Arms: Hands-On With Nintendo's New Fighting Game -

Arms: Hands-On With Nintendo’s New Fighting Game

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We rolled with the punches and threw a few jabs of our own in Nintendo’s new fighting game for Switch. Check out the new modes and characters we saw.
Arms: Beginner Tips from Nintendo:

Arms: Advanced Fighting Tips From Nintendo:

7 Minutes of Arms Gameplay (New Character Minmin):

9 Minutes of ARMS Nintendo Switch Gameplay:

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  1. I can't wait to main Tuintell 😍😍💦💦💦

  2. Ign, selling nintendos since September 1996. I cant believe my eyes, looks like an iphone game.

  3. This game looked plain and boring before this direct. They kept showing the same gameplay over and over again, it was like only showing people no items final destination smash. Now that I've seen the different modes and stages etc it feels more like a real game. I haven't got a Switch yet but when I do and I finish Zelda I'll be interested.

  4. I didn't really have an interest in arms before the direct but it looks interesting. As someone who plays a ton of fighting games I might have to take a look at it if I can ever get a switch

  5. What! did no one else see those "Neon Yellow" joy cons @ the 53 second mark!

  6. I see what you did there at the end of the video lol

  7. switch taking old school gamers back to the golden age of gaming.

  8. And for all the people who do not like fighting games? This has to be the worst game selection for a launch I have ever been part of.

  9. I wish we'd get another 3D fighting game like Tekken, Dead Or Alive and Virtua Fighter. Instead it's usually 2D fighters (which is not bad) or crap like this.

  10. You heard the man Sega. Virtual-On Switch. MAKE IT HAPPEN.

  11. Golden enough insurance dpogdo responsibility psychologist fishing nor suppose shape.

  12. This makes me feel like they took a MOBA,
    -8 players
    -90% of the rpg elements and character differentiation
    -minions, towers, jungle creeps, any objective other than attack opponent
    -all melee units

    this like most everything nintendo has done on console since n64, looks like it will be fun for a whole hour or 2 before there is really no reason to pick it back up except for on rare occassion

    its selling point is basically that its a fighting game that doesn't feel like a fighting game… what does it feel like? smash bros without the fast pace? metroid without the story, the puzzles, the enemies?

    that being said im sure 3 years from now ill be looking at ARMS 3.5 Dislocated edition like 😲


  14. is that gabe from switchforce at 1:31 ?
    they posted tons of videos about arms recently.

  15. I'd definitely get this game if I had the switch… I want a switch☹️

  16. I have come around to this game. Should be a nice addition to my Switch lineup

  17. I honestly don¨t get the hate for this game saying its ridiculouse or boring. First of all, neither of you have even tried it, and second of all, how can you say the concept or characters are ridiculouse when  you see freaking Overwatch with their weird characters and kiddy look?! I hope and believe that ARMS will be as successful as Overwatch.

  18. Dang I was really hoping to hear how it played with traditional controls, but either way the more I see of arms the better it looks

  19. Spring Man and Ribbon Girl for Smash definitely.

  20. hi, can we play it with pro controlers ?

  21. I need Twintelle thiccness in my life. This HD rumble gonna be epic

  22. When there's one slice of pizza left:

    Ayo, you gonna have to catch deez ARMS to get my slice, cuz!

  23. ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora oraaaa!!!

  24. It feels like the Wii U's Splatoon game 0/ I was sceptical at first but now it's a hit franchises, let's see if Arms is that Gem for the switch

  25. Day 1 ARMS and Splatoon2, I'll be a happy summer camper. Nintendo is firing on all cylinders, creative, fun, beautiful games games one after the other! Keep it up Ninty!

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