Blood Trail Fist Fight Brutality 30 -

Blood Trail Fist Fight Brutality 30

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  1. Subb _ore Get the f****k of my channel says:

    Whats the name of the game and is it on oculus Quest 2

  2. Damn, the salamanca twins never catch a break, do they

  3. dam you a good fighter should be a boxer with them lightning fast hits

  4. you don't always have to put it in slow mode it gets old sometimes

  5. Why do people think this is disturbing

  6. when your little brother wants your phone.
    in your mind:

  7. Litterly bought it as soon as i saw thos video

  8. If I were you I will be more brutal than you❤

  9. Either all these npc’s all have poor dental or your really strong

  10. Seems like your just bullying them in school 💀

  11. I swear, if the dev of this game adds mod support, people will install a furry mod.

  12. alternative title – anger management for dummies: vr edition

  13. Bro let me guess this is either only pc vr or cost like 404627473736462839592847 dollars

  14. I just love the way. You counter the punches

  15. I feel like the enemy is just writhing around in discomfort.

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