BEST FIGHTING Games on Nintendo Switch -

BEST FIGHTING Games on Nintendo Switch

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We rank the best fighting games ever released for the Nintendo #Switch, based on the #playscore.

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0:00 Introduction
0:18 Samurai Shodown
0:42 KIll la Kill -IF
1:09 Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers
1:45 Waku Waku 7
2:16 The King of Fighters 98
2:54 Blade Strangers
3:32 Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
4:06 My Hero One’s Justice 2
4:52 Pokken Tournament DX
5:23 ARMS
6:00 BlazBlue: Central Fiction
6:35 Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[cl-r]
7:06 Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate
7:49 Dragon Ball FighterZ
8:29 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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  1. The Switch has no 3D fighter. Why not? A console that has sold 120 million units and it doesn't have any traditional 3D fighters! No Tekken, no Dead or Alive, no Soul Calibur, no Virtua Fighter. I don't get it. How has no single developer realised that there would be insane profit in bringing a trafitional 3D fighter to the Switch?

  2. Is "Arms" only for kids or also for adults?

  3. Great video! I hate auto combos. Any recommendations? Games without it or with the option to turn it off. Thanks.

  4. 3:10 isaac, wtf, awesome, but, what are you doing here bro

  5. God is with you all godbless and your families and everyone in the world amen 🙏 god and Jesus are good amen much love keep up the great content spread the love not the hate spread the gospel everyone I pray for you all and your families and everyone in the world to have a great amazing wonderful beautiful safe healthy happy joyful and peaceful day/night thank you all for all the work and dedication you all put into your videos for us all amen 🙏

  6. One question : WHERE IS SKULLGIRLS in this rank ?

  7. If Guilty Gear Strive is ported onto the Switch, expect the top 3 in this video to change fast😤

  8. Where are Melty blood and figthing ex layer

  9. Next time put the links in description ❤️

  10. Blade Strangers is great, it's a modern game that has the footsies, and forces you to buildcombos instead of mashing. Which I miss in many recient games. Autocombos are boring.

  11. let's be honest… we all knew what #1 was. We came to see the others.

    Tbh, I think BlazBlue Central Fiction beats smash bros.

  12. Mortal kombat 11 also plays really wall and is only $26 in te E store now until november 30th

  13. Lol how is a garbage game like arms over Ultra street fighter 2

  14. Kil la kil my hero and dragon ball over samurai showdown💀💀💀💀💀💀

  15. We want Tekken 7 or a new Tekken game to be on the Nintendo Switch gaddamn !!

  16. Imo Dragon Ball FighterZ is top 1 because Smash Bros is not a fighting game, it’s a « Smash » game actually, I love this game but the feeling you have when playing Smash is completely different from a fighting game like Tekken or Dead or Alive

  17. Ultra Street Fighter II is so good. My all time favorite fighting game.

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