Botan Reacts To Holo-Members' Ultimate Attacks In Hololive Fighting Game... -

Botan Reacts To Holo-Members’ Ultimate Attacks In Hololive Fighting Game…

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【 Shishiro Botan / hololive 】

Original Stream: 【Idol Showdown】最強のアイドルは誰だ…!ホロライブ格闘ゲームやるぞい!【獅白ぼたん/ホロライブ】

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  1. Ohhh, Coco's Ulti is inspired on squigly from Skullgirls. Sheeesh

  2. Botan try to write combo with yourself laught

  3. Ah yes the ultimate attack where you call in your personal black hawk helicopter to operate the door minigun like a call of duty game.

  4. Could someone tell me what size of sprite the characters here are, or a size that's similar? I've been wanting to start some pixel art but can't decide on a good character size, but this style seems to have a decent amount of detail w/o being too complicated 🤔

  5. That was not Korone's ultimate though. Her ultimate is the X-Potato one.

  6. I don't really get the Aki and Ayame ones, I also feel there was more potential for their ults. The other ones were pretty great.

  7. If botan and selen laughed at the same joke while collabing I'm pretty I would die laughing

  8. Botan's expression looks really cheeky, right after she's finished firing the gatling gun. Perfect

  9. Botans ult should just be her losing it laughing, knocking everyone over with her cuteness

  10. Ethics? I thing I saw those pass through the window after I threw them

  11. Botan brings so much joy! I love how happy she always is.

  12. I love how Botan basically has Solid Snake's super from Brawl

  13. I was not expecting we'd get a Botan "rate the super"

  14. I'd like to see her react to more of Korone's wacky moveset: sneezes, yubis, chainsaws, turning unto a sprite and the one where Listener-san throws an X-Potato.

  15. The strongest attack in this clip was botan laughing so hard, come at me if you disagree 🤣🤣🤣

  16. welp im watching idol showdown clips today😂

  17. Feels like mugen , minus the hentai mods

  18. That poster thing that Coco has as a skill is amazing

  19. its funny how fubuki's is just maximum spider lmaoo

  20. Wtf? i never noticed that Coco flips off the opponent when she walks away … xD

  21. Only things missing is Botan’s RPG and “I need Ammo”

  22. It is always a blessing hearing Botan laughing or giggling 😂

  23. Its a fighting video game, so a million bullets and multiple stabs are all ethical and they get right back up like it's nothing Lol

  24. Botan reacting to her own character being top tier:

    "You sure this is okay? It seems kind-of unethical…"

  25. korone's move you showed wasn't her ult…

  26. Botan is literally having the time of her life

  27. This style of game looks very similar to the style of the guy that made that Touhou game about Sakuya and the other Metroidvania about an old anime series.

  28. Coco: Completely KILLING FUBUKI

    Botan: LETS GOOO!!!!

  29. I don't think I ever heard Botan laugh quite this hard

  30. These animations and sprite work is legitimately fantastic. It’s like old-school ArcSys before they went 3D

  31. 0:34 Gosh that was the hardest I've ever heard Botan laugh before.

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