Are These Fighting Games GALAXY BRAIN or SMALL BRAIN? -

Are These Fighting Games GALAXY BRAIN or SMALL BRAIN?

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There’s a lot of fighting games out there, and some are definitely trickier to master than others. We asked some of our Panda FGC PROS to rank each fighting game from easiest to hardest in tier list format. Do you agree with our PROS? Let us know down below!

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  1. Melee extrapolates everything they said about ultimate to the nth degree because its the chess of smash

  2. I may not play a lot of fighting games, more of an RPG person, but I love watching fighting game content, you guys definitely have some interesting stuff. Honestly the last time I played a fighting game was SC6 because I thought the character creator was cool

  3. Couldn't yall just sat farther apart and not have the masks on. lol

  4. Bloody Roar is good shit tbh. Small brain, maybe, but still entertaining to watch. You wanna see some good matches, go check out my main man jeremiahisaiah. Dude plays a mean game of BREX. Also? The second game got an English redub patch which recently became available to the public so go check that out!

  5. Punk not owning a copy of SFV is actually hilarious

  6. If they haven't played the game it should get an N/A rating.

  7. Respectfully, I disagree heavy with the Ultimate take. I'd say medium brain.

  8. Nah apparently from someone who commented on one of your other videos, smash isn’t a fighting game. People “too scared to play smash as a fighting game”

  9. I aspire to be considered by many to be the best player of a game I don't own 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. 11:39 That's wrong Punk, Tekken characters lose moves in every game. There are also new characters and mechanics in every game, so it's not exactly the same every time.

  11. Though Tekken is my favorite fg ever .. i would wanna disagree with calling it outright bigbrain
    Because it depends .. there's really a good amount of Characters that you can just mash and win .. cheese is very real in this game .. moreover getting into tekken is very easy because of some characters with no execution difficulty
    But, there's a lot of technical Characters too , execution heavy ones also .. they're definitely hard to play and playing them at a decent level is bigbrain stuff
    Overall it's like a mid brain game

  12. Bloody roar is one of the best fighting games ever made

  13. DOA6 is not big brain but definitely big reflexes if your neutral ass and parry trash leave it alone

  14. Bloody roar is small brain. Fun rental tho

  15. I am that person who plays abigail and ruins the game. I don't even think, I just press buttons and pray for buffs every patch.

  16. Getting everyone in the same room for this one really makes it. Thanks panda 🐼

  17. Fighterz didn’t show up I was clickbaited

  18. Bloody Roar deserves more rep. Such a fun game series.

  19. was shocked soul calibur series isnt counted😮

  20. Neutral is important in SF because you spend more time in neutral compared to faster games. Neutral is important in anime games and team games like BBCF and Marvel because being put in disadvantage once could cost you the game. I believe the common phrasing is "don't get hit." Because of these differences it is nearly impossible to say which games require better understanding of neutral. I would argue that faster games and team games require better neutral because of the higher risk and faster pace.

  21. Whatchu mean you don’t need a big brain to spam g&w up b

  22. As a less than casual fighting game player, literally anything beyond Fantasy Strike takes a bit of quick thinking. Its second nature to yall, but I cant consistently whiff in mk11 even.

  23. This proves why KI is GOATED, its own game

  24. They didn't talk about Dragon Ball Z fighters bc is so easy that is equally easy to forget

  25. Favorite big vs small brain matchup ever in MVC3 was KBR VS FChamp at Winter Brawl Final 2015. KBR was so big brain that he started the download the day before and completed it in-time for the final and proceeded to clapped FChamp in the final.

  26. I'm sorry but design wise Chaos is trash compared to Elphelt

  27. What about BB? It's in the thumbnail. Only reason why I watched was for your opinion on that. I feel click baited into watching a 20 min video.

  28. What about DBZ fighters too. Dude do you guys only cover like 2/3 in your thumbnails? Like why would I watch another video if I think there's a 1/3 chance the topic won't be covered. Like why is it up there.

  29. Like you even cover games like Bloodyroar and KoF. But not 1/3 of your thumbnail.

  30. I thought all top players thought their first few bracket matches were free. damn

  31. I saw Melee in the thumbnail and then they didn't talk about Melee SMH

    Very fun watch tho <3

  32. why does the dude in the top left sound like cleavland brown at 4:50

  33. Nahhhhh i dont care about dem… SMALL BRAIN🤣😂🤣😂

  34. Nickelodeon all star brawl is smedium brain, just like me 💔, so we go well together 😍

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