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The Fighting Game Community has been embracing PC Gaming more and more, and we’ve decided to take a look at some data…with a TWIST! Can our FGC Pandas figure out the TOP 10 fighting games being played on PC right now??

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Steam is a video game digital distribution service by Valve. It was launched as a standalone software client in September 2003 as a way for Valve to provide automatic updates for their games, and expanded to include games from third-party publishers.

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  1. Which games SHOULD have made this list??

  2. Using rivals of aether music after dropping rivals of aether

  3. Brawhalla is the game that made everything right: fun gameplay, its in every platform know to men, has crossplay, free to play, I think it has rollback netcode. Honestly the entire genre should learn from Brawlhalla

  4. Brawlhalla the goat, also their tourneys are ran smoothly for the most part and they’re online lol

  5. Tbh, Naruto, jump force and demon slayer shouldn't be on the list, arena fighters don't count as fighting games imo. They're just casual button mashing.

  6. The only one I couldn't get was jump force cause I thought they already closed down the servers for it.

  7. got everything. Still sad skullgirls or mahvel didn't get top 10

  8. This is basically fgc boomers trying to guess what fighting games zoomers play on steam

  9. That’s crazy I played jump force a bit but I didn’t know it was still as big as it is that’s pretty cool. Kinda sad it’s dying this year tho

  10. I've never liked brawlhalla, but they did everything so right they probably deserve their spot as #1

  11. Top 10 most played fighting games I’d say in no particular order I’d say
    Third strike
    Alpha 3
    Guilty gear xrd
    Super Street fighter 2 turbo
    Super smash bros melee
    Tekken 3
    Tekken 7
    Mortal Kombat 2
    Marvel vs Capcom 2

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