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Sure, Steam reviews probably aren’t the most reliable source on the planet when it comes to accurate commentary. However, it doesn’t change the fact that a lot of them can be HILARIOUS. We challenged our FIGHTING GAME PROS to name the game based off a review. Will they succeed?

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  1. Ik KP plays a lot of fighting games but every time I watch one these one of these videos I be thinking he only plays NRS games😂All love tho KP😂❤️

  2. "the aligator eats his gun"

    I see kyanta… I throw rock

  3. It took me a second but I got one before the creators did, I have it on pause so if I'm wrong y'all gonna know but the autocombo comment made me thing dbfz, but then I saw the "but no cat" and I knew they were talking about Felicia

    If it's not Marvel Infinite I'll stop playing games as a whole

    Edit: um shit yeah I take it back

  4. Ah, I see that Jiyuna is a fellow Warden player. A man of culture.

  5. You’ll get ‘em next time, KP… 🥲

  6. ultra fight da kyanta 2 is literally the best game ever made

  7. Bro both reviews could be this game isn't made by netherrealm and has no gore and KitanaPrimes first thought would be "is it MK?"

  8. Of course Sajam would get Da Kyanta right. That shit's free.

  9. “Could this be Nickelodeon Allstar brawl?” Took me out 😭

  10. I love KP. It's alright man, we're here for the entertainment and you provide it in abundance LOL

  11. It's like Jiyuna has been training for these quizzes his whole life

  12. Dang, i thought for sure that last game would give me a lead in points over Jiyuna. I’ll beat him one of these days.

  13. I only watch the Panda videos with Jiyuna in them

  14. KP really said jump force 🤦, I’m dead fr 😂😂😂

  15. Everytime Saint Cola talks i always think my playback speed is up 1.5x

  16. As soon as I saw "no cat" I was like

    Yup, that's Melty Blood


  17. i was like "free game, ok brawlhalla makes sense here, interacts with the english audience… Pocket bravery…?
    the alligator eats his gun when he wins, ok this is kyanta"

  18. I don't play fighting games, but I saw that "no cat" review, and I knew instantly what it was.

    Other than Melty Blood, I also got Dragonball and BB Tag. 3/12 for someone that doesn't play FGs is probably not that bad.

  19. Easyyy 30th Street fighter still no one plays online

  20. I know he is not a professional but I think Woolie would have gotten that last one.

  21. I'm always blown away when someone adds the Psychic Force ost into the vid. Shout-outs to the editor and Carlos.

  22. Loving these review quizzes, really entertaining

  23. I didn't keep track but I did oddly okay. "KoF15" got me since I thought it'd be "Type Lumina", maybe it wouldn't have if it was latter on, and "Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection" was a complete blank for me.

    But man, I'm actually really surprised at how few the panda crew knew some of these. Either that or I'm more knowledgeable than I think I am. Like, "Kyanta" aside (only reason you'd probably know it is from Sajam's WIK), all of these are either popular, well known, or currently active fighters. I've only lightly played a couple of these and I thought most of them were super obvious.

    I can't imagine how much of a struggle this would have been if some of the more niche fighters were in. And I'm not talking about some weird Japan-only doujin fighter, like actual halfway competent fighters you'd see get hosted as a side tourney or something: "Chaos Code", "Phantom Breaker", "Nitroplus Blasterz", "Blade Strangers", "Touhou: Antinomy of Common Flowers", etc. I guess these fighters truly might as well not exist to the common FGC player.

  24. Oh no!! Kp. Never admit you read the comments. Most are gonna be even worse now. Keep up the great work though guys.

  25. First thing I did after watching this video was download Kyanta. Wish me luck, y'all.

  26. The video was dope like always but I liked the other format of the quizzes that gave us a chance to pause and read the reviews. A couple times I got spoiled before I got to guess. Love the content!

  27. SFV will never get past its treacherous release. I love the game now but wow that was bad.

  28. Panda editor coming in with that bomberman hero ost

  29. I don’t know what it says about me that i knew it was kyanta immediately

  30. W editing that goku edit when he said jump force had me crying

  31. Sounds like these four boys need to settle the score in a 4 person Da Kyanta bracket. Make it happen Panda

  32. Hook: That was easy as hell because of that second review

  33. If you missed Da Kyanta that just tells me you don't watch Will it Kill

  34. If you dont know ultra fight da kyanta 2 its simply your fault alone.

  35. I feel like Dakyanta 2 is perhaps this largest and most violent shot ever taken at John Romero's Daikatana.

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