Are Stance Characters the Hardest kind of Fighting Game Character? -

Are Stance Characters the Hardest kind of Fighting Game Character?

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So in Fighting Games we got all sorts of characters and archetypes to work with. Is the character a zoner, rushdown, grappler, etc etc. However when you say someone is a stance character… the rules sorta fly out the window. They can be anything, stance doesn’t denote gameplay in and of itself, and they are for the most part considered quite difficult to play, so why is that? Are Stance characters the hardest and most difficult? Lets talk about it!

0:00 – Intro and Simple Stances
3:53 – Multi Stances
6:40 – Full Stances
9:27 – Final Thoughts


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  1. I just came to say Nightmare in SC2 is basically dancing

  2. I just realized that I only do well with stance characters

  3. Ivy was forsure my first stance character, use to play her on the table top vesrion of sc2 when i was like 11(horny pick). Yoshimitsu was the first stance-esque character I actually learned how to play well. Nothing feels better than rolling all over and hopping on your sword.

  4. Yoshimitsu got me into stance characters

  5. Stance characters aren’t inherently hard but usually take much longer to pick up due to their complexity. Lei Wulong isn’t particularly hard execution or gameplay wise but utilizing his stance transitions and mixup potential will give you a headache. In my opinion steve fox is much harder than lei with slightly less stances but all of them are going to be used in a match. While lei has 3 or 4 key moves in each stance steve can have over a dozen key moves while the majority of his moves seamlessly transition into those stances.

  6. Funny enough Lei is not even consilcidered a top 10 hard to master character in tekken

  7. Honestly i always enjoyed stance stance character. I never paid any mind to the stances and just focused on doing cool combos xD.

  8. I’m not a gamer, but I was curious. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the cooking channel “Food Wishes”, but you sound just like the host, Chef John. The exact same cadence, are you his young self travelling from the past?

  9. I absolutely love stance characters. I am about the least hardcore fighting gamer out there, but my God if I can just fake out an opponent's uppercut, lie down and sweep their legs out from under them as Lei I feel I've won the emotional battle

  10. Voldo is the coolest (and weirdest) stance character.

  11. I loved playing Gen in SF4. One of my all time faves. I loved that one stance was essentially a charge character and one stance was a motion character. I picked up Alex in SF5 as my main because of this, he's pretty much a charge AND motion character rolled into one stance. I wouldn't mind if they made you switch between them though, but Alex is still a lot of fun.

  12. So am I the only one who struggles much more with grapple characters than stance characters? I feel like there’s a lot more option to get out with a stance character than a grappler

  13. How about Maxi from the Soul Calibur series .. What kind of stance is his technique? 🤔

  14. That is certainly an interesting intro. As someone who hasn't played a fighting game since Tekken 3 and randomly had this video recommended to me.. I can honestly better visualize what a stance character is compared to a zoner or rush-downer, which I have no clue what those could mean. x)

  15. Soul Calibur Nightmare & Yoshimitsu.
    Tekken Eddy Gordo.
    They all have stances but can also flow through them pretty well.

    Zelda/Sheik in Smash Bros Melee was a dream. I loved learning both of those characters and switch between them to downright mess with my enemies (most other people couldn't play with Zelda … so, they practically used only half of the character … such a waste xD)

  16. Did you use KOFAS's Ivy art on the thumbnail? lol

  17. I think my fav stance characters overall had to be:
    Tekken: Lars and Lei Wulong
    MK 11: Scorpion (minor strance with Misery Blade"

  18. Saw Gen and IMMEDIATELY clicked. Easily the most appealing character in ANY fighting game. Amazing background story, design, personality and fighting style.

  19. Lei from tekken is fun. Played with him alot in tekken 2 and 3. So if done right they can definitely be used to throw people off guard.

  20. First stance character I played was Nightmare olin soul calibur. Came back to the newest game out where nightmare separated and played as the human version and it felt like home all over again with him

  21. I play dualist liu kanggggggg🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  22. Honor Mention to Higjlander in For Honor.

