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“Speak softly, and carry a big stick” – Theodore Roosevelt
Hey, who here loves Rolento? You know, that super campy Street Fighter IV character that keeps hitting you with a stick! We certainly don’t, but we still challenged our FGC PROS to finish his combos.

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  1. What if you guys got a few Tekken combos to try? Geese and akuma BnBs to start maybe end on like pewgf and the 2ds tods

  2. That's so wacky. The part of the finisher where you get blown up by grenades does zero damage… none on explosion, none on landing. So weird.

  3. Fun fact but Nemo raided Marlin while he was doing trials for this vid on Twitch. Justin brings up his Rolento play for a reason. Nemo was that guy when it came to top level Rolento play in the USF4 days and accrued the most points in the Japanese arcade system at the time so that must have been pretty stressful for Marlin to know Nemo was watching even if only for just a bit.

  4. Rolento is a hard combo character, but very annoying to play against.

  5. Marlin and Punk was having some mental breakdowns

  6. You need to try Chun li in Umvc3 the 8th combo is confusing

  7. I know there aren't really trials but I'd like to see them try some tekken comboes, out of interest.

  8. Watching how often punk grabs the lenses of his glasses to pull them down really gets to me

  9. I think Izanami's trials in Central Fiction would be fun to see! Especially because she's one of the hardest characters in CF to use.

  10. I want more Jiyuna trials in my panda fightning game videos 100% lmao

  11. Punk stopping mid sentence” I don’t get why it hit that…. I don’t understand. I don’t understand it” made me crack up. Panda Global with another dope video

  12. Jwong I freakin love you. But goddamn fix your glasses. Every video 😂

  13. Everyone should be forced to use a timer like jiyuna

  14. Here's my guide on how to fight Rolento. Stay away from him. Literally full screen if possible. Wait for him to do a wall-dive derp then walk under and infinite him. Otherwise just special if he gets close. If he starts throwing grenades, focus on avoiding them, do special attacks if you have the hp for it, maybe randomly swing weapons if there are any lying around but he is hard to hit. Without weapons probably better walking around trying to grab him. If you have an auto fire pad i think you can break his throw. Oh and if you're Haggar you probably won't be able to do infinite so just piledriver.

  15. After the trials they should do a quick Panda SF4 tournament, everyone fights everyone and whoever gets more points win.

  16. Justin with the flex at the end of adding an extra combo just to show that he could lol

  17. Would be really neat to see a comparison of how long it took each of them, keep up the great content!

  18. Isn't Justin the one that Daigo use Parry and became a legend?

  19. Glad to see you guys are bringing Jiyuna in for these now

  20. I hope Yang's trials are next..

  21. Bro I got so hyped when I saw the Jiyuna stopwatch, it would be so dope just to see who finishes it first.

  22. Jiyuna is the best addition to Panda team, dude makes every video better.

  23. It would be great to see a video with charge heroes combo trials. If it's possible,of course🙂🙂

  24. Panda Fighting Games! I would love to see some FGC Pros take on Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha's combo trials within an hour, to see how many characters/trials they can do.

  25. I remember playing SFiv again around the time R Mika’s wall got removed,
    Fought like 10 Rolentos in a row 💆🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  26. You have to appreciate jwong showing the optimal combo in the end

  27. Rolento actually kills opponents with his super lol he hangs u n snaps ya neck

  28. Trial 22 is impossible in real game .. how do u red focus, into a ex, into a super with no meter?

  29. Reaction to that bamboozle setup at trial 20 was hilarious

  30. Nemo was awesome with that character it fit his style I hope get rekka characters least one or something.

  31. Mr punk you are one of the greatest video game player.

  32. Jiyuna's 5head looking extra shiny for this vid

  33. This used to be my favorite character in Alpha.

  34. I’ve been asking for Vega every trail video since the first one.

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