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Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra Fighting Game Mockup

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I have always, always wanted an Avatar fighting game. I’ve always wondered why it doesn’t exist, considering how popular the franchise it is and how well it would lend itself to the genre. After DBFZ, I have a renewed faith in licensed fighting games, and would love to see this happen someday. I made this mockup to give everybody a taste of just how awesome it could be.


Click sound effect used –

Character select confirm sound –

Character switch woosh sound –

Particle footage –


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  1. Actually they are making a Avatar The Last Airbender fighting game in 2025

  2. That's could be possible on MUGEN

  3. Alguém poderia criar um game do avatar de luta igual os do naruto né ? Fica a ideia pra quem curte fazer mod. Acho que ficaria muito legal alem do que talves seja mais facil usar esse game como base pois ambos trabalham com elementos.

  4. I would definitely play the hell out of that game

  5. There should also be an mmorpg harry potter game, an mmorpg pokemon game, and a hunger games BR

  6. Came from reddit got to say this is amazing.

  7. Actually really sad that this isn't an actual thing.

  8. OMG GENIUS! Please, someone… MAKE IT HAPPEN!

  9. This is fantastic! Just discovered your channel after the Icons Video and as a member of the ATLA subreddit I’m supper imporesed

  10. this has inspired me more to remake my old Steven Universe character select mockup

  11. Honestly…. I would rather habe an Avatar game thats a third person shooter rather than a fighting game. Think of The Darwin Project when seeing how it could control and stuff. There'd could be some really unique game play if it was a 3rd person shooter. Not sure what it could bring to fighting games that would make it new.

  12. Same guys who developed DBFZ should develop this fighting game, maybe when a third one will happen? But the rights are tied to Nickelodeon and they aren't known for having good games . . .

  13. Dear god, I never knew how badly I needed an Avatar fighting game.

  14. This falls under the category of "Why does this not exist yet?"
    Seriously, Avatar would make for an amazing anime fighter because every single character has their own unique fighting style that can transition into a fighting game, and the Spirit World can lend itself to a justification of the game's plot!

  15. Sokka could have his war outfit as an alternate costume and being able to play as Zuko in his Blue Spirit disguise would be awesome! Also, Aang's ultimate move should be him blasting all elements in his avatar state.

  16. We need this game asap. Why wont they make it 😩

  17. 0:08 The moment when Aang is selected starts to sound the intense part of the theme i just so exciting.
    I would love to have a fighting about Avatar with that roster.

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