Combo Maker - The feature putting Fighting Game dev's on notice -

Combo Maker – The feature putting Fighting Game dev’s on notice

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Guilty Gear Strive’s new Combo Maker mode is AWESOME, and every fighting game team needs to be copying it. Let’s talk about why.

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  1. I wouldn't be as hype if it was just combos but being able to record complex stuff for the training dummy and then share that with others makes this a 10/10 feature.

  2. With my limited coding knowledge I can somewhat write a script for this in few minutes using their existing code. Literally have all the features for it already in the game, they just need to put it together.

  3. When you said Mario Maker I got goosebumps because I was thinking the exact same thing! Super Mario makers community is huge and honestly extremely fun. If you could get to see that in a fighting game it would be incredible!

  4. 8:32 I also wanna see Bowser's Big Bean Burrito of combos, I'm weak

  5. Man of only UMvc3 had this good of a practice options like you know (when to time assists or demo)

  6. Now i will actually share some tech, since at this point ppl cant "steal like artist".

  7. after seeing that combo I am snitching to Capcom, because I'm jealous

  8. just realize brian f blur his head phone jack

  9. SF6 will make you pay for combo downloads, and the combo maker feature will come in season 6.

  10. Brian hit the nail on the head as far as fighting games. It's such a hassle trying to figure out how to play SFV because literally nothing is taught to you by the game and it's a huge turn off. I'd rather just play something else rather than spend hours trying to read on what I'm supposed to do and practice

  11. This might make me stop being a coward and actually get this game so I can main Baiken. Not having time to lab was my biggest excuse. Welp lol.

  12. Love the feature. Hate the way the search function is implemented. Why can't we search by the tags that make up the titles? Why can't we download and save combos from inside the trial?

    The search to this combo maker is the lobbies to the online matches.


  14. I made a few combos in Strive myself, and the feeling of excitement when I see that people have attempted and cleared them is something I've never experienced before. It makes me want to create more and as a result, makes me a more creative and versatile player

  15. The combo maker feature was a thing since Xrd and it was overlooked

  16. I just got back into strive and this tool has helped me immensly. There's combos for pretty much all skill levels so even a scrub like me can find some nice combos to learn

  17. Did the thumbnail change?
    Maybe is to grab more views or am I missing something?

  18. Well, I've tried the loop, but i'm a pad player. I think that makes it nearly impossible.

  19. You're very right about the community having to rely heavily on external resources to continue playing the game. I would have stuck to Strive for longer if I could still get good connections. All the folks in the SEA server just disappeared and I don't get good connections to other regions. Wasn't keen on hunting for people to play with on reddit or discord or whatever so I just gave up. Interestingly the multiplayer game I have put the most time into since is Halo lol

  20. Great videos my fiend. I hope the developers are listening. Always very well spoken.

  21. Soku recently got a mod that does this! It’s not as clean as GG’s implementation, but still useful.

  22. Bomberman Hero OST Redial?! Lets go!!!!

  23. The combos in this game are easy. Its knowing when to stop short with your combos and when to RC or what type of RC to use in certain situations that's challenging.

  24. Good luck recreating that Pot combo if you don't know what a kara cancel is.

  25. Bruh, can you imagine Desk using this combo maker????

    EDIT: So I kinda typed that out before Desk was mentioned in the video, but still, I would love to try out some of Desk combos

  26. Most people know this, but it is worth remembering that TFH did it years ago.

  27. Auto-combos = sell more
    Harder Manual Combos = shorter longevity of fighting games

  28. I hope Project L show how Social Features are relevant.

  29. My weird hill to die on is that a fighting game could support custom macros without losing its viability as a competitive experience. It feels like this combo design feature is leaning in that direction haha

  30. I don’t think any of us realize it yet but GG is setting the standard for future fighting games. Combo maker, story mode, arcade mode, online with rollback. It’s going to get to the point if games don’t have those people might stray from them unless your fgc nerds like us.

  31. Anyone know how to like and save the recipe AFTER you try it? I've found so many combos or setplay I'm unsure about. Then I try it, and love it, only to lose it because I have to go to the menu instead of being able to save the combo while I'm trying it. Am I missing something or is that what it's like atm?

