Best Hand Combat Games | Top 10 Games With Intense hand to hand Combats -

Best Hand Combat Games | Top 10 Games With Intense hand to hand Combats

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In this video you get to see the top 10 Games with the most intense Hand to Hand Combat Mechanics.

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  1. I have at least 6 of these sleeping dogs Arkham knight mad Max uncharted4 spiderman Shenmue.

  2. we need a Daredevil game with Spiderman engine and mad Max was on some John wick shit and I'm surprised the matrix games wasn't here

  3. Where does spiderman stick his web sling? That is on a rooftop right??

  4. I would put RDR2 around the top 3 cuz it's most realistic/immersive when in first person view

  5. Very nice compilation. I need to check out some of these that I haven't played already. However, I'm surprised that Godhand isn't on the list. The way you can customize your combos in that game is insane.

  6. Great list but Uncharted shouldn't have been there. The cinematic of the fight was great but you barely did anything. It's was mostly cutscenes with button mashing.

  7. No streets of rage 2 or 4 fair enough🙄 .

  8. Enter the matrix gameplay beats all these games!

  9. Nothing will ever beat The Warriors. Rockstar need to remake or do a follow up.

  10. It’s not just Yakuza 6 but Yakuza 0-6 in general. Such an underrated series.

  11. Shenmue 3 is probably the worst combat in a video game!

  12. 7/10 were terrible to be on a TOP 10 list 🔥

  13. Yakuza tops every game in that list easily smh. STOP SLEEPING ON KAZUMA KIRYU AND YAKUZA SERIES.

  14. The Bourne game on 360 had pretty bomb ass fighting too.

  15. Red Dead Redemption 2's hand to hand combat mechanics they brought from Rockstar's law and order game L.A. Noire. See Rockstar, you're proving L.A. Noire was a success, now make a damn sequel already.

  16. You can tell whoever runs this page might be a little on the young side because these are all new games. Some of the best hand-to-hand combat games ive played are before 2010. Its not acknowledged because its hard for someone to do whos first console was a xbox360 or ps3. However, my personal faves were Rise to Honor & Def Jam: Fight for NY.

  17. Y there is no god of war it's the best combat game ever made this list is a stupid list

  18. Uncharted? Cinematic only with button mashing …

  19. You missed Def Jam Fight For NY and Urban Reign😔✊

  20. Remove Uncharted and replace it with Akiba's Trip . The combat system is awesome and hilarious .

  21. Assassins creed syndicate was so smooth with it. Worth mentioning

  22. Yakuza is a legendary epic game and most underrated also

  23. Lol… what about Tekken, Street fighters, mortal kombert

  24. Mad Max hard hits & body slams are devastating

  25. "Top 10 Games With Intense hand to hand Combats"

    -street fighter
    -mortal kombat
    -fall guys
    -smash bros
    -devil may cry (no swords mod)
    -pubg (when u drop and didnt have any weapons)
    -fifa (hand to hand combat between players)

  26. Jackie Chan’s Stuntman was fun. I call for a remake.

  27. God Hand is one of the most under rated hand to hand combat game. Story,moves,boss fight and comedy all became superb package for gamers.

  28. Warriors….come out to playyyyaaayyyyyyy

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