Combining Fighting Games With Vtubers -

Combining Fighting Games With Vtubers

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Hololive Vtubers On Art
Kiryu Coco, Shirakami Fubuki, Uruha Rushia & Himemori Luna

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  1. Not a fighting game fan…but i might have to buy this game.

  2. Boing boing Rushia… I don't think my eyes will ever be the same again

  3. Yo if the male characters get replaced with the Holostar guys, that would be even more insane

  4. Can somebody submit him some warhammer 40k stuff?

  5. I’ve always wanted to make a Hololive fighting game that looks and plays like Granblue Fantasy but my Unity knowledge is just slightly above average and my artistic skills aren’t that great 😅

  6. get max on this we might be able to do a vtuber tournament


  7. Haachama has to be the snk boss syndrome style final boss!!!

  8. koe: You can put more Vtubers on your stick. . . .

    Me: hehe see? I have a big PP hehe

  9. I really REALLY want Narmaya with Watame colors

  10. 7:22
    Koe: “Well look who it is?”
    Me: “Kurokami!!!!!”
    Koe: “Mama Mio!!!!”
    Me: …..

  11. Nnnnaaaaa still waiting for luna to come back

  12. There's a community I know working on VTuber Fighting games.

  13. I've been fantasizing about a Hololive 2D fighter for a while. I know I'm not the only one who wants this.

  14. I like how Narumeia is Coco but Coco is probably twice the height of Naru lol

  15. still no1 is enought CHAD TO MAKE hololive girls for DEAD OR ALIVE.
    rushia = marie rose / nico
    towa = lei fang
    luna = honoka?
    miko = honoka
    korone = hitomi
    mio = momiji
    mel = tamaki
    christie = botan
    rachel = choco
    kasumi = coco
    sora = kokoro

    YABAI boings boings

  16. Narmaya as Coco is something I didn't know I needed in my life

  17. So since I play on PS4, I can't use this mod huh?


  18. 【Ǝ҉̴҉ɹ҉̸҉ᴚ҉̸҉o҉̵҉ᴚ҉_ ᴄʀɪꜱᴘʏ ɴɪᴄᴏ】 says:

    If Rushia sees this either you get her screams or her love

  19. I've never had a fight stick before. These actually look pretty cool. Kinda wanna play granblue too.

  20. I hope you know there is a Dedicated discord group that is making a Hololive fighting game. There is already a few models complete and they have spread sheets on each characters moves

  21. I don't play Granblue, how did you get the colors to match the Hololivers? Does this game have a color editor like KOF 13?

  22. I'm planning Custom my own Arcade Hitbox and Vtubers Decals

  23. Can't help wondering what Koe's prom dress looked like…

  24. why do the character look like the vtubers? is it just the skins or coincidence??

  25. I appreciate your using your platform and your money to realize all this. It's beautiful.

  26. Ngl, Fubuki skin for Yuel somewhat made me reluctantly (happily) play her.

    The things I do for our Waifurendo

  27. there NEEDS to be an anime style hololive fighting game.

  28. Man this game looks gorgeous. If I wasn't absolute garbage at fighting games I'd probably try this one, but unfortunately I am the worst fighting game player on the entire planet, who has no excuse to be nearly that bad, and I just don't have the money to throw around on stuff that's only going to frustrate me.

  29. Came back to this one after the Oreo video. Absolutely brilliant. Great choice on the clips too. Luna’s Google is my favorite clip of her.

  30. We need an actual hololive fighting game! Just imagine the special abilities of all the girls! It would be amazing!

  31. Imagine entering a tournament to see a man you're competing pulling out this stick

  32. OG Rushia that obtained Boing boing and Rushia alter with no Boing boing.

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