Brutal Paws of Fury - The Worst Fighting Game -

Brutal Paws of Fury – The Worst Fighting Game

Matt McMuscles
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  1. Brutal: Unleashed is a really atrocious game, especially on 32X, I can’t speak on the PC version but the 32X version uses the hardware terribly, the 32X has no hardware support for 2D scrolling, and it’s hardware isn’t powerful enough to handle it well in software. Most 2D games on the 32X use the Mega Drive for most of the 2D graphics, only one 32X game (Kolibri) manages to use the 32X for everything to take advantage of the higher colours and still run at a good framerate, and it did this by having almost no collision detection. For example, MKII and Primal Rage both use the Mega Drive for all of the background graphics with the 32X drawing the character sprites so they can take advantage of the expanded colour palette of the 32X and still run at 60fps. Brutal Unleashed does the opposite of this, and THE BACKGROUNDS USE THE 32X while the characters are drawn by the mega drive and this means the fighters move at 60fps but the background barely manages 30 when completely still and slowly scrolls at 5-12 frames per second with loads of instability, the speed varies too and it just looks so awful and inconsistent, and it barely looks like the characters are even connected to it. It’s so awful! And it plays just as badly as this and the characters have even less frames of animation…

  2. Hi Matt, I believe that in your search for the worst fighting game ever made, you are working pretty hard, henceforth, allow me to say an interesting pick: The Master's Fighter, for the PlayStation 1.
    Please enjoy.

  3. I had no idea what this game was until you showed that box/ad art. It was as much as I knew about this game, but it made an impression.

  4. Came expecting yet more “lol, furry trash.”
    Instead I finally got a good breakdown of a childhood fever dream.
    Thank you. I can finally put this minor annoyance behind me.

  5. 7:10 Yes. In fact, he participated in the OctoBEAR Revolution!

  6. Art is pretty good. Now if they had someone who understood anything about fighting games, this might have turned into cult classic.

  7. I do remember the promo in the magazines. The art looks so cool but I never played it after the first reviews.

  8. I look forward to seeing the boys over at Console Wars fight over this game.

  9. To think there's a Russian bootleg of this game that is named after the DreamWorks movie, Kung Fu Panda.

  10. Never really felt a need to see Cheap-Chester-Cheetah vs. Unlicensed-Usagi-Yojimbo, but it was interesting, I guess-?

  11. Did they copy Bloody Roar? or did Bloody Roar copy them?

  12. imposible que esto sea peor que el battle beasts para windows…

  13. I was actually the opposite… I liked the game but hated the box art lol

  14. Here's a bad fighting game for you: Star Wars Masters of Teras Kasi.

  15. I own this game and it turned me off from fighting games for years.

  16. Me: I'm not a furry

    Foxy Roxy: (exists)

    Me: I'm….uh… not a… furry

  17. Personally I thought the Ranma 1/2 game was worse.

  18. Alternative reality sure isn't involved in the Illuminati….🙄

  19. I had this game as a kid. I liked this game as a kid. I was borderline obsessed with it for a little while. It's gotten to the point where it's a running joke between my friends and I that no matter how hard I try I will never be able to escape this game.

    Also, the voice was also in the Genesis version, which is what I had.

    I also had the MUGEN version, but I don't think I have access to the computer I downloaded it on since it was so long ago. I think I still have all of the character and stage files but not the rest.

  20. More like "Brutal Paws of Furry" amirite gamers

  21. That’s a cop out sir, unless you change the name to “Current Grand MasterS”.. Then as they says in Highlander, There can be only one.

  22. Yo, Matt, How about Kakuto Chojin, for the OG Xbox?

  23. Just stumbled upon this, and I have a couple of contenders for you to consider: Toshinden 4 (aka Toshinden Subaru) and Toshinden (aka War Budokai). If you're familiar with Battle Arena Toshinden 1 through 3, don't take those expectations with you. Those were good games – these two are not.

    Toshinden 4 (PSX, 1999) replaced almost the entire cast, keeping only Eiji and Vermilion as (unlockable) boss characters. They did add Eiji's nephew, Kayin's daughter, and some kids who appears to inherit Uranus' bow and Mondo's staff, but all of the other characters are clearly based on earlier examples. The game plays in a 3 v 3 elimination team battle format, and it does so badly. None of the characters are likeable, none of the combat is enjoyable, and none of the stories are comprehensible (why is Eiji running the Organisation now?!). It gets worse if you play the PAL version as the game's speed is tied directly to the frame rate, meaning it plays at only 5/6 the original NTSC speed – a more than noticeable difference.

    Toshinden (Wii, 2009) is related to the others in name only. It's made by a different company and has a completely different gameplay, being a 3D fighter instead of 2.5D like those before it. Its redeeming features are the anime intro (which is just as well given it cannot be skipped), that you can use the Classic Controller Pro instead of fighting with motion controls, and it's kinda pretty. But that's it. It's clunky, limited in moves, and frankly just not at all that much fun to even attempt to play let alone take seriously.

    Special mention also goes out to One Must Fall and One Must Fall: Battlegrounds – the prequel and sequel respectively to the brilliant One Must Fall: 2097. Sango Fighter is also worth a look, but you'll be calling out "Hoi!" too much and giggling to hate it.

  24. The main thing that I remember about this game is at the bear, Ivan, had a strong punch that wasn't all that slow, did half damage and caused stun. What does that mean? It means if you hit someone with it one time it'll take away half their health and while they're stunned you just hit them with it again and they die. This even works on the Dalai Lama. He is the only character that I beat this game with.

  25. Didn´t watch, already dislike, how dare you >:v
    the game was shitty but I love the smart quotes after you win

  26. I have the vaguest memory of playing this game as a kid, thought it was just some fever dream

  27. A fighting game that competes with Criticom?

    Star Wars; Masters of Teräs Käsi.

    And yes, the umlauts are part of the actual title, as I understand it.

  28. I would vert much like to see you cover Street Fighter 1. I’m always up for more videos that look back on Street Fighter’s humbled and often underlooked beginnings.

  29. This game could be a fun movie if someone worked on it and make it totally stand out.

  30. It's a furry game. What did you expect?

  31. It's funny how Mugen is kinda of the inspired fixer of shitty old fighters. Like, there's a really well made Shaq for Mugen (Made by The_None) that is thousands of time more functional that the source game and has some humor added to it. The only oversight in his design is that you can't OTG him because as soon as he bounces on the ground from a fall, he has I frames, and his wake-up invincibly is way longer than it should be, making oki not a thing. You'll need to manually edit that bit to fix it. The character is otherwise solid.

    It's just funny to see otherwise horrible game material turned into something great.

  32. I'd like to see a Wha Happun on the first of AAA titles, and just what odds had to be overcome for a franchise to be made. Street Fighter 1 is not a very good game and I think it fits well into either a Wha Happun or Worst Fighting Game, or both?

  33. You can actually use the moves before the game teaches them to you. Having them revealed as "rewards" is just the game's way of tutorializing them.

  34. If there's something good in that game is that some graphics and animations are kinda good. But I know a game even worse than brutal. Idk if it's on your tier list, but its called Shadow: war of succession. If brutal was bad, shadow will take the throne

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