Competing at 10 YEARS OLD!? The Fighting Games that MADE ME - KILLER INSTINCT -

Competing at 10 YEARS OLD!? The Fighting Games that MADE ME – KILLER INSTINCT

Maximilian Dood
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  1. The music of this game is timeless and i have the game also i used to have the CD with it. Man it's a must have for us hardcore fans.

  2. Eyedol was such a bitch to beat xD

  3. I can relate to Max a lot here. I remember playing Killer Instinct for the first time back when I was still in kindergarten and my uncle and a friend of my mom introduced me to it. I still remember the late Saturday nights playing it in my pajamas, trying to learn the Ultras and “fatalities”. I wasn’t exactly the best at it, but it’s absolutely one of the games that not only kindled my interest in fighting games, it also constantly brings me the nostalgia of my early youth of how so incredibly fun video games were.

  4. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  5. I would go to people's homes and watch as random kids beat adults with glacius. The kid was 5 years younger than me and would spam heavy punch into medium cold shoulder and then combo finisher with cold shoulder. I would join and beat said kid with fulgore by countering his cold shoulder with my own combo starter. Kid was pissed.

  6. When I play Fulgore, I like to spam eye laser. It catches jumpers and counters lots of other moves. It also is a combo starter as well. Then I mix it up with charging heavy into uppercut. Makes my fulgore super agile on the screen.

  7. This game has the best soundtrack, músic, sounds etc

  8. Those old times when we didn’t care about updates and balance. We only loved the game…

  9. You know looking back at it now. This game was way ahead of its time. It had so much going for it I’m surprised it didn’t directly compete with street fighters legacy.

  10. Max over here reminiscing bringing up nostalgic I remember hosting a killer instinct fight club on my block in Chicago brung the TV outside on the front porch with the super Nintendo and everybody in the neighborhood was battling it out on my porch it was just an awesome time can't replicate that time anymore so nostalgic

  11. the good ol' days of the 90s… pizza restaurants and their arcades, and gazillions of quarters… laughs….
    (and also video game rentals too), either you rushed home from school to go to a pizza restaurant to play the arcades or to a rental store to get the game you want before others

    (as a young teen, I always played orchid doing her "flash-tality", but only when no adults/parents was around at the pizza restaurants, laughs, surprised they had KI with this as a finisher in it at pizza restaurants, but probably the parents didn't know of it, we kids/teens weren't stupid, knew not to do it in front of them, lol)

    (and loved the arcade victory "bouncing" and "bottom bopping with her tantas/weapons" pose/screen of orchid, laughs)

    (same with dark stalkers, always played morrigan for same "reasons"… though loved raptor a lot too, really a cool character)

    MK was no big deal… americans don't care about violence at all… just no "naughty stuff"… sighs… at least back in the day… it was like this… meh


    SF2 (I was so excited, buying this for fkn $60 for the SNES when it came out, it was such a big deal at the time, as a fighting game, lol, and this isn't the later 'turbo' edition either, the original SF2, lol, I was really stupid, lol)


    Samurai Shodown (SS)



    virtua fighter


    primal rage (PR) (this was such a good fighting game, probably my most favorite of all)

    darkstalkers (DS)

    weapon lord (SNES, very obscure, but it was funny as you could infinitely juggle someone in the corner by simply hitting them in the air, as a teen it was funny to see like a 1,000 combo display, lol, how long could you go before muscle fatigue set in, lol)

    soul caliber (SC)

    marvel vs capcom

    marvel vs snk (maybe)

    marvel super heroes (I think)

    VS (yes, 'VS' is the game's name, lol, PS1 game, extremely obscure, my sister got some games from company she worked for or helped, and gave them to me, it's actually quite a good game, tekken style combat play)

    SF3: 3rd Strike (loved watching pro matches, really loved the combos and strat, though wished it had more diverse characters, as it has too many similar combat-style characters)

    clay fighter (CF)

    and probably a lot more that I'm missing… meh….

  12. Remember that black SNES cartridge. Got my butt whooped by my big brother but got better by it. Going to friends houses and whooping their butts made me feel better then they learned from me and eventually got some competition. Good times with this fighting game.

  13. I still have the CD that came with it. I have all the songs in MP3 format, and on my phone!

  14. Killer Instinct. The best Western 1990 fighting game even more powerful and better than DBZ.

  15. That was me at a place in my town called the tilt on Saturdays my parents would drop me off before they went bowling with five bucks in my pocket I was untouchable with saberwulf and orchid but I played all of the roster

  16. Sucks cuz finding local people or friends that play fighting games its literally impossible at times…i dont have any…& from experience they just end up not wanting to play you anymore its weird …even stop inviting you to gaming nights…but then you see they are playing the game you whoop them on… online.

