    This and Street Fighter II Turbo were not only my introduction to fighting games, but video games as a whole.

    Seeing you react to the return of KI back in 2013 made me so happy because not many people I knew played this game growing up. It was one of the main reasons why I subbed to you back then, and I'm glad to see you since.

  9. This game made me hated in school! lol Until everyone else found out the Easy Breaker cheat and nobody would tell me. 😂

  10. Was also the first fighting game that got me hooked!! Good times

  11. The only complaint I have about Max's vids are when they end.

  12. Also…with Orchid when you want to squish the frog its FQ straigt after you do the frog fatality

  13. You were not 10 dude. This came out in 1995 you were 13-16…

  14. Ah yes, I got the Ki SNES bundle (first game I played on the console) sadly the cd got stolen but I still have the Black Cartridge. This game took away my wrists (I played a lot in house and in some local "tournaments" but wouldn't change one bit about that, one of the classic SNES games of all time

  15. I'm proud to have and still have this game, the black cartridge on snes, and the music cd too. Nice playthrough.👍😄

  16. One of my fondest memories with this game, specially the snes version of it was beating eyedol with tj and finishing him with an ultra, my 9 year old self lost his shit.
    Ps: English isn't my native language, so sorry if there are any mistakes or misspelings

  17. Great memories of playing this at the mall arcade, often against the teenage girl they employed to make change when the change machines weren't working (she always picked Sabrewulf). I loved this game as much for its crazy CGi characters as for the wild-yet-structured combo system, and I always hoped that one day we'd see games that could give us characters like that rendered in real-time. And what do you know- we did!

  18. The Killer Cuts soundtrack that came with this game. <3

  19. Wow the childhood. KI, MK2, MK3, and SF2 were my intro to the genre as a kid.
    I still listen to the soundtrack for KI and use it in martial arts performances and stuff, especially Jago and Fulgore's theme! Rare was the MVP of the 90s for me

  20. Killer instinct was the first fighting game I've ever played. Cinder was my favorite character in the game and he still is

  21. KI was new, fresh, and exciting. Definitely had that black cartridge and CD soundtrack. Finally landing an Ultra felt so awesome.

  22. This and eternal champions (Sega CD version ) was my back and forth games to play back then. I wish they bring e.c back in some way.

  23. This is definitely one of the games of my childhood that not only hooked me on fighting games but games in general. Had a SNES with this, DKC 1, TMNT: Turtles In Time and Empire Strikes Back. Awesome times playing with my dad and next door neighbors and landing my first Ultra with Fulgore….

  24. Way back when, I entered the Blockbuster Video Game championship. At the time, they had 2 age groups for 2 different games. For the Sega, they had a Primal Rage Tournament and for the SNES, they had the Donkey Kong Country Tournament Edition from Nintendo. I was either 9 or 10 at the time, and I entered the SNES youth bracket.

    Now, the DKC tournament edition cart was created by Nintendo for the tournament, and was different than a regular version. First of all, it had a built in timer that stopped the game once the time was reached, and 2nd was that it lacked any overworld and just went from one randomized level to another. There was no order, so you had the know the game quite well.

    The rules were simple, you had 2, 5 minute runs to complete as many stages as possible. After I registered for the tournament, I borrowed a copy of DKC from a friend and basically taught myself to speedrun it. I learned where every bonus game barrel was, how quickly I could fail the game and where in a level it would put me. I spend a good month learning everything I could about it.

    I came first in the store, for both my age bracket and the adult bracket. As a prize, I got a framed certificate saying I won (I tossed it when we moved) and a gold Blockbuster card that gave me 2 free game rentals a month for a year. It's the only tournament I've entered.

  25. The Available roster, the music, unique character designs, unique combo mechanics and for it's time this game looked so good. I honestly wished game developers would just step back a made killer instinct like this just polished a bit.

  26. I still have a soft spot for this game.

    I always liked using Spinal and Cinder, especially since I knew their finishing moves.

    Plus I could perform an Ultra with Cinder easier than others.

    Man I'm reminded how much I loved the soundtrack for this game!
    The AI and how evil it can be?………..eeehh not so much.

  27. The fgc has this weird preconception that little kids aren't good at fighting games when literally all they have to do is play games a lot.
    Honestly I think kids are better at fighting games it's just adults have the money to travel.
    With online tournaments getting better that might be less of a thing

  28. 10 year old me has only 3 thigs to say : ULTRA ULTRA ULTRA ! (echo)

  29. When you body kids in a Toys R' US with controls that were not set properly when this came out – on monitors we broke our necks to look up at, you aren't old school enough.

  30. My cousin put me onto this game when I was in HS. He used Fulgore, so that's who I used.

  31. I loved it when Eyedol just kicks Fulgore right in the dick after he beats him

  32. I had this game and played the hell out if it as well. That being said, how does he have the arcade version music???

  33. playing ki arcade mode, screaming at the gradually getting harder ai. this is my childhood right here

  34. Never really liked K.I during the snes days but I remember waking at 5 am every school week to play street fighter 2 on snes for an hour before I prepare for school. Good times

  35. Hopefully there'll be a video on the Gameboy Killer Instinct in the future! I never had KI SNES as a kid but I played a lot of Gold and Gameboy

  36. Man this soundtrack was so good…. It still is. I'm kinda amazed how well it holds up and still works to this day.

  37. i like the arcade cabinet version better. this one just looks awful.

  38. You cant do humiliation when youre almost dead yourself. Who are you trying to humiliate with you ass barely standing :D. The restriction is, you must not lose your first life bar to humiliate.

  39. Killer Instinct and DKC 2 were at the head of their prime in 1995. 2 Great Rareware classics. My favs were Spinal and Cinder.

  40. I played against Eyedol until my fingers got sore as a kid. I remember that stomp of his use to give him health back. Hated his punk ass. 🤣

  41. Mortal kombat street fighter2 were my first fighting games I would play I guess competitively with the rest of the kids on the block when I was 7 or 8

  42. This and Alpha 2 on SNES made me pass lots and lots of nights awake and distracted.

  43. Its bee awhile since I've seen the SNES version of Killer Instinct. Looking..crunchy

  44. The music of this game is timeless and i have the game also i used to have the CD with it. Man it's a must have for us hardcore fans.

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