Best Hand Combat Games | Top 10 Games With Intense hand to hand Combats -

Best Hand Combat Games | Top 10 Games With Intense hand to hand Combats

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In this video you get to see the top 10 Games with the most intense Hand to Hand Combat Mechanics.

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  1. I disagree with order of the list but either way, once Sifu is released, all of these games will be wiped out

  2. Mad Max combat is a surprise to me. Awesome.

  3. Rise to honor and bourne legacy are better than more of the list

  4. You missed Godhand. Still one of the best in this genre

  5. i think rdr looks much more realistic combat

  6. Whoever was playing Arkham Knight suck. It’s way more you can do than counter attacking, but I like this list. It’s some I never played.

  7. Spider-Man doesn't kill, Also Spider-Man, throwing rpg at villain

  8. If we go by the title then the order is completely wrong.
    For now it's definitely:
    1 Absolver
    2 Yakuza (the whole series btw – not just 6)
    3 Sleeping dogs
    Not sure about the rest myself really but God Hand was worth mentioning as well and judging by the trailers Sifu will easily be first place once it gets released.
    Well tastes are different and stuff I know. Just my 2 cents.

  9. what you didnt have an actual #10 so you just threw anything in there?

  10. Oni by Bungie deserve to be on the list too.

  11. Honorable mention, "The Bourne Conspiracy" PS3. Combat sequences were CRAZY!

  12. if absolver was more technical like how for honor USED TO BE, it would be the best. fucking. hand to hand game💯

    but, absolver is a spam fest, worse than for honor lmao

  13. Really wish people would acknowledge Mad Max more. That game is truly a gem.

  14. Jackie chan stuntmaster ps1 rise to honour jet li

  15. Where the heck DA BEST hand-to-hand action game named GOD HAND??? :DDD It is beat'em up masterpiece that packed with excellent combat and hillarious humor!

  16. What about "Rise to Honor" with Jet Li? It was one of my favorite action game during the PS2's era.

  17. Im sad that enter the matrix not on the list. That game was ahead of its time

  18. Sorry but Shenmue 3 was crap, and im a fan of the game. Yu Suzuki killed the game it was unplayable, that combat system was crap compared to Shenmue 1 and 2. All that money for a shit show. YS is having a blast with all our money.

  19. why these guys dont add the god hand and urben reign

  20. The hand to hand in the God father game should be on this as should the fighting in the warriors game

  21. I believe RDR 2 fist fight is overrated in this vdo when compared to the rest🤔

  22. Rdr's combat is most realistic. I like sleeping dogs too.

  23. Sleeping Dogs is probably my favorite game on this list. The combat is insane

  24. How did uncharted make the list, there was barely any hand to hand combat

  25. That Overgrowth game actually looks pretty cool. Never heard of it.. but I hope they improve on the formula and release a sequel on modern consoles.

  26. mad max was brutal but i think sleeping dogs is epic

  27. Assassin’s Creed Unity has an amazing combat system, really it’s the ONLY AC game that challenged me in that regard.

  28. Uncharted 4 had the worst combat in the series

  29. I’m at #7, sleeping dogs, and I wonder where you get the nerve to find six games and say they’re better at hand to hand. Why/how is the Jason Bourne game not on this list? Remember Dead To Rights?

  30. How is sleeping dogs #7 tho??? That's criminal

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