Castle Super Beast Clips: 120 FPS Fighting Games -

Castle Super Beast Clips: 120 FPS Fighting Games

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  1. So, this is gonna sound weird but…I bet the netcode would actually be WORSE at 120 FPS. Just due to the way fighters and even GGPO work. PLEASE remember that netcode is handled differently for different genres and with fighting games, every frame matters so 120 FPS might mean twice as much data that has to be sent twice as fast. MIGHT. That's some uncharted territory but just because it works for first person shooters and racing games doesn't mean it will for fighting games.

  2. Pat saying 144hz is overrated sounds like when someone says 60hz is overrated compared to 30hz. You can feel the difference immediately. What a wildly ignorant statement.

  3. This is dumb. Given that the game is getting a 120hz upgrade, I can guaran-fucking-tee you what they've done is disconnect the game physics from the rendering, are running physics at a ticrate of 60, and then lerping the extra frames. You will get smoother visuals, but there will not be a substantive change in inputs. I severely doubt that SNK would pony up to do anything else, which would be complex and expensive.

  4. 120/144 Hz is nice but it really is a luxury, just to see smooth animations look even smoother.

  5. IMO any advancement in fighting game tech is completely worthless until good online becomes standardized across the board

  6. I will keep losing, since I'm bad anyway xD

  7. Pat is the most right he has ever been on this one. Can we just not have dips and have a rock solid frame rate and never goes below 30 at its worst.
    The only flaw, I can think of, in Woolie’s logic on parsec is that it will give all multiplayer game developers an excuse not to work on the online for any PC games or ports to any games. They’ll just cite “they’ll just use parsec,” as an excuse.

  8. In my limited experience with this topic, and how varied human perception of "frames" are, I'm on the argument that any benefits between 60 and 120 FPS is MUCH, MUCH LOWER than what you'd get between 30 and 60 FPS.

    For example, running For Honor on base PS4 is a much different experience than going to the PS5. Those extra frames have a very real impact on your gameplay. However, your personal skill will only benefit so much as the frames get larger. Now there IS a difference between 120 and 60, but it's like the difference between 1080p and 1440p; it's THERE, but you'd have to look real careful to see it.

    In a fast-paced match, most players aren't going to spot much difference in game-feel between these two frame benchmarks. It's much more important to have low latency and consistent frames than higher ones.

  9. I'm with Pat on this one. 120 fps is just a gimmick until fighting games solve their actual problem of bad netcode. I've been saying the fps floor should be raised for games in general forever too, it's crazy how games want to flaunt their 4k ability, but can't run at 60fps. The jump from 30 to 60 is more noticable than 60 to 120.

  10. You literally have to be on COCAINE to Significantly "Feel" the difference between 120 frames and 60 frames.

  11. Aren't there any good hdmi splitters? You don't need to compromise image quality/responsiveness on account of recording then

  12. Curved tvs actually did get adopted pretty heavily. They're pretty normal nowadays.

  13. “Instead if raising the ceiling, I’d like to raise the floor.” Coolest, most logical thing Pat said in a minute

  14. Oh I remember when fgc vets were crying like babies when people told them to switch to server side connection and clung to Peer to peer connection like a slug .

    2020 – using parsec A SERVER SIDE CONNECTION SERVICE to play fighting games because the P2P connection service it offers is shit. Like poetry, it rhymes…

  15. Clip begins with pat not even on the video. Genuinely funny.

  16. Fighting games have now evolved enough to encounter problems every other genre encountered and solved in the year 2000.

  17. Treating parsec as a solution for everything is a mistake ,need to keep that pressure on game companies to implement good rollback

  18. maybe i'm dumb but wouldnt they just double the frame data?

  19. the silent intro makes me think my headphones or audio is broken every time

  20. SamSho: We can push 120 FPS!
    Me: But…you could've used that effort to put in rollback. It's literally FREE.
    SamSho: Nah, mate, we gotta appease the 12 people that go beyond 60 FPS!
    Me: THIS IS FOR THE CONSOLE VERSION, NO ONE CARES OUTSIDE OF PC Alright whatever, imma go back to Power Rangers having almost zero delay across continents across consoles with cable-less WiFi.
    Also wait a minute, they'll use the excuse of "It's not made in Japan" for rollback, but they'll make a 120 FPS mode on Xbox when
    A. Japan doesn't care about going that high and more importantly

  21. Fix your shitty netcode before even bringing up higher fps, fighting game devs.

  22. but, but, but guys… the competition talk aside, time-delta-based frame-rate-independent game "tick" was invented and implemented in various game engines a decade ago! but yeah, I get it "it's been years now"

  23. “Can we see this going forward?”

    No, SamSho while looking fine isn’t pushing a lot in terms of graphics so I doubt 120 is going to a thing for a long while, the much more possible future is much nicer fighting games running at 60

  24. You can shoot for 120 but if it ain’t locked at 120 and drops to like 50fps in parts then what’s the point?? If your game only hits 120 when I’m walking like a turtle only glancing at the “120fps approved” portions of your game and the rest of your game is 120fps-ish then it’s a crapshoot

  25. I love that this whole convo is happening while the stream is DROPPING FRAMES

  26. God dang Zangief became a chonk! But still very adorable

  27. Why is it gatekeeping to have a 120 fps mode but it's not gatekeeping that the games are more responsive on a low lag monitor?

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