Bruce Lee is fighting games -

Bruce Lee is fighting games

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Bruce Lee is a big deal. Dozens of video games have paid tribute to him — especially fighting games. Polygon’s resident kicking enthusiast is here to examine how Bruce Lee got sucked into the video game realm, and why he’s so at home there.

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  2. The only Bruce Clone I can't stand is Maxi for the simple fact that he's using a fighting style that hadn't been invented yet.

  3. mm yes…
    Buce Lee is fighting games indeed

  4. the flips in enter the dragon were apparently made by a stuntman, not bruce 🙂 check out the interviews on scott adkins' youtube channel.

  5. Oh yes street fighter wasn't the 1st martial arts game but it was the 1st with fantasy martial arts and super moves

  6. This is probably one of Polygon's best videos yet. So well-edited, so well-researched, and so well-presented it's like flowing water.

    Keep being water, my friend.

  7. วิชชากร สุขวัฒน์ says:

    Panda already Defeat Devil jin before that mean she is Bruce lee too (Great Moment)

  8. Lee is as essential to a martial arts-based character as Tyson is to a boxing-based one

  9. "Three-Leg Lee" … You're just gonna leave that?

  10. And Bruce Lee also has another philosophy.

    I don't fear someone who does 1000 kic once.
    But I fear someone who practice 1 kick, 1000 times.

    The 3 kicks combo is all he needs.

  11. this is a 10/10 video, but I'm offended at the suggestion that pat is polygon's resident kicking enthusiast.

  12. I ain't Kareem-Abdul Jabbar push it down some more!

  13. Bruce Lee is probably so powerful that when he died, he actually got turned into fighting games by the gods so he lives on.

  14. Imagine a silent falcon punch: ganandorf would like to speak with you

  15. This is a fantastic tribute to the legend Bruce Lee and how his Legacy continues to influence.

    One minor thing I wish to get out there though…

    Bruce Lee’s Death was in fact confirmed to be a violent allergic reaction to pain killers.

  16. Can't believe Bruce Lee also created Guile's Flash Kick.

  17. I love this video. I didnt realize how much of an influence he had on fight games peorid. Ive always use the Bruce Lee type character in any fighting game and now I see why. Ive always loved Bruce Lee 💯

  18. Well it took four months, but I'm glad youtube finally showed me this video.

  19. imma be real i always thought the bruce lee yowl was him making fun of the folks that called him 3 leg lee, a staple of the genre (and of my household growing up if dad wanted to watch it) of peking opera were these high, angry cat-like vocalizations that grated my nerves to listen to. it didnt make sense to me as a kid at why this was considered high art but it does sound perfectly in place in the theatre of stage fighting

  20. Hi, is there any way I could add my spanish subtitles to this video? I'd like to show this video to my dad but he doesn't speak english and auto translated spanish subs are confusing some times.

  21. I love Bruce Lee and I love fighting games. And this…was frigging beautiful.

  22. Since i am merely a gamer and not a Gamer™, my recognition meter only got about three quarters full

  23. Good video, but damn is this guy a beta hipster

  24. Did Qdans lose to Panda after this video came out

  25. Bruce Lee is to fighting, what snake oil was to medicine.

  26. The title card is Bruce Lee In Fighting Games but the title is Bruce Lee Is Fighting Games

  27. There are Bruce Lee lookalikes and then there's the actual man in the UFC series

  28. Why did I cry with joy through this whole video???

  29. As a massive fan of both Bruce Lee and fighting games, I enjoyed this hugely. Thanks great vid 👍

  30. Bruce? The most?

    You forgot abut the chan himself


  31. Any fan of Bruce Lee ruined Martial Arts world content. I dont like bruce Lee Nasty cheap kickbox, He was in Real life Very Wrong. In Real life any Japanese kicked his ass in instant.

  32. 12:20 … Well now I want a shirt of Ryu's crouching medium punch ಠ︵ಠ

  33. Bruce Lee's iconic shouting style is from chinese opera. The "Bruce Lee" expert knew fuck all.

  34. I wonder how fighting games wouldve been different if Bruce didint die.

  35. While it's not video games, Bruce Lee arguably inspired the whole shonen manga and anime genre, starting with Fist of the North Star, whose protagonist shares Bruce Lee's aesthetics, moves, sound, and ethos. Even at the upper echelon of anime, Cowboy Bebop's Spike Spiegel is himself a Bruce Lee clone.

  36. ''Liu Kang doesn't do a lot of this moves and doesn't look like him'' I really don't think you know who Liu Kang is!

  37. I thought Bruce died because of cocaine overdose


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