Clothes Ripped Compilation - Fighting Games -

Clothes Ripped Compilation – Fighting Games

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00:00 Art of Fighting
00:11 Art of Fighting 2
00:35 The King of Fighters 94
00:46 The King of Fighters 95
01:12 The King of Fighters 13
01:31 The King of Fighters 14
01:43 The King of Fighters 15
02:18 Soul Calibur 6
03:14 Real Bout Fatal Fury
03:25 The King of Fighters 2002
03:35 Hokuto no Ken – Shinpan no Sousousei Kengo Retsuden
03:49 Art of Fighting 3
04:14 Samurai Shodown 6
04:31 Samurai Shodown


  1. Please tell me this is a mod, this is absolutely ridiculous

  2. Que loucura a última tira a roupa para atacar.

  3. tbh, I never knew this was an actual thing but I ain't complaining lol

  4. At the time this was like porn for us 😅

  5. And this is why you shouldn't put on shirt that two sizes smaller than your real one before fistfight.

  6. What is the best part of playing videogames?


  7. Just like anime: when guys fight mountains and cities are destroyed. When women fight clothes are destroyed.

  8. Why do you censor it 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀☠️☠️☠️

  9. 3:43 ,if you pause at the right moment ,you acctually can see😏🥵

  10. In Guilty Gear XRD Revelator/Rev2, Dizzy’s Jacket can get ripped off if she uses the burst version of her Gamma Ray.

  11. 3:50 pov: your cousin breaks your controller

  12. the hall of the mighty is always watching

  13. Everyone gangsta until you opponent is completely nude

  14. lol I used to play kof a lot as a kid/teen, and King was my third pick after Terry & Robert. Once I played with a friend of mine, and I kept losing. So I switched to King, I was already pissed anyway. Of course I still lost, and when her clothes ripped, somehow I felt so humiliated, especially since my friends laughed at that animation of her. I never played with her again after that. That sense of humiliation subconsciously stuck with me till now. It was the first time I felt a bit of a taste of being exposed/violated. Just because I played a fighting game…😂 Puberty was really weird.

  15. damn the new versions all look so soulless. makes you wanna vomit

  16. What do all these games have in common? They allow the girl to keep her shoes on.

  17. Another game I would like to add would be Fist of the Lotus (or something like that) for xbox original

  18. "Alert, We are watching from below"

    It knows what we were doing.

  19. Do her man. So difficult to play game with one hand.

  20. Lol. What a bait. Whats the point of making content out clothes destruction when you censored them.

    Insta block .-.

  21. This video has Fist of the North Star on the PS2 with one of the rips. There are actually more of it but it's very hard to pull off. Not that many people know about this game and it's one of the better fighting games out there.

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