  32. I wanna see an update to combo maker that replaces the move list with a Guitar Hero highway, so as to teach exact timings of inputs.

  33. Cool. Gave me an idea of yet another way to use a game's fighting engine to the fullest and simultaneously add more depth to single-player content: making some Story Mode/Campaign/Arcade opponents vulnerable ONLY to certain moves or combos. This has been used for ages in action games.
    If anyone knows about fighting games that utilize such mechanic please let me know)

  34. btw this is the game that people say is dumbed down af and has zero depth
    game came out day one with a shit load of tutorial content and missions and character specific crap and still you got more to learn like really obscure tech for specific chars like zato/jacko/HC ect
    the most successful game so far we got in this decade and not just cuz netcode good, I've seen mfs who don't know jack about these games touch strive for some reason
    and i think other games could benefit and learn a thing or two from this game on how to make a big successful game cuz what you see people say online and actually success is two disconnected things you see one clearer than the other
    I've seen games with good netcode come before and after it none hit this hard

  35. Major AAA fighting games were all catching up to Skullgirls, until Them's Fightin Herds came out and now they have to catch up to that

  36. A robust learning progression mechanism would be a fantastic 1P addition to fighting games. You start with learning to block then get a tutorial about your chosen character's easiest anti air option then you play matches against the AI that test your ability to anti air (opponent only takes damage from anti air). There would be several levels of matches that get progressively harder and you have to clear them all to move to the next concept, i.e. neutral, zoning, punishes, hit confirming etc. Skull Girls did a very minimal version of this with their tutorials but having a much more expansive learning mode would be awesome.

    I think the biggest reason most purchasers of a FG fall off quickly is that they don't know how to play correctly. It's fun to press buttons and do special moves and supers for a while, maybe have a few matches with your friends, but when you venture online and constantly get blown up you stop playing.

  37. Devs took out social features out of fighting games due to toxicity, but they've gone to the extreme of cero interaction between players.

  38. So what does "putting Fight Game dev's on notice" mean? Have other devs commented on the combo maker or does it just mean "I think more games should have this"?

  39. Hates that they took away the chat feature. Of course there are trash talkers but some people are very cool.

  40. Fighting game single player content has been a solved problem for ages. I had so much fun playing through SFA3's world tour mode and EX Plus a's challenge mode. Only in recent times have the games been stripped of any fun single-player content with the indie scene partially picking up the slack.

  41. Single player content is something that many current fighting games lack, and it's more important than many would think.
    I hope more fighting game devs start putting effort into their single player content.

  42. yo, I can approve that you're legally allowed to say the term "brony"

  43. Love that he still has a Christmas tree up 😂

  44. Just from a glance, I can say Strive's version is better in terms of accessibility of other custom combos as it's built in the game and you can search it up in game. In contrast to Them's Fightin Herds where you had to ask someone for their combos or go to the TFH official Discord server to find them. I understand why TFH doesn't have it built in though as having to upload custom combos would mean they had to allocate resources on a cloud server for those uploaded custom combos, and for an indie studio with a tight budget, that's understandable. I can say though that it is alleviated a bit with how you can just drag and drop the combos into the file directory while in game without having to reload the game.

    Now I haven't seen the full features of Strive's version of Combo maker either, but one thing I didn't see in their presentation is the ability to specifically set where you want to start the combo in. TFH allows you to do so. Having trouble in the launcher segment or the air segment of the combo? Just set it so you start there so you can practice your timing or your inputs in general. It even gives you a timer before it starts that section of the combo to prepare you for it which is also adjustable on how long you have to wait. Another thing would be showing when a setup/delayed hit would hit (i.e. it shows both when a projectile is created and when said projectile hits during the combo) but I have yet to see if that's in GG.

  45. There was this shitty little RPG I loved as a kid called White Knight Chronicles. One of the major selling points of the game is that it was a pseudo-MMO, what with raids and guilds and whatnot. But the most unique feature was its in-game message boards. The game had its own forums IN THE GAME where people could talk about the meta, quest tips, and, of course, boobs and religion.
    It's a feature I always felt fighting games should have, albeit a little better moderated. Imagine being able to look up community made match-up tips IN THE GAME. I'd kill for a feature like that

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