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Last time we did Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 combo trials, we tasked our PROS with mastering the terror-inducing… lawyer. This time, we’ve got something a bit more up their alley, but not in the way they’d expect: Mastering the famous X-Men, Wolverine! How will they perform?

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Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is a crossover fighting game featuring characters from both Capcom’s video game franchises and comic book series published by Marvel Comics. Popular characters include Street Fighter’s Ryu and Ken, Marvel’s Captain America and Iron Man, and many more favorites. The game was released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and was later ported to PlayStation 4 in December 2016, and Xbox One and Microsoft Windows in March 2017. Players select a team of three characters to engage in combat and attempt to knock out their opponents.

With top rosters in games such as Smash Brothers and Street Fighter, heavy-hitting influencers on Twitch and YouTube, and our own unique hardware offerings on our shop — Panda is just built different.

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  1. I think when it comes to UMvC3 trials, I think it's all about how simple a lot of them actually are. There are still the hard ones and the confusing ones where you need to figure out the trick. But to a new player/viewer, Mahvel combos (even without the input formula) look like they're Einstein level math equations being inputed by the Flash. But these missions kind of help people figure out that a lot of BnBs are basically just a lot of M and H with a few special moves and maybe an assist.

  2. I always wondered why Wolverine had many cheese jokes lol. I get he's good at slicing and dicing but I cannot take him seriously lol

  3. Sometimes forgotten fact:
    Wolverine‘s power is not a healing factor or even his bone claws.

    It’s popularity. Makes him truly immortal, 'cause it always brings him back from the dead.

  4. Get Jiyuna back for these, he deserves in and can smoke em all

  5. wolverine is too easy i beat his but still haven’t beaten my actual mains -_-

  6. Cool combos but does anyone really use them on like real tournaments and $hit? Also, i saw many videos on your channel about combos and stuff, mostly in Capcom games but what about other games? Like Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Virtua Fighter or even Dead or Alive? I would love to see those.

  7. when a hyper combos goes: SMASHING BUTTONS TO MORE DAMAGEEEEE!

  8. I need the playlist MarlinPie uses, in these vids his sections always have the most chill beats going

  9. So they all got rude awakening that it was not called swiss cheese lmao

  10. Yo Panda, maybe hook Punk up with a new cam/mic so his sync isn't always like half a second off?

  11. The freeze frame on cross slash isn't even the cross slash

  12. I’m still waiting for either Dante, Vergil, or Jill’s trails, those are so sick

  13. These guys should do skullgirls combo trials, some of them are really sick and some of them are really goofy

  14. "Your favorite mutant" look I get what Punk was saying but X-23 is on my team so I'm legally obligated to say I like her more

  15. Watching this video really underscores just how bad their roster decisions were in MvCI. Why would you ever think it's a good idea to make a MvC game without Wolverine?

  16. Didnt justin already clear all the marvel ones in his channel?

  17. I want to see Justin vs Punk in Marvel. It'd be battle of the Wolverines

  18. Yo, Panda clowns in Marlinpie in literally every episode. It's so savage.

  19. It always catches me off-guard that Marlin is over here with the chill beats but he is also the one that is the biggest sailor mouth out of the four of them 🤣

  20. Have the rest of the Panda team try to do Marlinpie's midscreen aerial Doom combos…

  21. Marlin pie is annoying. If there was a skip him button I would.

  22. How about the next one would be Thor since Thor thunder and love trailer just launched ? ⚡️⚡️🔨

  23. Panda gaming – "can our top fighting game contestants finish these combos" all of the player – "wait thats not called swiss cheese!?"

  24. punk going for the old danny brown look i respect it

  25. Panda stop letting marlin do these trials an youtube acting bc he is the only one who has the word cleared under each mission i said that in the first umc3 trial vid he has all the missions clear so let one of the other pandas take his place thank you an your welcome

  26. Panda got god tier Editors
    That Marlin Pie download bit was OD

  27. I would love to see them try tekken 7 combos one day

  28. Let’s see those Thor combos, some awkward tricks they’ll have to figure out because god knows they haven’t seen them before

  29. Moves names are pretty much what we call them in our hearts

  30. I can't wait to see Marlinpie do DOOM combos…

  31. 1:19 Oh wait the editor made a mistake. That's not cross slash, it's Wolverine's standing H. Cross slash is when you press L after a standing M. It's basically just another standing L, but it pulls the opponent in instead of hitting them back. I believe Wolverine is the only character in the game with a "reverse beat" like this, but it's pretty useless anyway.

  32. If anyone didn't know, you actually get more DMG from mashing during supers

  33. It's awesome seeing Marlinpie struggle when he's a combo god at this game. And Justin's struggle to rewrite the muscle memory of playing wolverine so much.

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