  17. This sounds exactly like my buddy. He also spent a LOT of time learning KI and using the guide. To the point where his big group of friends would have little tournaments and say "Sorry, you're not invited." Because it was 'unfair.'

  18. This is the game that made me love fighting games.

  19. i remember by brother bought the snes that came with this and Street fighter 2 turbo, it was pretty fucking awesome

  20. still have this on SNES, N64 and XBox One – still play all 3. such a blast

  21. Because of Max I got into Killer Instinct. Can't believe I skipped on this game in my youth. It's such a great concept. 2013 Killer instinct is my Favorite!

  22. Make Time Travel possible so we can see 10 year old Max smoke 2022 Max in KI.

  23. Miss the SNES days
    Nintendo needs to put KI and KI2 in the e-shop.

  24. I'm surprised that Max didn't grab a KI 1up Arcade Machine XD

  25. Man I remember playing this version with my brothers as a kid and getting dominated by my older brother. He was the best in the world in our house.

  26. The SNES soundchip produced an absolute beauty here.

  27. Hell yeah 😂 I remember Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter and Street Fighter III New Generation and KI 2 I would show up when I was a teen and Rock everyone at the Arcade Place 😂 those Epic Battles I had wit people who are actually really Good .. I still Remember the First Time someone taught me the Raging Demon 😂 Golden Days right there ❤️

  28. Hearing the announcer yell ULTRA COMBO! is still a great nostalgia vibe.

  29. Grande KI,gracias por la nostalgia…eyedol era dificilisimo…eres fanático del juego…yo también…
    Veo los torneos locales y mundiales con Starsex…
    Saludos de Chile…

  30. I didn't play fighting games properly until the PS1. Before that KI was literally the only fighting game I liked. My friends and I learned everything in the game except for Ultimates which I didn't know existed until I accidentally did one something like 15 years later lol

  31. I grew up with this game as well… SF2 was my first real taste of what fighting games where like, but KI was the first to get me serious about anything…

    Well… As serious as I could be when I was just so damn excited to have the Gameboy version of this game, still holds a special place for me! 😅

  32. Ki was also my first fighting game the difference is that I started playing around 2007 when my parents bought me a SNES from Craig’s list with a ton of games including this and Suoer Mario World I was like 6 at the time

  33. I used to whip ppl on kion snes,now i suck on ki xbox obe version the lock out mode is a pain,the music is so good i keep playing it

  34. I did compete with like 12years, but it was for FIFA lol

  35. There's an even better MSU-1 version of this that uses the extra RAM to cram in FMVs and cut animation AND combos alongside the redbook audio. Even the "Danger" versions of the music playing in the matches

  36. I use to play KI alot. Played Fulgore / Orchard. It was a lot at the YMCA when I was a child. Same time when I had Secret of Mana, but I traded that in with someone for Chrono Trigger (SNES). Anyway, cinder was super cheap, but I could only beat Eyegore with Fulgore. Every other character you'd get your ass handed to you quick. Saberwulf I really wanted to beat the game with but never did.

    That being said Glacius wasn't bad. It was a lot of Hold back + whatever kick/punch. Couldn't do Jago because he was hella complicated. That dinosaur, nor that skeleton, nor the boxer. But I think I did do my only ultra with Orchid. Anyway great game.

  37. This wasn't just the first fighting game I've ever played, it was also one of the first video games I've ever played (Contra and Donkey Kong Country being my other first games.) I was around 4 years old the first time I beat Eyedol with Cinder, and here I am now at 30 beating Eyedol with every character on the arcade version released on Xbox One. The arcade version looks and feels pretty sweet, but the original SNES copy I've owned for 26 years is still my preferred version. Damn time flies by.

  38. Why not play this on your cabinet behind u ……

  39. as a guy who owns this on this snes it is nice to see someone else playing their copy but I don't have that strategy guide which looks really cool as well as that nintendo power magazine

  40. Me too . I was addicted and worked at mastering it even though my friends were very Good 👍🏾

  41. Saber wolf looking straight up like classic man-wolf John Jameson. J Jonoah Jameson son.

  42. Loads of nostalgia for this, did anyone else also love Clayfighters back in the day?

  43. Yo, Max, when are you going to play the Gameboy port of KI?

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