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The Fighting Game Community has been embracing PC Gaming more and more, and we’ve decided to take a look at some data…with a TWIST! Can our FGC Pandas figure out the TOP 10 fighting games being played on PC right now??

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  1. I actually did guess Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, only because I play that game lol

  2. No clue how brawlhala is so high, is so fucking lame

  3. Hey Panda, I know it has nothing to do with any of you, here in South America we are having a lot of issues playing ArcSys games since mid December. In GGST the servers seems to be completely broken and we are having 10-15 minutes to even get in the game, in matches it works bad and most of times we cant even select in the rematch option, and ArcSys is not giving us any information about it. I know you don't have any power in fixing it, but I would like to ask you if any Panda creator could help us mentioning it in a video or something like that for us to at least make this problem visible and at least we have an announcement of what going on with the server.

    Edit: we had an announcement today that they are investigating the issue, I hope they solve it soon.

  4. I was laughing when Marlin was trying to remember the exact name to Under Night. Thanks French Bread; nobody knows the name of your game because you just used a random password generator.

  5. Decided to try this out before watching the video and I would have 9/10 if the spelling wasnt so fucking specific for Naruto. I completely forgot about Brawlhalla. This whole list kinda fucked me up ngl.

  6. Damn bro Lumina didn’t even get Top 10. You hate to see it 😔 hopefully the DLC and the patch will bring the numbers up

  7. Wow this list was fcked and skewed from the start. I get the limitation to steam on account of the whole player count but cmon arena fighters…really?

  8. I would’ve destroyed this challenge lol I’ve played a lot of fighting games that I’m sure a lot of ppl haven’t (Chaos Code, AquaPazza, Dengeki Bunko, etc lmao) and the ones everybody plays 😅 I would’ve guessed Calamity Trigger, Continuum Shift, Chrono Phantasm, Central Fiction, AND Cross Tag Battle 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. If Brawlhalla counts as a fighting game, then Smash Bros. should count too. Yes I am salt, thank you for asking.

  10. Brawlhalla, Naruto Ninja Storm, Jump Force and Demon Slayer are not fighting games.

  11. This is messed up. I technically got everything right but whoever made the quizz marked Storm 4 as only "Naruto" instead of "Naruto Shippuden" so I got 9/10, I'm very salty about this :/

    And they said that spelling matters smh… -_-

    Now let me see how the Panda guys do (I'm ready to bet none of them even gets 6/10 lol).

  12. Lmao, of course the free to play not-fighting-game is first, all the broke people playing it. Shit looks like it could have been a newgrounds flash game

  13. love how marlinpie utilizes ctrl+backspace to delete a word. get on that tech, people

  14. It should be illegal for Jump Force to be up there but anime fans will accept any arena fighter no matter how garbage it is lol

  15. Arena games aren’t considered fighting games that’s why none of them could get it lol.

  16. Woah, people are playing Brawlhala!? I bought that game like before it came out, full version.

  17. The list is not good it's only about pc. Ok that it's said in the description, but it wasnt in the title.

  18. Late but I got everything in 1minute and but didn't get any of the Arena fighters because I'm not interested in them.

  19. Ya really can't spell huh? Lmao shit is mad funny 🤣

  20. Making my guesses at 1 m in. I'm gonna make 12 guesses because a3 strikes thing.

    Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection
    Tekken 7
    Soul Calibur VI
    The King of Fighters 02 UM
    Garou: Mark of the Wolves
    Killer Instinct
    Mortal Kombat (9)
    Ultra Street Fighter IV
    Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

    Let's see how I did

  21. 7:16 "why do people name their games like this?" We all felt that bro

  22. everyone seemed to forget about those messy 3D arena brawlers lmao can’t blame em

  23. I played brawlhalla for 2 years before I started jumping into street fighter and later tekken. It was a no brainer for me. Good netcode, F2P, always updating.

  24. Fun fact about brawlhalla one of the top players sandstorm bet bloodlust in geometry dash as he was one of the first to beat bloodbath

  25. Yeah I do play Naruto ninja storm four and I did guess it so yeah and by the way I have completed the game all the way the progress on that game is 100

  26. The thing about brawlhalla for me is that I love the fact it’s free to play and doesn’t take it self too serious. BUT my friends and the rest of the community keeps saying it’s better than smash ultimate and some even said melee. THATS where the issue is for me😂😂 like just enjoy your game but don’t come for the real platform fighter😂

  27. Jokes on you guys, I love the ninja storm series 🥴

  28. I feel like so many ppl sleep on Tekken. Just look how surprised everyone gets when they realize T7 is second, only losing to a Smash like game that is free to play

  29. as someone who owns every storm game ik storm was up there just saying

  30. I don't know where tf you people get off with the "it's not fighter zee" crap.
    That's like saying dragon ball zee is pronounced "dragon ballz".
    Please tell me it's a running gag.
    To seriously expect that they put a Z in the title not to echo "Dragon Ball Z" but because they wanted it to say "fighters" but with a Z, like a toy company would in '96.

  31. Which games SHOULD have made this list??

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