Bring back interactive intros in Fighting Games -

Bring back interactive intros in Fighting Games

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  2. Remember when the game was first announced, that it showed an animation of Sol and Ky grabbing their weapons? That could've been a great special intro.

  3. like a time waste with a trash announcer

  4. Ok I know this isn't the point of the video, but the announcer at 0:09 sounds like a game show host whos legit asking you if you want to go to heaven or hell lmfao

  5. Im happy that KOF XV has special intros even if (so far) they arent extremely flashy, likke Chris being happy to fight Shermie and Yashiro. Not only that but Kyo and Iori have different animations and voicelines when they use their LV3 supers agaisnt the Orochi team

  6. At least with xrd it had cool ass character intros and every character had post win dialogue. The fact that Strive doesn't makes me hate the game more. It so soul-less and shallow

  7. It's the little things like Ryu and Ken giving each other a fist bumb or Ragna telling Bamg to shut up that makes old fighting games special. Nowadys Sol and Ky don't even have a Vs theme.

  8. + R has so much life to it. I could sit all day in training looking at the stage backgrounds.

  9. title should be dynamic intros, not interactive. Interactive would be players are pressing buttons to effect what goes on

  10. Special intros in basically anything are awesome. They can do a lot with even just a little. Ken and Terry’s intro in CVS2 is part of the reason both of them are some of my favorite fighting game characters.

  11. These special intros used to get me soo hyped! They just added so much instant lore weight to the fights. I remember geeking out with my brother watching tons of the Capcom Vs Snk2 interactions.
    Truly cool stuff that I wish fighting games did more of nowadays.

  12. Always love and adore GGAC+R Special intros a lot alongside with the music that accompanied them too, like noon tide or existence too. It's beautiful

  13. I'll take ths stuff over the coma inducing story mode any day

  14. Like rival battles in SFIV? That game's 3d

  15. Strive was the biggest offender recently, intros are so timid, didn't get you hyped to heaven or hell let's rock at all, man
    Like when you see Johnny in Xrd, Faust stepping out of the floor door or characters duking it out interactive intros like you've showed here, it really got you in the mood to do some cool anime sht
    Also melty blood's jumping around at the rounds start will have always have a special place in my heart.

  16. Arc Sys fell off with Strive and arguably before that. I lost hope on mechanical complexity and substance awhile ago. They’ve been aiming for the non-fighting game playing market ever sense they dropped DBFZ. At least the aesthetics are still top notch but I just accept they won’t hold my interest very long.

  17. I wish they did stuff like this but I can kinda see why they don't do this that often only cause if you don't know about it you'd think the other got the jump on you when no one even touched the controller and both accidentally skip the intro.

  18. Wait wtf, my +r doesn't have these intros, or is it only single player or character specific?

  19. >bridget
    >>>he doesn't know

  20. Bridget is a top tier for the 2 hit opener

  21. The loss of unique intros really sucks especially after seeing them in Xrd as well. We lost destroy moves and intros. To me that’s part of the personality of the ip

  22. I prefer 3d with cool voice lines (mostly because Unique intros in 3d are way much harder than in 2D, sometimes recycled, sprites), oh and also My ears do it too, +R fucking killed one of my TV speakers one time

  23. I accuse Injustice(aka NetherRealm) of killing all the special intros with their weird shit.

  24. BRUH I miss the loading screen before the match in Soul Calibur 2 where you can press a random face button and they'd make a noise or some shit

  25. Same for KoF. Intros from KoF 97' to KoF 2002 were amazing, while in KoF XIV they just talk for 1 min. straight

  26. this shows one of the major problems i have with strive. like yeah ok its understandable that the game doenst have different intro animations for specific matchups given that development was definetly hindered by covid, but damn, at least we could get more dialogue? would be really cool to have more than one liners (that feel really bland and uninspired btw lol) at the beggining of a game.

  27. Older GG's had more soul imho… I only played Strive for the plot, I loved the graphics but nothing else… it felt… Well, boring. A very pretty game, but boring.

  28. intros are cool as hell, but I think it'd be time consuming for animators to animate them especially for strive. A single character has so many moving pieces from the flap of a jacket to the sway of a strand of hair. I remember seeing a video about a person trying to animate one of the games models with blender, and the amount of things that could possibly be moved was overwhelming.

  29. I think Xrd is quite cool in that it strikes a fair balance. 3D is here and they're abusing the shit out of it to make extremely cool intros with characters that hold no effort in showing that character's personality. There's only special quotes against certain characters and no cool "co-op intros", but they at least do something for character. Strive completely missed this mark.

  30. Guilty gear would rather be up its own ass these days instead of being cool.

  31. I miss even the basic ones like in third strike. Adds so much personality to the characters.

  32. Man I wish there was a way to know what these guys were saying :/

  33. There is also used to be unique line intro between Ky and Jam…. Then GG2 happened, Ky and Dizzy happened.

  34. Whats funny is that Arc Sys themselves proved that special characters intros can still be put into 3d fighters. Dragon Ball Fighterz has so many cool intro cutscenes that are cut straight from the original source. But I would imagine it takes a decent amount of dev time to get it working properly, idk I just hope later fighting games try to bring this back because I really like special intros.

  35. I've seen one of these types of videos for almost every current fighting game. Really hope this doesn't go unnoticed for at least ONE of them

  36. I was kinda upset when people I played always skipped the intros for strive until I played enough to find out theres like hardly any special voice lines and I've yet to see any unique intros which is something I loved about older fgs. I'd LOVE to see them implement them as the game progresses but I doubt that'll happen

  37. when i got into sf3 last year, it was so neat seeing alex and hugo squaring up with each other. more games need to do eat, doesn't even really need to have dialogue (dont think they're intro does), just something to show that there's something special about a fight between these two makes it all the more memorable and exciting

  38. In Strive the individual character intros suck because almost all of them are just the character walking up to the battlefield and spouting a forgettable line

  39. Happy Chaos highfiving himself is the best

  40. and here I was thinking you meant movement / dashing / air dashing prior to round start lul.

  41. Blazblue centralfiction had this, I hope that series keeps it

  42. Dragon Ball Fighterz Literally but I guess that game is 3 years old now

  43. I'm so happy you also love Slayer and Order Sol's Interaction.

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