Ballz 3D - The Worst Fighting Game -

Ballz 3D – The Worst Fighting Game

Matt McMuscles
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  1. I'd say human killing machine, but that thing is barely a game.

  2. i remember playing this as a kid and not understanding what the hell was happening

  3. Additional candidates for worst fighting game include Tattoo Assassins (2196 fatalities, zero accounting for taste) and War Gods.

  4. I always loved the presentation, too bad that was the only good thing of the game.

  5. Ballz is not good (though I still thought it was pretty cool looking when I rented it back in the day), but it's no Fight for Life for the Jaguar or anything 😛 People have to dig harder to find something that can approach Criticom.
    You should play "FIST" for the Playstation sometime:
    Or you could try, "Kakugo no Susume" which is the tie-in to the infamous anime, "Apocalypse Zero:"

    There's probably a whole world out there of…. "questionable" fighting games all related to movie or cartoon licenses. Like how we have Fight Club or Legend of the Dragon, Japan's gotta have a bunch of manga and anime-licensed games no one outside the country has really dived into before that can probably hang with Criticom.

  6. If you've never heard of it, I might suggest Mace: The Dark Age. From what I remember of it, it was not very good.

    You could be a chicken in it though.

  7. Oh man, do you remember the fighting game "Evil Zone" ?
    Aaah, it was my favourite, but I know I have to lavel it a " GuIlTy pLeAsUrE " ^^;
    But man I loved it soooo much! Erezvaju!

  8. What if
    You wanted to go to heaven
    But god said:

  9. Perfect opportunity for Yoshi's "Balls" from the super Mario Super Show.

    Ionno though, the game's character designs for the theme is actually pretty good. You can tell what each character is. They clearly cared to put a lot of mechanics into it, but sadly botched the execution. Seems like there's no hitstun or hit animation along with the lack of hit sparks, just a vague flash to let you know they hit. Seems like throws are the only thing that directly effect the other player.

  10. I wouldn’t even play this if it was a free download game

  11. They were no Treasure, who really made this kind of animation fun

  12. You deserve props for talking about Ballz 3D for 17 minutes without mentioning Vectorman once

  13. On behalf of all 90s kids, I'm so sorry.

  14. Bruh… Rise of the Robots was WAY worse that this!

  15. Aw man, this was one of my favourite games from the era.

  16. i remember renting this game just to find out what it was and was so pissed to find it was a fighting game

  17. I remember being so excited when this game came out. I mean fighting balls in 3D. So exciting. The day after I bought it I wanted to hunt down the developers

  18. 😐😐😐 so you’re telling me we could’ve had multiplayer fighting games back in 1990…

  19. have you not played Way of the Warrior? not even White Zombie can save that game

  20. nuggboi Otis is my name please be nice says:

    N it wuZ 90’z afffffffffffff

  21. You know you'll end playing Pit Fighter, right?

  22. Oh man, you should play Ball Breakers on PS1

  23. This game was… weird. For a kid with no knowledge of hitboxes or recovery animation, sure was memorable and at times even entertaining.

  24. You know what this game needed? More ballz.
    Maybe with more balls you could tell what the hell each one was supposed to represent.

  25. Ballz is still better than Slaughter Sport on the Genesis. Hell, Time Killers and the Genesis TMNT fighter are better than Slaughter Sport.

  26. They shilled this half to death on YTV for the 3DO

  27. We have Wii test kit on a display (among other hardware) in the QA company I'm working in xP

  28. Every time I hear about this game I cant help but think of the "white persons idea of Chinese food" restaurant chain P.F. Chang's.

  29. Urban Champion
    Double Dragon (Jaguar)
    Battle Monsters

  30. Fun fact: the, uh, ball-based graphics system for this game is what the PF Magic Petz games are based on! They just added rectangles (or "linez") connecting the balls to make the shape of the characters more coherent. In retrospect, 90's Home PCs were probably the best platform to focus on "3d rendering for low graphical computing power", and the devs were also quite proud of the AI they build for those games. (We don't… talk about the Ubisoft-developed Petz games from 2006. Imagine Party Babyz isn't real and can't hurt me.)

  31. We can't put all these Ballz in our jaws. (Our jaws)

  32. I must be easier to please than most. I owned this for the SNES and I remember enjoying it, but then again, I also enjoyed Brutal: Paws of Fury as well.

  33. FYI, there's a really great history of the Petz series under PF Magic's umbrella by a channel called You've Got Kat that I recommend:
    Long story short, poor Mr. McMuscles had to test the series LOOOOOONG after the period that was actually giving a damn. And there's still a robust homebrew scene for replicating different kinds of animalz & breedz in the old ballz-based style.

  34. I remember playing this on sega channel and thought it was pretty intense 🤣

  35. I remember as a kid my cousin would force me to play this game with him and I hated it soooo much!

  36. This game looks fun to play in an ironic way.

  37. As a 11 year old I absolutely loved this dumb ass game.

  38. Where have I heard your presentation music theme before?

  39. PF stood for Point Forward because Magic Johnson was a Point Guard in a Power Forward's body.

  40. Anyone know what the song is that he uses for changing the talking points?

  41. Bit late to this party, but I actually quite remember Ballz 3D – and actually loved it. And beat it! I think you placed it just about right, since while it's not a GREAT fighting game, you nailed it right on the head in terms of depth. There's even throws, but you seem to not have figured that out. (Not the grapples that lead to a follow-up throw, ACTUAL throws. From what I remember, you gotta get in a defensive crouch, hold down/back, and repeatedly tap jump; if you time it with an opponent's attack, you'll toss them.)

    Oh yeah, the PF in PF Magic is apparently supposed to be "Pure Fucking Magic."

  42. 11:24 I remember seeing someone playing this game when I was a kid. They figured out this part and, using Divine they figured out she's apparently a ballerina because, she'd go into a "rhythmic gymnastics" performance using (you guessed it) a ball. The "ball" in question being one of the leftover pieces of your opponent.

  43. On the other hand given how the characters are designed in this game, I do wonder if Sega ever took up on this design to make Vectorman? 🤔

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