Ashura Senku Compilation(Fighting Games) -

Ashura Senku Compilation(Fighting Games)

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00:00 Super Street Fighter II Turbo
00:06 Double Dragon
00:13 Far East of Eden: Kabuki Klash
00:22 Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter
00:29 Street Fighter EX Plus
00:42 Street Fighter EX2 Plus
00:51 Samurai Shodown 5 Special
00:58 Street Fighter III 3rd Strike: Fight for the Future
01:06 Capcom vs. SNK2: Millionaire Fight 2001
01:14 Sonic Smackdown
01:21 Ultra Street Fighter 4
01:27 Street Fighter V: Champion Edition


  1. the Ashura Senku (meaning Demon Teleport) is mostly an evasion skill but only a few characters know it unfortunately. o-o

  2. Im seriously curious to why tf can Sakura do it?

  3. This move is also used by super shredder in teenage mutant ninja turtles 3 for nes and tmnt 4 for snes.

  4. هناك ايضا dhalsim de street fighter
    و k' de king of fighter

  5. Ultimate Rugal would just keep teleporting when you fight him as the secret boss

  6. This move will definitely hit the wack ass mixup

  7. I have never in my life heard of Sonic smackdown

  8. I like how everyone in the comments is mentioning K' without realizing that his version can be hit/get you hit while the others can't.

  9. You got me fucked up. Akuma was just sliding around people this whole time 😂

  10. Bruh, Garuda got Ashura Senku in EX series as well.

  11. Akuma to Kage: You're doing it wrong dumbssa!

  12. Red Arcueid from Melty Blood Act Cadenza has this move too.

  13. Ashura senkuu is Akuma´s teleport, but other type of teleport, (except mostly the ones in the video arent the same…)
    Ashura senkuu has a "charge time or invincible frames" at start, in several games, which make him immune to mostly all attacks, except "ground attacks"(like goro daimon uppercut move which hit the ground)…
    Or Igniz hidden move.

    Then K´dash doesnt have an ashura senkuu, but just a simple teleport, since not only he cant do it backwards, like any ashura senkuu, also he is not invincible on it.
    Athenas TP is not related either…
    Similar moves to ashura are
    -Ciber Akuma Ashura senkuu
    -Violent Ken
    -Oni probably, since he seems to have one like Kage, even in the air.
    -Evil sakura, as in the video
    -Gou Rugal, seen in the video.
    -Super Akuma obviously.

    Still…there are similar moves in other games, which theyre more like a "shunshin no juutsu" from the naruto series, which in this type enter high speed moves or TPs,
    K´probably may enter on this type despite his TP is slow until later games….
    Other example to fit here are the dashes, like the Melty blood series characters, like some Arcueid version possess,
    But still theyre different from an Ashura senkuu.

  14. Puts akuma or oni against evil ryu in a cpu vs cpu in sf4 and this js what they did most of the time

  15. Ah, Ashura Senku. The OG teleport in fighting games. Many have used something similar to it, but Akuma's move is still an unrivaled classic.

  16. The wizard with the technicolor dreamcoat is the hypest thing ever

  17. Where is Athena, Chizuru, K', Lucky, Kukri, Vanessa and Foxy, from KOF?

  18. does the general from kaiser knuckle count?

  19. Kenshiro can do this too… except he annihilates anything he passes through

  20. God Rugal and Kairi's are probably my favorites.

  21. Lucky GLAUBER has one that’s probably the fastest.

  22. should be called the oumaga toki. I remember amakusa haunting my ass with that teleport in og samurai shodown, before akuma was a thing.

  23. Well the last clip when evil ryu ashura senku. That's messed up, u hit ur enemy just 1 time. U spamming that move. A lot of players are gonna want ur blood

  24. interesting how they adapted the movement for 3d

    same purpose, vastly different environment

  25. It's nice to see that all these fighters outside the street fighter universe, know Akuma's Ashura Senku Demon Teleport, it's a great move to dodge incoming attacks and to run out the clock in a fighting game match 🎮

  26. None of these come close to the ultimate senku technique,
    "i'm the perfect soldier"
    ~ the General (kaiser knuckle)

  27. 3D系の閃空、ただの軸ずらしかいな。しょーもな

  28. Missing: technically Suwako’s standard dash since it goes below ground in Touhou 12.3

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