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Bad Final Fight Games – Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN)

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Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN) episode 181: Bad Final Fight Games. The Nerd reviews the bad Final Fight games. That’s right, there’s bad final fight games. Final Fight Revenge for the Sega Saturn and Final Fight Streetwise for the PlayStation 2. Final Fight is a series of beat ’em up video games by Capcom, which began with the arcade release of Final Fight in 1989. Set in the fictional Metro City, the games focus on a group of heroic vigilantes who fights against the control and various threats of criminal gangs, primarily the Mad Gear Gang. But let’s look at the worst of the bunch.

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Crew: Justin Silverman, Kieran Fallon, Antonio Piluso

Special Thanks to Matt McMuscles

Matt Cartoon by Donald Kirby

Saturn Game Photo from Frank Minichini

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  1. 2006 was a great year for gaming. This game had Nothing to do with it!

  2. Here's me in 2020 ordering FF Streetwise because of this review 🤦🏻‍♂️

  3. fun fact: that bauhause font was also used in some of the 2d mario games.

  4. What happun man was mentioned yayyy

  5. in street fighter alpha Cody looks like he just got busted out of the click doing bird for illegal street fighting (which is his official reasoning for that outfit, according to capcom).

  6. There's also a final fight street wise on og xbox

  7. "AVGN" should make a video on the Castlevania clones and imitators, Getsu Fuuma Den and Holy Diver are great examples

  8. the buildings during the nerd rage look familiar but i can't quite place them

  9. Umm poison is a trans. I think it’s a homophobia thing for how it hurts you?

  10. For haggars special move the one where u have to rotate 2 times in a 360 motion, u have to do something called a buffer for it to work. Press a heavy hit button (heavy kick/heavy punch) measure how long it takes from the start up to the recovery of the hit. So let’s say it takes 2 seconds. That means u have 2 seconds to pull off 2 360 spins. So while the heavy punch or kick is happening, u have to do the command because Haggar can’t jump when performing an attack

  11. Can't wait to see Ciber Punk 2077's review…

    In 2077

  12. Enjoy Final Fight on Saturn mildly. Not sure why. It is just kind of ok like the early 3D Street Fighters

  13. Raycon, developed by ray j and p diddy. Then shouldn't they be called ray… uh nvm…

  14. Poison is just the nosebleed running gag from animes

  15. In defense of the two circle (or 360) motion inputs, most games count diagonal inputs as two inputs. So if you're holding down back, it would count as you doing two inputs. You would only need to go from down back to forward up twice to do the super. Maybe. I don't know if that game will allow you to do that but most games did since that was how the arcade sticks worked. I think they made it the same for console ports and new console fighting games.

  16. Anyone else get a Batman Beyond vibe when he reviewed Streetwise?

  17. Ha! I love the MST3K movie reference. Crazy mixed up Zombie indeed…

  18. I now know where futurama came up with Leela. Haaaaaa ya

  19. Final Fight Streetwise has 2 more Final Fight games on it, the original & a more modern version on it. The main game was ok for the time but I mostly played the other 2.

  20. The nerd complaining about totally normal fighting game super inputs is actually pretty funny whether it was intentional or not.

  21. The final fight with V/S is similar to street fighter EX and EX2

  22. The combination of button to do special move of Haggar is the same as Zangief

  23. طضبةب١صا كضفةكضفةكفضو٤١كف١وكضف كفضو٤ة٢ف كوكوح١غوضحقوفضح

  24. ط٣ طغ٢وط٢فو١فجفةج١لف١ كف٢ ١فج ف ك١ ١لح ١ب ك ح١ف ٢اح قم ٣ت

  25. The Action Replay creators felt their sins crawling on their backs at 4:34

  26. you actually can save FF: Streetwise. It's just really hidden, you go to 'quit game' from the pause menu and it'll give you a prompt to save.

  27. Is it just me, or does that Haggar Charakter Look A LOT like Jessy Ventura? 🤔

  28. 3:04

    Huh, didn't know Abby was in Final Fight. Wonder where he found the golf club.

    4:32 Megalovania intensifies

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