Best Sword Fighting Games on Quest 2 -

Best Sword Fighting Games on Quest 2

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Which are the best sword fighting games for your Quest 2? Check out this video to find out and unleash your VR swordfighter!

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  1. Ayy, I'm gonna try out battle talent just cause it's free and I haven't played my quest in a while 🥳

  2. Ive played all of these and Gladius is by far the best sword game, surprised it didnt even make the list.

  3. Nice list. Got B&S on Steam and ,VI, SoG and BT on the Quest as well.

    I might add my personal recommendation which is on Steam though for those who have access to a PC vor VR games: Hellsplit: Arena. That's the game I had the most fun with, and yes, it even feels better than B&S IMHO. The only thing that's not so great is that it lacks the option to switch movement direction to controller based. The physics are great, the graphics are great (it ran on my old [email protected] + 1080 without problems, using a Q1 and VD) and you can use your environment against the enemies. Since I first played it, it got other nice things added like horses, lances and bows as well as some maps.

  4. Until you fall is a is good. For some reason it is one of my favorite sword games.

  5. Battle Talent is overrated af. I played it a bit and never again. The entire game is just run through the same copy paste enemies with the same 3 weapons and the same 2 armour types whilst you just shake your hand at their knees…

  6. I’m really disappointed that nomad is only on quest 2. I bought my quest 2 years ago and I don’t have the money to buy a quest 2. I have played the normal blade and sorcery and I really want to play it on my own device.

  7. I stopped playing Ironlights a while ago and I can't seem to get back into it sadly but it's still one of my favorites

  8. Be good if you said which ones are single or coop etc

  9. Still haven’t seen anything beat Until You Fall in terms of melee combat. Reminds me a lot of Infinity Blade but in VR 1st person and real-time movement. The rules progression and gameplay multipliers / mechanics are what make it rewarding compared to Blade and Sorcery which basically is just a sandbox game IMO. It’s so easy to make shooters in VR and it’s over-saturated. Hopefully some creative devs can put some interesting spins on Melee instead of following the trend.

  10. I just tried that last game, omg. Thing is recharging, c you guys in a few years…

  11. Swords of gargantua isn't on acoustic anymore 😢 😪 😪 😔 😕

  12. Blade and sorcery (not nomad mortals) is a pure work of art

  13. Ninja legends looks like the perfect game to feed into that little weeb inside my brain

  14. I tried to look up swords of gargantua on the Oculus app but couldn’t find it. Is there any special thing I have to do or is it only available when using a pc

  15. Im going to disagre with you on the vader game, the only time you really get to use the lightsaber is the fight aginst vader and that lasts around 1 min, so 30$ for a 1min fight isnt very good, the only good thing about it is the dojo, again just stating what i have found since i played all 3 games of it

  16. what? you can mod blade and sorcery stand alone without pc?

  17. ok seriously though whats the name of that intro song, it's just too good

  18. Great video, I can't wait to see how your channel grow 👍. I'm new here.

  19. OFC B&S is number 1, you literally get to murder people with swords legally!

  20. the second game reminds me of spy kids where they had to fight on the platforms

  21. Have you experienced Legendary Tales? I have not seen better sword physics, and a creepy immersive atmosphere than in that game. Check it out.

  22. If you're watching this now swords of gargantua is no longer supported can't play it anymore

  23. Nomad keeps procrastinating on the crystal hunt mode and it's getting pretty frustrating

  24. How tf did you fit 20 minutes of content into a 5 minute video and keep it just as enjoyable?

  25. Here's a hot take: Until You Fall is easily the worst VR game I've played. Boring, repetitive, feels like a tutorial that never ends. Could you explain the appeal?

  26. Bro Vader immortal ll has more mechanics than Vader immortal lll

  27. I love battle talent its so fun because theres mods and other things, it's pretty much bonelab but with not many maps but cool game physics.

  28. How much money do I need for it because I’m broke

  29. And I mean how much do these games cost because I already have a quest 2

  30. Another really good sword fighting game on the quest 2 is broken edge the graphics and gameplay are amazing and it is quite cheap😊

  31. As if you didnt add Swordsman……. Thats the best sword fighting game you can get

  32. Battle talent isnt free on applab for me. This is so confusing

  33. What sword fighting game will give me one on one or one vs multiple people in public lobbies/ online opponents? Quest 2

  34. why do people think of swords they think of fantasey

  35. i play battle talent in 2023 and its come a long way 😊

  36. I have a quest 1 xD Bought just before the 2 was announced…

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