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“Speak softly, and carry a big stick” – Theodore Roosevelt
Hey, who here loves Rolento? You know, that super campy Street Fighter IV character that keeps hitting you with a stick! We certainly don’t, but we still challenged our FGC PROS to finish his combos.

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  1. shout outs to the street fighter alpha series

    we get two characters with a stick

  2. Commenting requesting Arakune’s BBCF trials daily: day 2

  3. isnt the best sf character with a stick eagle?

  4. I remember when he was like 7 feet tall and went by the name "Black" 😂

  5. Marlin seems like the kinda dude who hits a stationary object with his car and blames the object for being there LMAO

  6. I'd like to see Poison combo trials!!

  7. Rolento is a character that I don't want in sf6 . He was so annoying to play against since alpha

  8. Mind Sweeper is trash Justin. You cannot use in the game.

  9. Jiyuna saving panda with the big timer. These pro players too scared to add a timer. 😬

  10. More jiyuna trials enough of the downplay ! He is the SEAM P4AU champion, street fighter is light work for him

  11. From the community that brought Woshige cant count. We bring you…… WONG CANT READ

  12. 16:38 How dare you disrespect Lord Vesper, he is the one true Trial God 🙏🏿

  13. Jiyunas got some great charisma. Keep em on here plzzzz 😀

  14. I just wanna see these lads swap games with the Smash team for a week, if not longer, and have to get as sick clips as possible

  15. Rolento was always a demon no matter what game he was in lol. please Capcom forget who he is

  16. you guys should try Dhalsim's trials. I just tried them yesterday and I was very confused lol

  17. Jiyuna gotta give himself more credit. Make them do trials from UNICLR, now that would be good content.

  18. I liked Justin telling us the parts he liked, interesting to see

  19. You should have them do a top 10 worst/best insert ,give them the names/objects in videos, and see how accurate they are to that top 10

  20. You guys should check out Mogeta in Kings Arcade battle. He's the top USF4 player right now in Tokyo
    Absolute menace with Rolento

  21. Do some blazeblue cross tag trials , 😮‍💨 shìt might be fun

  22. That was the "Marlins trials to slowly descend into madness" video

  23. Really cool to see Jiyuna here, please bring him in more! He defo is a good addition to the vid.

  24. Cammy or any of of the under in birth ex. Linne or Seth

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