Ballz 3D - The Worst Fighting Game -

Ballz 3D – The Worst Fighting Game

Matt McMuscles
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  1. I can vividly remember renting this one and joking with my friends about how bad it sucked Ballz!

  2. You should do a YouTube video on another one of the worst fighting game of all time Way of the Warrior for the 3DO.

  3. Star Wars Masters of Teras Kasi!

  4. I loved Catz & Dogz as a kid, I can't believe I may never have experienced those games if not for BALLZ

  5. I once went over to my buddy's house to buy his collection of SNES games. He also had Ballz 3D. I asked him how much for it, he basically replied "get that thing out of my house".

  6. The first boss, the ostrich (who's a female ostrich named Guggler, by the way), is the easiest first boss in video game history. Let me tell you why. In this game, taunting acts as a damage multiplier. In order to win easily, go away from her and wait for her to plunge her head in the ground. She won't do anything at all to you unless you do something to cause her damage. Then you taunt, which can be triggered by pressing all three action buttons simultaneously, as much as you can. I recommend doing it at least ten times. You then go up and do any attack you want.

    Instant death. You win.

  7. KOF 96 background music? Yeah, that definitely earns a like.

  8. The Pretty Fighter trilogy might be worth a look? It's said that FIST (the 3rd game) is the worst commercial 3D fighter ever made…

  9. Wanna seal the deal of the worst fighting game? Even worse than Double Dragon V or Criticom? Try Doomsday Warrior.

  10. I'd nominate Tongue of the Fatman (Slaughter Sport on the Genesis). That game was shitty goodness.

  11. Game looks kinda similar in design to extatica but it's done worse

  12. Not sure if it's actually remotely bad enough for this but hey:
    Recently learned about DBZ Ultimate Tenkaichi and got to witness a game that's 90% rock paper scissors, that seems at least applicable as a higher entry on the list for being a no brainer game concept done dirty by, you know, not making it a fighting game most of the time lol.
    The DBZ game hinted in the outro is miles worse lol

  13. I rented this more times than I care to admit when I was a kid, haha… it was a button masher, for sure.

    You should check out Vs. on the PS1. It's pretty terrible! 😀

  14. One game did this idea right on the NES. It was called Joy Mech Fight.

  15. I vaguely remember some weird fighting game on the N64 I rented once and almost immediately ditched again. You could only do combos and I think there was a cow. Fighter's Destiny?

  16. Hear me out, it’s technically the best if it’s your first fighting game.

  17. Check out Toribash is you want a sphere based fighting game with actual fun gameplay

  18. HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER: Shura No Mon for Playstation 1.
    Go play it if you dare, you coward!

  19. What about Eternal Champions? that game used to frustrate the heck out of me.

  20. ballz was still a better fighting game than shaq fu

  21. Officially using "administer smackies" in my next BDSM event

  22. As a kid whenever i saw the name "Ballz" in the list of games in the SNES emulator i was like: "Oh cool… a Dragon Ball Z game? lets check it out!……… oh.. yeah.. i forgot"
    Then years later i would forget about it and have the exact same scenario happen to me again multiple times.

  23. The hits just keep on coming. Still recommending Destrega for this deep dive into the fighting genre's finest failures.

  24. I think my balls are also 3d but fully raytraced.

  25. Of all the games that get remade these days, I'd love to see this one get done with today's technology. It seems like all it needs is some halfway decent company to pick it up as a passion project and just smooth out its sticking points, polish and buff it into a nice sheen, and it could really get to rolling exactly how PF Magic envisioned it. I'm not a fighting game guy, but I'd be willing to give it a try with some friends to see how it would turn out.

  26. How did babyz get a better score then God Hand

  27. Hey Matt, ever considered playing Masters of Teras Kasi?

  28. Man, you gotta give respect for the devs. Making this game took a lot of 3D.

  29. 04:55 That's totally the track that plays in Sonic 3's Angel Island Zone 2 (Burning stage)

  30. Matthew Hubbard was credited as the game's "Instant Replay Programmer". His past credits included programming "Dolphin" and "Zenji" for Activision. He was also listed as a programmer on "Road Rash II".

  31. Here's a suggestion.
    Warpath Jurassic Park for the ps1

    It's a fighting game with dinosaurs from the movies. No one talks about it and I think it would be fun to see you cover it. My bro and I have so many fond memories of this bad games XD

  32. Please do Street Fighter 1 or Tattoo Assassins next.

  33. By the way, Lamprey's snake form can eat you and kill you instantly

  34. Buff skeleton is real and he can hurt you….

  35. I never heard of this game but I would have bought it thinking it was Vector Man the multi player…

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