  23. Miguel from Tekken is probably the easiest stance character.

  24. Horonable Mentions:
    – Baek Doo San (Tekken 2)
    – Hwoarang (Tekken 3)
    – Richard "Nightwing" Grayson (Injustice: Gods Among Us)
    – Wonder Woman (Injustice: Glds Among Us)
    – Narmaya (Granblue Fantasy Versus)
    – Ms. Fortune (Skullgirls)
    – Vega (Street Fighter 5)
    – Zelda (Super Smash Bros. Melee)
    – Samus (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)
    – Pyra/Mythra (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)


  25. I've always liked stance characters. If you break down rounds into mini rounds it's like paper rock scissors. Stance characters add another dimension to the game so if makes it easier to outwit the opponent. Brad Wong, Nightmare, Steve and other stance characters are great counters for button mashers and expert fighters.

    Forgot to mention Ayane and Helena.

  26. I found really funny you showcased Ivy while sparring with Siegfried, that is more a stance character than her

  27. I think the good sweet spot for the stance character is Siegfried from Soul Calibur, has a handful of stances, all able to flow into each other with relatively simple inputs, & all offering a little variance in utility for situational needs, & again all with pretty intuitive inputs… I'm not one for lab crunching games I rather just get stuck in & learn what I learn as I go… in that respect his gameplay was very flowy for me, even with stances it all made sense and was very usable

  28. I didn't hear a word during the ivy segment which is unfortunate…

  29. I think the hardest fighting game characters are "Thief"-fighters. Easy version being someone like A21 from DBFZ, where her grab stores a stock of a special move unique to the race you grabbed. Shang Tsung from Mortal Kombat is the opposite end of the spectrum.

    Mokujin is an interesting case, where his hitbox sometimes "buffs" the character whose move-set he's copied. If he was modified to always have equal or better hitboxes – he'd unquestionably be the best character in Tekken, in theory.

    Basically, characters where you require knowledge of your opponent' character to win would by definition be the hardest character to play.

  30. The problem with stance character at high level play your opponent knows your limited options. But at the beginner, and medium level difficult they give the advantage of your opponent not knowing how to block. Good example is gen from SF

  31. 8:00 Vaness, the only character I knew to play on VF ..
    I miss VF .

    Hate tekken

  32. Multi stance characters are hard (probably the hardest characters), full stance are easy. I played Vanessa in VF and she is way easier than Lei-Fei.

  33. i love stance characters. i get bored with simple characters like shotos, if im going to main someone, its gotta be somebody with a deep move set

  34. Multi stance characters can be a bit much, but simple and full stance characters are very enjoyable. The stance character I find myself playing the most is Jin from Tekken 7.

  35. Another kind of stance character that trips me up is "Stance-Stockpile" where you go into a stance to build up a move to use later, but unlike Juri or Jam it's a stance you have to stay in for a while and leaves you vulnerable.
    AKA The reason I've never been able to get good with Squigly

  36. Love your break downs and randomish fighting game videos, they slap

  37. My favorite character in all fighting game is Kagura from Blazblue. 3 different stances made in a way to make it fluid and well integrated in the game and in his kit.

  38. Ivy in your thumbnail is always a good thing:)

  39. I don't have a problem with stance characters in 3D games (I'm a Siegfried main), but I don't really like them in 2D games much.

  40. Pokemon Trainer in Smash is basically a stance character, and they're exceptionally popular. Shiek/Zelda in Melee/Brawl as well, though the stance-switching wasn't a popular part of the character, and they split her into two separate characters in later iterations.

  41. I'm not good at all in FGs, but since I played Alpha 2 many years ago I chose Gen. And more recently in SFV, Zeku.

  42. So this is something I have thought about since the SF6 betas. Chun-Li who is wildly popular in gaming as a whole, let alone fighters, was by far the least played character in the SF6 betas, because they turned her into a stance character. Just the thought of a stance is enough to turn most people off instantly without even looking and why is that? Are stance characters harder than everyone else? Sometimes maybe yeah, but sometimes absolutely not, but people don't think twice about it. So basically here's a bunch of rambling on the subject, like and subscribe and all that silliness and let me know what ya think!

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