Beast Wars Transmetals - The Worst Fighting Game -

Beast Wars Transmetals – The Worst Fighting Game

Matt McMuscles
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  1. You can keep Silverbolt? I will, actually. I love Silverbolt ❤

  2. I was watching Expect No Mercy video and that style reminded me of Bikini Karate Babes, back then 😄, then I watched some gameplay and now it's 😱

  3. I really need to get around to watching the show.

  4. Interesting note- The PS1 roster is more accurate to who was actually around on the show at that point, while the N64 cast has several of the characters who only became Transmetal in the toyline (because of budget and or death).

  5. hey beast wars was pretty awesome back in the day.

  6. I think I have some vague memories of playing this game once.
    I wish I could forget it again.

  7. 13:58 big points for making Megatron's ultimate attack his max power point-blank timeline-destroying blast at Prime.

  8. Am I the only one who enjoyed Beast Machines?

  9. I'd like to see a kind of reverse of this series, where instead of finding the worst properly released fighting game, we find the best bootleg fighters.

  10. Idky, but those chibi versions of the transformers were strangely cute?

  11. You should play Ultraman: Towards the Future. Now that’s a fighting game.

  12. The N64 version got me into Fighters so is it a bad game? Probably not because now I'm playing much better fighters.

  13. Bujingai is a great game. 100%. Full stop. But you just glossed over Way of the Samurai like it was just another game. For shame, sir. For. Shame.

  14. Oh snap, I actually own this game. A tenant at my mom's friend's house moved out and left behind a bulk CD case that he never went back for that was full of fighting and kiddie game for the PS1 and PS2 and they told me I could have it. This was one of the games in the case. I know I played it because I love Transformers, but I must not have played it for long because I completely forgot about it until now. I also got that really bad Mortal Kombat Sub Zero game that way too, lol.

  15. The Energon build-up was done away with in Season 2 of the show

  16. There was a PS1 Beast Wars third person shooter game I played as well. It was quite something else to say the least.

  17. I rented this once just because I was surprised to find an N64 transformers game.

    Once I got over my disappointment, I found that if you get a flying character, all you have to do is fly around the ring launching missiles and whoever you’re fighting won’t even be able to catch up to hit you. I think you had to keep decent timing in it, but it was super easy to do.

  18. Hey Matt, if you're looking for a good candidate to top Expect No Mercy, I just remembered Reikai Doushi exists.

  19. I used to love playing the Playstation version of this game. Still have it 😀

  20. Is it just me or Waspinator looks like if Kamen Rider Kiva was using the Hulk Buster?

  21. Windrazor is from a small collections stories that was released at BotCon conventions in the late 90s.

  22. Fuck I love Bloody Roar. Still have my copies of 1-2 on the ps1 and 3 on ps2. I had Extreme for the Xbox but sold it to a diehard Xbox collector and 4 was rubbish so meh I don't want it haha

  23. as a japanese person, i have ps1 version and i like it because japanese voice actings are in-line with the tongue-in-cheek japanese dub of the beast wars tv shows

  24. My favorite podcast, Ultra 64, ranked this as the fourth worst game in the entire N64 catalog due to the fact that the visuals made them physically ill while playing. After just watching this video, I feel dizzy and disoriented. IMPRESSIVELY jank!

  25. N64 games look less visually jam packed when compared to PS1, Saturn and Dreamcast library. (11:16)

  26. Wow this might be the worst fighting game for real lol

  27. I rember the show being called beasties, thinking it was another Wild Krafts brothers cartoon

  28. i actually played this back in the dat. i liked the concept but seeing as you can win by choosing a "havy" robot and just standing in place until your super charges it gets old fast. i do like the stage hazards.

  29. 8:21 – gladly, Silverbolt was delightfully campy.

    Also, I'm surprised that Rhinox and Inferno's Transmetal versions weren't considered for the game, seeing as they included Waspinator and Airazor' toy-exclusive forms*

    *Terrorsaur was shown changing into a Transmetal form when he died, and Scavenger was planned as Inferno before someone realized that the Inferno figure was a peg-warmer.

  30. I owned this game on the N64 and played it a lot when I was a kid. I had never even watched the show, I just liked the game.
    I haven't played it in at least a decade. I'm sure it hasn't aged very well, like many of the games I enjoyed on the N64.

  31. they couldn't get the real voice of Tigatron so they got Rodrigo from RECV to fill in while he was stopping by

  32. 16 seconds in and I noticed that they're Transmetal as the main cast, but Silverbolt is in his Fuzor form? What?

  33. The PSX version is so bad that it doesn't even want to load on my Anbernic handheld.

  34. I rented this as a kid. Had noooo idea what the heck I was doing

  35. i remember playing this when i was younger cause my cousin had it and i also remember hating playing every character except for optimus primal and rattrap😅

  36. This and Cyber Gladiators were my childhood fighting games.
    Both were bad, but I loved it

  37. The Transformers series really does deserve a proper fighting game. It’s surprising we never got one outside of these and some mobile game

  38. PS1 Transmetals, for me a wee child, I thought it was awesome

  39. Airazor, Terrorsaur and Waspinator never got transmetal forms in the show. What a weird inclusion. I guess you could say Silverbolt and Quickstrike are "weird inclusions" since the game is specifically called Transmetals and they weren't transmetal, but at least they were actually things from the show.

  40. I wonder why I got a notification saying that this was just uploaded

  41. I'll be honest I thought this was just a blatant rip off of Transformers until I saw one of them was Megatron

  42. Virtua boy was good the vr thing with red. Only had like1 game lol

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