Bruce Lee is fighting games -

Bruce Lee is fighting games

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Bruce Lee is a big deal. Dozens of video games have paid tribute to him — especially fighting games. Polygon’s resident kicking enthusiast is here to examine how Bruce Lee got sucked into the video game realm, and why he’s so at home there.

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  1. To the person seeing this:
    I hope you’re all doing well and staying positive and following your dreams.

    My dream is 1K. I’m struggling. Any help would be much appreciated!

  2. It's no whitewashing if the role was written to be a white guy… dumbass.

  3. Can we get a jackie chan teeken one now please

  4. That cat sound is already synonymous to Bruce Lee whether anyone likes it or not.

  5. Wonderful information and tribute. I will share this with my son as we explore Bruce Lee's legacy. This was a pleasure to watch. Thank you.

  6. Hope it's not a biggie to ask, but does someone have a keen eye and point out all the games used in the footage, specifically the opening first few minutes?
    Cheers ^^

  7. He WASN'T the first martial arts star? Then who beat him to the PUNch?

  8. What a well done video on bruce lee well organized and with great content

  9. вроде Лапенко, а вроде и не Лапенко….

  10. bruce lee did not create any of this stuff it was all in boxing for centuries

    it was an interesting video for people who have never seen professional fights made before bruce lee movies and even me who says this is VERY wrong enjoyed the hell out of it. good job i will like and subscribe

  11. What's the song in the background

  12. Liu Kang is the best tribute of Bruce, the rest are simply copies or parodies.

  13. I love the intertextuality analysis about video games and what inspires their tropes that's been coming up on polygon lately. Fantastic direction, and I do hope y'all keep up this line!

  14. A lot of people don't realize he used a double for the frontflip kick in Enter The Dragon. The guy's name was Yuen Wah

  15. “And was rightfully feeling himself!”
    Not saying you don’t get the point across pat… but man, how has that not been turned into a meme?

  16. little known fact 14:13 mark Bruce Lee actually lost that speed punching competition to this random black guy who was the student cuz other black guy LOL yeah I got to look it up to find their names oh, I think there's a documentary about it somewhere

  17. On no, am I the SLOWEST Bruce Lee? I knew something was wrong.

  18. Bruce Lee is the king of video games

  19. Bruce will always be the goat of action movies….ps5 needs a legit official videogame haven't had one since original xbox

  20. You know Bruce clones in fighting games are going to be 🔥, you already have an idea of his move sets, speed and strengths.

  21. Mortal Kombat and Enter the Dragon are the same film.

  22. Unfortunately they haven't based a game on him since Xbox could definitely Use a modern game.

  23. cmon this video is only less than half the views it deserves

  24. Not to be That Guy but in MK11 Liu Kang's moveset is a weird combo of his old signature moves and a lot of Bruce-Inspired stuff (especially bc they gave him nunchucks). Also his "flying dragon kick" is just him doing the iconic Bruce Lee flying side kick. I believe he also had the weird flippy kick in MKX. Most of his fight intros are based on iconic Bruce Lee moments.

    Liu Kang is kinda just Bruce Lee but with 90s hair and constantly on fire.

    Though Liu Kang initially wasn't super similar to Bruce in anything other than voice, the MK franchise grew and gained more and more Bruce Lee content. The character Bo Rai Cho was based on the film Drunken Master, and the character Kai is speculated to be based on Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Kai meant to be the Kareem to Liu Kang's Bruce.

    I hope this made sense it's 2 AM.

  25. I really appreciated the Sleeping Dogs Inclusion. Thank You

  26. The fight between Ryu and Sagat in the first game remembers me of bruce lee vs Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

  27. so… Bruce Lee invented the Flash Kick???

  28. while watching this, i'm stunned by how closely a ton of the philosophy/fighting game mechanics of bruce lee lines up with fencing strategy–like it's down right uncanny

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