Combining Fighting Games With Vtubers -

Combining Fighting Games With Vtubers

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Hololive Vtubers On Art
Kiryu Coco, Shirakami Fubuki, Uruha Rushia & Himemori Luna

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  1. To be honest, I'd probably pay reasonable money to see a series of Koe playing with/teaching Vtubers.

  2. Eeeh, Musou game probably work too.
    Each vtuber have their own fans as their army.
    Maybe Basara style.

  3. I don't think that was Mio. That was Kurokami, Fubuki's alter ego.

  4. Hmm nijisanji… Anyone wanna have ars almal and ebio side to side?

  5. dude… dope af. I don't play fighters liike I used to. I've gotten into cars. And car vinyls are a little more… expensive.

  6. When Mio showed up as part of Fubuki's ult, I knew I was sold.

  7. Wait i dont remember Rushia is that boin boin!??

  8. 1:42 "You know what that means, more V-tubers to put on your stick!"
    1:47 Flashbacks of Gura's Openess

  9. Yooooo thats soooo cool, I want an OkaKoro Fight Stick.

  10. Imagine a Hololive fighting game. The roster would have Tokino Sora, Sakura Miko, Shirakami Fubuki, Natsuiro Matsuri, Akai Haato, Minato Aqua, Inugami Korone, Usada Pekora, Uruha Rushia, Houshou Marine, Kiryu Coco and Omaru Polka to start off (the most popular ones). The others would be either unlockable or DLC. Can't think of many stage ideas though

  11. what is the current state of the game right now, like the multiplayer and that stuff?

  12. So Luna somehow found the Moonlight Greatsword? Nice one.

  13. Koe: that means more vtubers to put on your stick….wait that can out wrong

    Everyone who watches vtubers: No No you had it right the first time

  14. I would think the most natural combination of vTubers and fighting games would be to make a vTuber fighting game. But I suppose that would require a lot of effort and resources.

  15. 兄貴の動画からはホロライブ愛めちゃ伝わってきて嬉しいです!好きなものを全力で伝える姿好き!

  16. Is…is this coincidental? Or on purpose? Cuz thats cool!

  17. "More Vtubers to put on your stick" Hell yea-waait a second…

  18. Self Plug: But alongside Holo-Fighters, there's another 2D Hololive Fighting game in the works called Idol Showdown! Please support both projects if you can!

  19. 7:25 What do you mean that's Mio? Does Koe not know about Kurokami Fubuki?

  20. Seeing Rushia with some growth in her height and her bust makes me feel weird

  21. The Docktah - KFP Underworld Drive-Thru Manager says:

    I remember seeing a person commenting a really great Idea, to make a fighting game of vtubers and every one of them having a custom stage with their background music

    I myself would love to see something loke Touhou 15.5 or other fighting games, pixelated would be cool

  22. Damn Koe you be flexing thos Vtubers customs

  23. I thought that was fubuki sister i forgot her name it been a long time

  24. They already exist in mobile one. But they not exactly love to keep as offline type

  25. Koefficient: WELL LOOK WHO IT IS?
    Me: Kurokami?
    Koefficient: It’s mama Mio!

  26. That green haired Rushia looks like Noel cosplaying as Rushia honestly, she tried to restraint her breasts to make it look flat, but wasn’t able to

  27. Ok, so no Shion for Cagliostro?! That's just strange

  28. I'm waiting for any vtuber waifu to play fighting game.

  29. Definitely need more of them. It think in VShojo you cold make one with Froot and Zen, maybe another with Ironmousevand Melody

  30. Actually really liked watching you play this game.

  31. I see alot of good bya haachima. What is with her, I don't understand it, because I sadly can't speak japanes.

  32. I heard some good stuff from junk food arcades. really want to get the snack box micro whenever its back in stock

  33. dear god you have fallen to the level of simp

  34. What if we make a Vtuber Fighting game? Just Saying Coco should have some Yoga Fire kind of moves and use the dragon plug as a weapon.

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