Brawlhalla Gameplay Trailer - the Free to Play Fighting Game -

Brawlhalla Gameplay Trailer – the Free to Play Fighting Game

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  1. They really did it with this one


  3. can we get a legend that uses katar and orb? PLLLLLLIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!

  4. I saw Jiro acknowledged in the trailer.

    I'm satisfied 🙂

  5. you recycled all the animations. Guess you didn't have to do some more

  6. Wait apparently this game has been out for years.

  7. Played In the OG Beta Didn't seem it'll Blow Up 🙂

  8. How do you fix the Google play lienceing problem?

  9. OMG Rayman is in the game i cant wait to play the game

  10. BMG vacilou, nem pra fazer uma animação nova, pegaram apenas as antigas e fizeram uma edit tosca…

  11. I love your game, but I have one request, in offline play, can we be allowed to choose the character of the bot?

  12. Holy shit this game is so good, better than smash brothers, in gonna add it

  13. Man I really want know what music it is?

  14. Your game is bad. Functionally. Hit boxes are garbage. Players go through damage all the time. Dodge only works every 30 seconds but every second for some. I could go on all day, but your game is a half assed version of smash bros

  15. hm, looks interesting. I might download it

  16. They should make a movie called Brawlhalla the movie

  17. Not only this game is free to play but also a cross platform game

    One can play on w pc, playstation, mobile and even in a microwave

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