Best fighting games for PC -

Best fighting games for PC

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After a few years in the wilderness, the noble fighting game is at full strength once again. We’ve rounded up 10 of the best beat ‘em ups on available on PC, with something for every level of ability.

Lace up your gloves; bow to your sensei; and enjoy the 10 best fighting games on PC.

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  1. I'm not here for Nidhog or any pixel game!

  2. Pc, the very best game console, for me, than any other game consoles,, in the whole GalaXies, pc, & Arcade, Forever,,,😄

  3. Street fighter is the worst game in this list

  4. i've been a tekken, soul calibur, street fighter, mk, neo geo fighters, capcom fighters, you name it. Ive played them all even at the arcades. Though I still love platformers mario,sonic etc, racing gt/forza and, adventure/rpg like ,god or war zelda, final fantasy, shooters like call of duty/battlefield/halo/gears etc . etc. I'm Hardcore by heart. if you only love fighters I would consider you a casual gamer.

  5. Most of them are pretty alike, Gunz or Rakion for example are great fighting games with unique play style.

  6. what is the name of that game which is present on video's image

  7. Slavicus – digital combat simulator

  8. after trying Street Fighter V over and over again… I can honestly say…it's only good for watching proplayers play

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