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Sure, Steam reviews probably aren’t the most reliable source on the planet when it comes to accurate commentary. However, it doesn’t change the fact that a lot of them can be HILARIOUS. We challenged our FIGHTING GAME PROS to name the game based off a review. Will they succeed?

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  1. Bruh as son as they said no cat I knew it was melty.

  2. 8:54 lmao the editor had fun with this. He was trying to tell you what the WRONG path was.

  3. Commenting on every video requesting Arakune’s BBCF trials, video 7.
    Remember the character quiz video where hook said he’d play Arakune if he played BBCF?

  4. That first negative comment got hit by an antonov

  5. Jiyuna = hilarious. Well done. I, however, identified more with KP (even had the same response to Da Kyanta) but still hilarious. Great content! Thanks team panda

  6. This reminds me of a call of duty youtuber with his shitty wifi and his whole career being based on the get to the chopper scene from predator leaching off vanossgaming for views being Brian with his McDonalds terrsiera wifi

  7. Omg these reviews. How is a danm Anniversary Collection a cash grab? 🤣

  8. I think I speak for everyone when I say we need Ultra Fight Da Kyanta combo trials now.

  9. マジェスティックキングカズマMajestic King Kazma says:

    Knew it was Kyanta. Sajam taught me well. Croc with the Glock is too powerful.

  10. 21:38 he really said characters are fair and mentioned Inspector(the crocodile) in the same sentence brooo

  11. The jacket really makes jiyuna's 5Head look gigantic, especially at 6:18

  12. I watch too much Will it Kill because that last one was free

  13. KP is always hilarious in these. Talks himself out of the right answer every time

  14. 700 hours with a hate review. Before the answer is revealed its obviously the dbfz community. Whata Sorry community.

  15. Spoiler:

    Only Tekken would have a bowling mini game in their fighting game.

    And I didn't even thought about the whole "It took me 70 hours to finally move around"

  16. I got 8, which is way better than I expected, but not too many deep cuts here. I only got Melty Blood because I saw an earlier video of Jiyuna's where he mentions the cat meme in reviews. And I only got MK11 for sure because of mentioning the gore.

  17. KP is Goku. He was at the top, got beat down, and will return stronger than ever! Redemption arc still ongoing!

  18. LMFAOOOOOOOO I'M PLAYING 30th Anniversary rn for fun, and I can tell you on switch and on PS there's no one online then and now 😭😭😭 and it def was a lazy cash grab cause I only got it cause it came out around my birthday, and 15th wasn't so terrible

  19. I CAN'T BELIEVE I GOT ALL THESE RIGHT. HOLY SHIT. I even beat Jiyuna. Hell yeah.

  20. Literally the only reason I knew of Da Kyanta is because of Sajam and will it kill lol. such a hoot of a game.

  21. The return of the Fighting Quiz in base of Steam answers

  22. The next video y’all do like this with the reviews y’all should throw some anime arena fighters in the mix I think y’all did once before with jump force

  23. I’m an NRS noob myself but bruh KP needs to play some other fighting games

  24. Yizuna is the smartest member of the Panda Team

  25. Panda guys, careful KP gonna have an aneurysm these days doing this XD

  26. Jiyuna chat was right: I only knew what the gator eating the gun was from Sajam WIK streams lmao

  27. "Never doubt yourself. Always go with your first answer" ~Jiyuna
    "Never trust your first answer. Go with your second choice" ~Also Jiyuna

    The duality of man

  28. They had me on double dislike I knew it was street fighter 5

  29. That KOF15 reviewer is fucking delusional bro. 75 minutes. He didn't even bother to learn how to deal with Auto Combo low trash player. He probably lost to people spamming auto combos and got salty lmao

  30. Got 6 right. Can't relate to SFV taking 30 minutes for matching. However could see the same talking points for infinite

  31. I love guessing stuff from steam reviews.

  32. This my favorite format from you guys, so much fun!

  33. I got most of these right and I've barely touched any of them. I only have SFV and Tekken 7

  34. Bro Kp is really a big brain individual,he is too high functioning for this games

  35. i have been waiting for kyanta in a panda video my entire life. thank you for setting the precedent

  36. 1. Power Rangers BFTG / wrong (man KOF15 is amazing wtf was that negative review)

    2. BBTAG / right (ez smash = collab game)

    3. Street Fighter 30th anni / right (only know bc I did buy it and it is ass lmao)

    4. DBFZ / right (only anime game I know where people hate to play it online but still love it to put 700 hours into it)

    5. Tekken 7 / right (bowling = ez hit)

    6. GG Strive / right (fuck lobbies)

    7. Type Lumina / right (haha funny cat)

    8. MK11 / right (Just guessed bc of gore idk about anything else)

    9. SC6 / wrong (SC6 > SamSho)

    10. Nick all-stars brawl / wrong (everything fitted but I guess is not a real fighting game)

    11. Skullgirls / right (Skullgirls > MVC3)

    12. Ultra fight da kyanta 2 / right (you can only easily guess this if you have ever played/seen it, thanks Sajam)

  37. Ik KP plays a lot of fighting games but every time I watch one these one of these videos I be thinking he only plays NRS games😂All love tho KP😂❤️

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