Ashura Senku Compilation(Fighting Games) -

Ashura Senku Compilation(Fighting Games)

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00:00 Super Street Fighter II Turbo
00:06 Double Dragon
00:13 Far East of Eden: Kabuki Klash
00:22 Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter
00:29 Street Fighter EX Plus
00:42 Street Fighter EX2 Plus
00:51 Samurai Shodown 5 Special
00:58 Street Fighter III 3rd Strike: Fight for the Future
01:06 Capcom vs. SNK2: Millionaire Fight 2001
01:14 Sonic Smackdown
01:21 Ultra Street Fighter 4
01:27 Street Fighter V: Champion Edition


  1. G・ルガール 歩き早すぎてもう阿修羅要らんて思ったのおれだけ?

  2. K' from The King of Fighters have this move too.

  3. I enjoyed them all but Akuma is who I remember using this move 1st so the 🏆 for best ashura senku should go to him.

  4. Jump force Kenshiro has this move when he awakens I think

  5. Ashura Senku, or as I like to call it, Phantom Dash.

  6. O primeiro a usar foi Amakusa em 1993 no primeiro Samsho.

  7. (After watching this video)
    "Why are you not like them K'?"

  8. I like how this technique look in Street Fighter the Movie the Game (arcade)
    Akuma's pose is like "I am a Bird!" in that version 😆

  9. Imagine you play against Akuma, he land one hit on you, and then proceed using this technique until the time running out

  10. You have forget Goku UI in DBZFZ… 😭🐌

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